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The Secret About the Spiritual Energy of Home & Organizing

The spiritual energy of a home impacts our energy, emotions, and mind. The spiritual energy of home can either support us or drain our energy, making it more difficult for the Higher Self to reach us. Because any clutter, things without purpose or place, pollute our energy. Making it challenging for lighter energies to get through the chaotic energy patterns created by messy and purposeless environments. Let’s look at how the spiritual energy of home works.


What Creates the Spiritual Energy of Home

The spiritual energy of home consists of the combined energy of all physical objects and people sharing the same space. Not only that, but spaces can also carry the energy blueprints of the previous owners, sometimes stretching centuries or thousands of years back. The spiritual energy of a home is the manifestation of the astral, emotional and mental energies and, in some cases, the spiritual energy. We have a relationship with our environments, and they impact us as much as we impact them. You can walk into someone’s home, and their space will say a lot about the owner. From the home setting, you can tell how the person thinks, how their emotional body looks, and their past and future.


Astral Entanglement

The consciousness of people exists across multiple dimensions. The same applies to objects, yet their consciousness doesn’t reach as high as human consciousness. Thus we share the lower realms with the physical objects in our space. This is important to note because every item has astral energy. And the astral energy of objects and spaces impacts our astral bodies. 


When surrounded by things of lower astral energy, it creates an imbalance in our astral body. It’s like a subtle yet ever-present pulsation of chaotic energy patterns enmeshing with our energy. 


We share the same energy space with objects and places. When we have a messy environment, it impacts our ability to focus because of the chaotic energy patterns. On the other hand, having a simple, clean space helps our energy to harmonize. Thus when you look around your space, does it feel supportive? How does the spiritual energy of your home influence your astral body, moods, and thoughts? Is it an environment that allows you to become the person of your dreams?

Do you feel overwhelmed when thinking of organizing things in your home?

When we organize things, we must deal with our past version. That version didn’t want to deal with certain things, like finishing projects, sorting out old photographs, or things we’ve inherited. When we feel overwhelmed by the idea of sorting out a forgotten box of old items, it’s the energy of the past self that overwhelms us. Not necessarily, the cleaning and organizing itself.


An Example of Unfinished Energy Cycles

Let’s say someone stores photographs of them and their ex-spouse at their home. Those photos carry astral and emotional energy, which is emitted into their space. Without realizing it, this energy affects their astral and emotional bodies. This may contribute to having thoughts about the ex-partner or feeling still emotional about them. Like a physical wound getting injured over time, we carry that past energy with us.


Every memory and situation operates within certain energy cycles. Those cycles need to be finished. When a cycle is interrupted, the energy is waiting for someone to bring it to an end.


When you imagine someone with chaotic, disorganized files on their computer, there are many items with unfinished energy cycles. Especially if there are many different folders with random ideas to do in the future, unfinished to-do lists, and photos to be sorted. And when we think of organizing these computer files, it feels overwhelming because unconsciously, we tap into those unfinished cycles. But even if we don’t think about the messy files on a computer, their energy impacts us. Moreover, at the back of our minds, we know that we should organize the files, and thus it costs us extra energy, which could be used elsewhere. Energy often leaks through unfinished things whose energy patterns were interrupted.

Its energy hangs in the etheric and astral realms when the cycle is unfinished. And it’s impacting the way we feel and think.


How many unfinished and unsorted things do you have in your home? Their energy impresses our energy bodies, influencing our emotions. 

Every item without a purpose drains our energy. All chaotic papers, files, and messy wardrobes send out waves of disorganized energy, and the subconscious mind is bombarded by this energy.  And this may lead to feeling overwhelmed, anxious, unable to focus, and so on. That being said, many items also uplift us. Things can positively stimulate our subtle bodies and bring more clarity and purpose into our lives.

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Resistance to Organization and Tidying Up

The spiritual energy of home also carries the energy of the past versions of ourselves. When we feel an inner resistance to tidying certain areas of our physical space, it mirrors our resistance to the past version of ourselves who created it. 


By organizing something we’ve been resisting, we have to sort out something we didn’t want to do in the past.


The spiritual energy of home stores different past versions of ourselves. It’s like a collection of many timelines. How many people store random things in their homes without a purpose? How common is it to inherit random pieces of decoration or furniture which we keep even if we don’t feel good about having them in our space? And how common is it to have a pile of unsorted papers, items, or documents reflecting a certain period of our lives? All these and more carry energy that is in our intimate energetic space. It’s like having a myriad of little wormholes connecting us to different moments of our lives.


When organizing, we likely have to deal with something the past version of us didn’t want to deal with. 


In the example of storing reminders of a past relationship, the past version of us didn’t want to deal with it. Perhaps, there was still nostalgia or sadness. When we start organizing those things, we tap into those past emotions. And possibly we even tap into old thinking patterns that the past self felt overwhelmed dealing with. So the overwhelming sensation isn’t only about organizing something; it’s also about some astral and emotional energy of the past version of us.

The Spirit Needs Spaciousness

The most supportive spiritual energy of a home is one of spaciousness. The spirit needs spaciousness. The soul needs to dance. Clutter reduces the field of expression through which the spirit can manifest. Being surrounded by clutter, random items, or unfinished things restrict how spirit can operate in our world. It creates a static noise in our subtle bodies, making it more challenging for the higher aspects of us to reach us. Metaphorically speaking, we cannot bring pure spiritual energy down the Tree of Life into the physical world. Thus our manifestations remain unfinished.

To create an uplifting spiritual energy of a home, everything we own should be clean, light, and supportive of us. There should exist harmony between us and our possessions. Since we are the stewards of those possessions, we should also respect them enough to take care of them. This may result in the conclusion that we actually don’t want to own too many things. Rather having carefully selected things that support us and have meaning in our lives.


Experiment: Test the Spiritual Energy of Home

Take some object into your hands, like a painting, for instance. And ask the object,


What energy do you carry? Whose energy do you carry?
How do you support me?
How do you want me to take care of you?
Where do you belong?


Things usually have an idea of where they want to be and how they want to be taken care of. When you look around yourself, what does your home say about you? When cleaning, we purify some old energy, releasing it from our homes and selves. And we allow certain energy cycles to finish. Thus we purify our emotional and mental bodies when we clean and organize our space. And we also close certain bridges leading to the past self or those who gave us those things.


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