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How to Protect Your Energy with Portals of Light

There are many ways how to protect your energy. Our intention is key when it comes to protecting our energy. Any energy protection techniques won’t work when we feel afraid or desperate when we do them. They should be done from a calm place when we are tapped into our power. The energy from which we protect ourselves impacts the result. Anything we create from a fearful state, like cutting cords, acts as an invitation for unwanted energy instead. But today, I’d like to introduce you to one helpful protection technique – opening and closing energy portals.


What Are Energy Portals?

A Portal is a wormhole connecting two different realities – two states of consciousness. Portals exist naturally around the Earth, especially where leylines intersect. Many ancient sites are built at powerful portal spots where the energy of the Earth runs up through them, charging them and creating a vortex of energy. The portals need to be used actively. Otherwise, energy tends to disperse over time.

If we imagine different dimensions as pieces of paper one on top of each other, portals are the tunnels between them, bringing specific energy to this dimension. The energy coming through a portal can positively or negatively influence the area and people. Whether the energy is good or not depends on who is in charge of the portals. The most well-known examples of energy portals are above the Great Pyramids of Giza, Mt. Shasta, lake Titicaca, Glastonbury, and Uluru, Australia. These and similar portals exist naturally. In some cases, we built stone structures to ground that energy and reuse it.


How to Protect Your Energy With Portals

A great way how to protect your energy is to use individual portals. I like to call them circles of Light. Energy is like an ocean. It doesn’t have boundaries or structure. However, we can give a purpose and direction to that energy. Essentially, we tell the infinite energy how to behave in our field.

Whoever, whatever influence is in charge of energy, will impact us. Let’s say you talk to someone with a strong solar plexus chakra. They might not know their impact on your energy, but you might feel pushed, controlled, or even manipulated in their presence. This happens because their energy is in charge, and we allow it because we lack clarity. On the other hand, when we are in charge of our field and decide what energy is allowed there and which isn’t, nothing “negative” can attach to the aura.


Thus a portal brings intention, direction, and focus to a specific energy, naturally protecting your energy. 


Everything Needs to Have a Beginning and End

A good way how to protect your energy is activating your personal portal before a spiritual practice. When we meditate, do healing, do shadow work, do energy exercises, and so on, our aura becomes like a sponge. It becomes open, and although it feels good during and after the spiritual practice, we will take in energy from the environment at some point. This happens because our field remains open. In other words, there is no opening and closing of our energy.


Portals need to have a specific beginning and end. They need purpose, direction, and focus. 


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How to Protect Your Energy with Circle of Light

Here you’ll learn how to protect your energy by activating a circle of Light. This technique creates a clearly defined energy space for our practice. How you do this and imagine it isn’t as important as your intention. Therefore use your intention to activate a circle of Light and healing around yourself before meditation or healing. You can visualize it, feel it, or speak the words in your mind or out loud. Trust your intention here.


By activating a circle of Light, you clarify what energy is welcomed in your space. Thus you’re not exposed to any random energy as your energy field expands during spiritual practice.


When you end your spiritual practice, you close the portal. Hence you don’t remain in that same energy after your practice. This will help you to ground yourself. And your energy body won’t be porous to external energy. The energy you work with needs to have an opening and closing. By closing the meditation portal, you allow yourself downtime to integrate the energy you have received.


Your intention matters more than the details of how you protect yourself with the circle of Light.


Opening a New Portal of Light

After you close the circle at the end of your meditation, you can activate a new circle of Light. Now since you’re not continuing with your spiritual practice, your intention might be to allow only the energy of the highest love and truth to enter your field. As you go about your day, it’s clear what energy you welcome in your field. You can keep this second circle of Light open for the rest of the day. Or you might activate a new one and charge it with a new intention depending on the situation.


You can activate and close many circles of Light, each devoted to a specific intention and situation.


Imagine that you meditate and then go to work. On your commute, you are exposed to the energy of many other people. Since you just meditated, your field is receptive and expanded, which is a good thing. But before we learn to be in the full power of the soul, we tend to take in any random energy that surrounds us. When we’re in our entire soul’s power, we don’t need to think about how to protect energy. It happens naturally.

What to Call In Your Circle of Light

You can also be specific about what energy you welcome in your circle of Light. The energy you allow to be within your circle of Light should only be yours, your soul, the Higher Self, I AM Presence, and God. There isn’t a reason for anyone else’s energy, including your guides or angels, to be inside your circle of Light. However, you can invite your spiritual guides to stand outside your circle of Light to support you in your actions.

This way, we remain in the authority of our being. This is good to keep in mind for empaths. By allowing only the energy of your being to stay within your circle of Light, you practice your sovereignty. You learn that it’s okay not to take in anyone’s energy. And this will allow you to become even better at reading the energy of people and places.

A circle of Light is like a tunnel between you, your soul, your Higher Self, I AM, and God. Although we’re always connected, we don’t always realize it. The more you connect to your power and practice this, the stronger your circle of Light becomes. And you’ll feel more connected to your being. Practicing this will also help strengthen your energy body. You can also use this meditation album to help you connect to your soul and Higher Self.


When Talking to A Friend

Another great way how to protect your energy is to activate a circle of Light when talking to a friend whose energy is unstable. Let’s say someone you speak with goes through intense emotions, and you want to help them. The first thing is to activate your circle of Light and be specific about what energy is welcomed in your field. Remember, it’s only the energy of your being and God.

This will shift your consciousness and allow you to be neutral. Thus you’ll be able to help your friend without taking in their energy. What happens is that your and their energy meets in the middle and creates a new third energy. That way, you can help them heal and see the root of what they go through without taking that energy into your aura.

If you want to take it a step further, you can activate a circle of Light around your friend, helping them feel their connection to the Light. When you finish your conversation, you close your and their circles. This holds the space around them and you sacred. You can do this before talking to them or while you talk to them. It’s not too late to activate it as soon as you remember.

Similarly, you can do the same by setting intentions for the day. How do you want the ocean of energy to conspire for you?

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