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What Does It Take To Lead a Soul-Aligned Life?

What does it take to lead a soul-aligned life? Often people picture a soul-aligned life as something without any real challenge. It’s almost this imaginary finish line after which everything is easy. Although there is flow and ease, we always continue to grow. Over the years, I’ve seen in my own life (you can read my story in Find Yourself) and in the lives of others the striking difference between creating life from fear and soul.

When we let fear run the show, we get only a little bit of what we want. And here, I don’t talk about material things. Even what we experience doesn’t feel so great because we don’t allow ourselves to feel joy and aliveness. Everything dims. And then one might wonder where the time flies.

It’s not about time passing by; it’s about how to present and alive we’re in what we experience. To me, creating life from the soul is a soul-aligned life. It’s a life with no regrets because we always give our 100% to the experiences that arise from the soul. It’s a life that fulfills you even when challenges show up. And ultimately, a soul-aligned life is when we know we don’t betray ourselves by playing small, hiding, and letting the fear deprive us of being our best version of self.

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A Soul-Aligned Life vs. an Artificial Life

I still vividly remember a moment many years ago when I was thinking about my dream at that time. Back then, the manifestation of that dream would mean a lot. As I contemplated it, I heard a voice saying: You don’t ask too much of life. You ask too little. The voice said that this is the mistake most humans make.

We get stuck with an idea we want to manifest. Our version of “too much” is too little to what the soul can experience. Often we want a specific outcome like in a relationship, job, money, or even health. And we think this outcome is the ultimate ceiling. But is it really? What if desiring this specific outcome was just blocking you? 

When we lead a soul-aligned life, we take inspired action from the soul. And there is unconditional trust that the highest outcome for us and others will always happen. On the other hand, artificial life is when we keep things out of fear or control. We keep things, relationships, or even certain decisions past their due date. And this weighs down the soul. The soul has first to clear out the energetic clutter we’ve created to be able to reach out to us.

Subsequently, we become less than who we could be. An example would be a person X trying to attract back an ex, and the other person doesn’t want to be with person X. In my opinion, this is a misuse of manifesting powers. Everyone manifests all the time. We can’t do otherwise. But we’re also here to learn to purify our intentions. When our intentions come from a place of fear or ignorance of the universal laws, we limit ourselves and others.

So why do we want to stay stuck in some situation when it’s not aligned with our soul? Deep down, there is this fear that if we don’t control things, nothing better will show up.


What if we fully trusted and showed up, and what we wanted wouldn’t come? We believe we aren’t worthy of what we want. This comes from a wound of separation. Instead, we want to keep that little something because it brings us a sense of safety.


Examples of an Artificial Life

When we keep things artificially in our lives, we choose fear and make ourselves smaller. There are hundreds of examples. Something I’ve witnessed time and time again is a desire to create a particular self-image. For everyone, this can mean something different. Some people get obsessed with their success, money, looks, and possessions. The common denominator here is that we create this self-image for the wrong reason.


We care more about how others perceive us than how life truly feels. 


Instead of creating a soul-aligned life, we focus on what we think others want to see. And this is a form of self-protection. We believe that when we make a life that is done “correctly” based on society’s expectations, we’ll be safe, accepted, understood, and “approved.”

Yet, in the process of achieving this, we disconnect from our souls. Suddenly, it feels more challenging to feel the soul and the child-like joy because our minds are busy creating and keeping up something artificial. Artificial life is a life that serves the image in whatever capacity we define it. But it doesn’t fit the purpose of the soul. Quite the opposite, while the mind chases things that are conditioned by society, the soul can’t reach us because we are not fully present in our lives.


What things are you holding onto artificially in your life?
What dynamics in your life are keeping you small?
Where don’t you trust enough that if you fully opened up to your soul’s guidance, something better would show up?

A Soul-Aligned Life Doesn’t Equal An Easy Life

A common misconception is that a soul-aligned life means an easy life. Everyone wants to avoid pain. We believe that there is this one perfect job, relationship, and state of being we need to achieve, and then there are no more issues and challenges.

But to lead a soul-aligned life isn’t about choosing the easy path. It’s about living the true path for you. The soul will always ask you to take a quantum leap. And when you move through that quantum energy, everything that isn’t aligned with the next level will be exposed. And you’ll be asked to find new reconfiguration.


We have to embody a new version of ourselves – get used to a new frequency. And that always brings about necessary changes and disturbance.


Living a soul-aligned life means that we’re on our highest timeline even though there are related growth pains. When we lead a soul-aligned life, we know that we’re not betraying ourselves by running away from our true potential. Or choosing the easy path instead of the right path.

Living a soul-aligned life will set your heart on fire and give you meaning. Creating a soul-aligned life isn’t about how it looks to other people; it’s about how it feels to you. It’s about bringing your authenticity to what you do.


If you led your true self to guide you, what would it guide you towards? 


When you approach your life from the perspective of your true self, you might realize that there are some things you need to release from your life. On the other hand, you might be asked to create something new. Although expanding our comfort zone may not feel easy at the moment, your future self will thank you.


It’s All About You

Leading a soul-aligned life is about being in a conscious relationship with your soul. And this is why no one can tell you do this or that. Because what works for others might not work for you. You’re the authority in your life. Leading a soul-aligned life is about tuning into your soul’s language. It doesn’t necessarily mean that one must meditate every day. All the spiritual tools are just aids to mastering beingness.


If you were unafraid, what would you choose to experience in this life?


Remember that you live your life for yourself. You’re here to do the things that fulfill you. No one else can tell you what it is. So, take more time for yourself. When you let go of the worry of how other people perceive you, you free up yourself.

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