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If You’re an Empath Taking On Others’ Pain, It’s Time to Stop It

If you’re a lightworker and an empath taking on others’ pain, it’s time to stop it. I know that it might feel out of your control. And you might feel powerless when it comes to navigating other people’s emotional landscapes. Sometimes the energy emitting from others feels so strong that it seems there is no escape from it. But there is. And it will change your life once you embrace it. After all, the intention of empaths is to help others feel better. But taking on others’ pain is an old way of healing. It’s no longer necessary.


The Old Way of Healing

In 2012, we entered a new collective cycle. As the Golden Age slowly settles in, the old ways of healing no longer work. In fact, I could make another article and video on spiritual things that are no longer valid. And I might do it in the future. But in this article, I’d like to get one message across clearly: you can’t help others heal by lowering your frequency. 

And if you have been doing it, it’s not your fault. In the previous collective cycle lasting a little over 12 thousand years, that’s what we did. Your soul hasn’t become a lightworker just now. You’ve been helping others for millennia. And in the old cycle, we took on the pain and lowered energy from others. Depending on your soul’s history, this may resonate with you to various degrees. As the collective frequency was gradually lowering, teachers, healers, priestesses, shamans, and many other lightworkers took on the pain of others.

Some of you who were master teachers in the ancient past may have been taking on the karma of your students. And if that has been the case, it takes some conscious work to untangle yourself from that web of responsibility. But even as an initiate, you’d take in the heaviness from others to help them. Why the healing was done this way?

As the consciousness was falling, it was becoming increasingly more difficult to stay connected to the light. And lightworkers did their best by uplifting others through their own energy. And this has created a pattern for the entire cycle. Except, lightworkers have forgotten that they promised to carry the burdens of others only until the end of the cycle.

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You Can’t Help By Becoming Less

The agreement was to remind people of their sovereignty as the cycle changes. And to stop healing them in the old way by taking on others’ pain. It’s like withholding important pieces of the puzzle from other people by carrying their burdens. It no longer works. Thus if you’re an empath taking on others’ pain, it doesn’t help them heal. In fact, it can prolong their understanding of their soul lessons.

Moreover, as an empath taking on others’ pain, you lower your frequency. And it binds you to the same realm where the suffering exists. Thus neither of you accesses the Truth – the realm where the healing exists. As a lightworker and empath, you’re the bridge to higher consciousness. And your connection to the higher consciousness is vital for others to heal. By remaining in your center and keeping your channel of light clear and open, you can help many more people. Instead of giving your light away to one person and ultimately flattering their ego.

There is a universe of differences between being empathic and compassionate. The first is still rooted in the ego even though it’s a step in the right direction. The latter actually heals without lowering your energy. A compassionate heart heals through truly seeing other people and holding a vision of their highest self. Reminding them of who they are.


Flattering the Ego

True healing can’t be done by flattering the ego of others. When we edit ourselves to say the things we believe the other person wants to hear. When we lower our frequency not to threaten the false identity of others. And when we become less of who we’re capable of becoming, perpetually living below our potential. Neither of these brings forth true healing. True healing can’t be corrupted by the ego – be it ours or of other people.

As an empath taking on others’ pain, you unconsciously agree to flatter the ego. In the most hidden way, it elevates you because you’re the one who is super sensitive, separated from others. And it also flatters the ego of others because you don’t acknowledge their own connection to the Source. When we rush in to heal someone spiritually – often without an invitation – we don’t acknowledge that the higher self of the person is guiding them. We don’t recognize that their soul needs to have certain experiences, and its imperfection doesn’t mean that the whole situation isn’t perfect. But we’re in a cycle of self-mastery and sovereignty. As an empath taking on others’ pain, you can do it for the rest of your life and it might not lead to many results.


Learn to Hold the Space

You can help more people when you stop taking on pain of others. The old way of healing was supposed to bridge us to these times. Now it’s time to remember the Atlantean and Lemurian ways of healing and go beyond. Healing aligned with sovereignty. Healing that doesn’t require lowering your energy and feeling off-balance. And healing that doesn’t require an empath taking on others’ pain to elevate it. You don’t need to labor other people’s energies through your body anymore.

Instead, learn to hold space for yourself. Become the witness and the observer through which the Consciousness heals. Hold the space for others and hold a vision of their highest, most vibrant selves. Acknowledge other people’s souls and their unique paths. And become a neutral and steady vessel through which Source consciousness heals.

To heal someone your energy blueprints don’t need to merge as it is in the case of an empath taking on others’ pain. We don’t need to become the source for others. Rather help others heal by reconnecting them to the Source. By reminding them of their own connection. As a bridge, you heal others by guiding them to experience and see the magic that is already within them.

A lightworker and an empath taking on others’ pain can ameliorate the pain temporarily. But then you feel low and the other person has missed their chance to realize their inner strength, thus becoming dependent on you. This perpetuates the cycle of dependency.

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