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How to Fulfill Your Lightworker and Starseed Mission

A lightworker and starseed mission has many layers and flavors. Perfectly mirroring the codes your soul is holding. Some parts of the lightworker and starseed mission are more visible than others. However, those that aren’t noticeable as easily are just as powerful. It’s time to see yourself as a bridge of light and activate your Pillar of Light.


Fulfilling Your Lightworker and Starseed Mission

You might not be yet aware of your starseed memories and cosmic consciousness. Maybe you’ve been through your awakening just recently, and you try to make sense of your new existence. Or perhaps you’ve been on this journey for a while, and you remember your past lives from other planets. Regardless of where you’re on your journey, you’ve agreed to participate in this Grand Awakening by fulfilling your lightworker and starseed mission.

Many wonder whether it’s necessary to become a coach, healer, or teacher to fulfill your mission. You might feel like you are somehow lacking behind. Trying to figure your human self out while the time is ticking. And although you’re perfectly on time, as long as you stay true to yourself, there is a reason for feeling the inner pressure. Every lightworker and starseed has felt the call. You can’t ignore it, for if you do, it only gets stronger.

You’re here for a reason. And the world needs you wide awake. And more importantly, your soul is ready for her ascension through the spheres of consciousness. Deep down, you know it. No matter how many times you fall into the unconscious sleep, you can’t escape the truth of who you are. Not anymore. And so, do you need to become a healer to fulfill your mission? It depends.

At some point, the lightworkers and starseeds will be asked to work with the collective in a visible way. This is one of the steps to your mastery. This has been the journey of all the Ascended Masters. They didn’t necessarily desire to be in the public eye, making them a target of projection of the collective shadow. But they KNEW they had to do it. You see, your purpose is choosing you. Your ego might have all kinds of opinions on that topic, but you do it anyway. And that creates a master. I go deeper into the topic of whether lightworkers should help others in a visible way in this video.

But there is another way to fulfill the lightworker and starseed mission. And it’s through your own emanation and radiance.

Welcome to the Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.

You Are The Bridge to 5D

As your being reconnects with your soul and your higher self, you emit significantly more light. And you become a powerful bridge between 3D and 5D as you activate and expand your Pillar of Light. The Pillar of Light is like a beam of light reconnecting you to the cosmic consciousness. The wider and stronger your Pillar of Light, the better you bring light and information to this planet.

A lightworker and starseed bridge to higher realms is the mechanism through which you channel information and light to this planet. The more conscious of it you are, the more your Pillar of Light expands.

Thus one of the ways to carry out the lightworker and starseed mission is to focus on expanding and deepening your Pillar of Light. You can think of yourself as a bridge. By activating your bridge, your consciousness exists in multiple dimensions simultaneously. Hence you’re not only aware of the details of your human life, but you also become increasingly conscious of the higher realms. As your consciousness expands, you start connecting to the cosmic rays of light.

Therefore, it’s through your own being that more light comes to this planet. As your Pillar of Light becomes brighter, you begin to download sounds, frequency, codes, light, information from the higher realms. And it helps to accomplish your lightworker and starseed mission, and it enhances your own being. By letting the light pour through you, it’s then uploaded to the collective field. Thus it’s available to others.

Lightning Up the Collective

One aspect of the lightworker and starseed mission is to anchor light into 3D. Since you already have a connection to the higher realms, you can reach a lighter density and channel it to Earth. The magic of this lightworker and starseed mission is so beautiful that it happens naturally. It’s a positive side effect of your own evolution. Every lightworker and starseed who fully awakened and activated leaves this planet lighter.

The light activates your light codes and enhances your consciousness. Then it overflows to the collective field where it’s available to people. Anyone who goes through a similar awakening process can tap into the light you’ve helped to channel here. Also, Gaia can redirect some of that light to help transmute the density of physical locations. Moreover, the light you’ve helped to bring here stays here for future generations.

When there is the next Golden Age after this one, other souls who will ascend during those times will tap into the light trails you’ve left behind. Just like the great masters of the ancient past help us, your light will do the same for others. Moreover, you’ll leave behind an energetic blueprint of ascension, should you choose to ascend in this Golden Age.

Thus the lightworker and starseed mission is very much related to lightning up the collective. Your Pillar of Light enhances the light quotient on this planet, making it easier for those walking beside and behind you. Therefore focusing on your own evolution is necessary. There is a point in a soul’s journey to teach others. That moment comes naturally; it can’t be forced. But never underestimate the power of the light within you. Let it be here for others. Allow it to expand. Nurture it. Become it.

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