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5 Key Reasons Why to Uncover Your Past Lives

Why uncover your past lives? Is it always a good idea to remember other lifetimes? Or is uncovering your past lives only a distraction coming from the ego? How remembering other lives can enhance your spiritual journey? In this article, I’ll answer those questions and more.


Do Your Soul or Ego Want to Remember?

Uncovering other lifetimes is highly beneficial, and if we work with it correctly, it can skyrocket our growth. But in some cases, it can also harm us. It depends on whether the desire to uncover your past lives originates in the ego or soul. As I had mentioned in my other article on discerning spiritual information, we always get answers, but we might also attract illusions. Whether you uncover your past lives on your own or go to a soul healer, it’s essential to check your real intentions.

The deepest intentions will always reveal whether something comes from the soul or the ego. The true soul intention for remembering different lives is to enhance your growth. Or to finally face and integrate deep soul wounds that might have been hunting you in your dreams or waking life. Another soul intention of uncovering your past lives would be a deep desire to become a fully grounded and balanced being. Or you are perhaps resolving deep traumas that have been keeping you from moving forward in your life.

On the other hand, the ego’s intentions for uncovering your past lives could feel more important. Or you might not feel confident in your abilities, and you think that remembering your life as a healer would bring you that confidence. Another ego intention would be to confirm whether you had been someone important from history.

When the ego motivates us, we get the answers, but they’ll not be true. Therefore we still feel like searching more. It’ll actually not bring the final answer because, on some level, you will sense it was not true. Also, the ego loves to inflate our identity. So, it searches for anything that would make us more special and better than others.

That being said, even if you find out you have some ego intentions, you can work with them. Do some healing and face your limiting beliefs or fears and wait until you feel pure and neutral space within. And then you can start uncovering your past lives.


That which comes from the ego is just clutter or chaotic information pointing out to some deeper integration that needs to take place. Once that is done, your soul will take it from there.

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5 Key Reasons to Uncover Your Past Lives

When going into different lifetimes, a couple of things are good to keep in mind. It’s good to take your time to find a soul healer whom you can trust. And someone you feel can hold the sacred space for you. Another vital thing to keep in mind is that remembering other lives need to be done with integrity. The point should never be to go into some life randomly. A good soul healer can see your soul’s patterns and will guide you through a series of lifetimes that are connected to the most pressing unresolved issues on your soul level.

The intention should never be pure curiosity. That kind of intention might link you into lifetimes that might not even be yours.

The next vital thing to remember is that integrating the lives you’ve visited is equally essential as seeing what has happened. A good soul healer will help you integrate what you’ve seen and guide you on how to continue working with it after your session. Information is great, but only when it’s fully embodied, it turn into wisdom.

1. Soul Patterns

Every soul focuses on mastering their curriculum that spans over lifetimes and dimensions. Some soul lessons are more challenging than others, and decoding them can speed up our evolution. Let’s say that you are a lightworker and you’re afraid to shine your light. One part of you wants nothing else than fully embodying your light. At the same time, another part of you is scared. Therefore you always end up sabotaging yourself and creating distractions that take you away from your purpose.

And then you uncover your past lives and discover a precise pattern to your soul. You might see a series of lifetimes on this planet and elsewhere, which show why you experience the inner conflict that has been consuming you since you were a child. With having that insight, you can start healing and integrating those deep soul wounds from other lives. As you move through the healing, you notice that you aren’t afraid to shine your light anymore. You’ve healed and moved beyond this particular soul lesson.

2. Same Old Mistakes

When you uncover your past lives, especially if the intentions are pure, it’ll empower you. It becomes harder to ignore when you see yourself making the same mistake life after life again. An example of a mistake could be stepping into your power and misusing it later or letting someone else misuse it. As you uncover a string of lifetimes where you’ve made the same mistake, it’ll help you make different choices in your present life. Recognizing those mistakes also enables you to identify the patterns in which your soul has been stuck. And it’ll help you to see how to move beyond those mistakes.

3. Remembering Gifts and Skills

One of the greatest benefits of uncovering your past lives is enhancing your gifts and skills. Your soul has harnessed her gifts over lifetimes. Now it’s time to remember them. We don’t always have to learn everything from scratch.

In many cases, there is not much added value in learning the same skills again and again. You can remember them. Reawaken them in your body and chakras.

As you uncover your past lives, you’ll likely see yourself possessing the very gifts and skills that would benefit your present life. And by going deeper into those lives, those gifts will reemerge in your current self. This is especially beneficial if you’re a lightworker and you feel that it’s time to help other people on a bigger scale.

4. Expanding Consciousness

The next benefit of uncovering your past lives is enhancing your consciousness. And this will also increase your awareness of your multidimensional nature. Especially if a soul healer who guides you to your lifetimes creates an equal relationship with you. When you consciously visit your past/simultaneous lives, it unlocks the seemingly dormant parts of your mind. As you integrate your past lives, your consciousness grows, and its benefits can be felt all the time, not only during the sessions.

5. Clarity on Your Soul Purpose

Uncovering your past lives will also help you get very clear on your soul purpose. As you visit other lives, you’ll find out that your soul has been mastering a particular purpose over lifetimes. There are bigger and smaller purposes that help each other. But likely, you’ll find one that goes over many lifetimes. If you continue uncovering your starseed memories, you’ll also see what your soul has been mastering across dimensions. And you’ll know how your human self contributes to the greater picture of your multidimensional essence. When we’re clear on our purpose, we can direct our time and energy in that direction. Thus we can move further along our soul’s journey.

If uncovering your soul patterns and other lives speak to you, please explore the Lightworker Healing.

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