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What Does It Mean to Be a Modern-Day Priestess?

A modern-day priestess is a woman in deep reverence to the spiritual world. To a priestess, spirituality isn’t a new age concept; she honors the divine deep within her soul. A modern-day priestess might need first to remember her lives as a priestess in ancient cultures, but her soul has never discontinued being in service to others as a priestess. If being a priestess resonates with your soul, allow your heart to remember as you read on.

If you wonder how to become a priestess, you don’t become one by taking a certification program. Your soul has been trained in the sacred mysteries for lifetimes, even in other star systems. What needs to happen, though, is for you to remember and give space to the priestess in you.

Who Is A Modern-Day Priestess?

A priestess is the one who can read the spiritual world with precision and ease because, in her soul, she has never separated from the Source and Sophia. A modern-day priestess skillfully blends her oracle gifts with a sense of grounding and embodiment that makes her words applicable to the people of her times. She knows how to be one with the spirit and yet deeply embodied.

A modern-day priestess alchemizes her life and bridges the visible and invisible world.

The biggest gift a modern-day priestess brings to the world is guiding the way to embodied spirituality. Spirituality isn’t something that takes place on a meditation pillow; it’s a way of being. The person we choose to be in every situation helps the soul to mature. And the modern-day priestess is well aware of it. And therefore, she has the gift to make spirituality practical. Much like in the ancient temples, a priestess is here for people from all walks of life. And thus, her healing and teaching must be easily understandable by others.

A modern-day priestess hones the skill of creating a sacred ground wherever she goes.

Her presence restores the sacredness in all things, which is the fundamental principle I teach in the Priestess Healing. A modern-day priestess is composed, serene, fluid, powerful, and yet loving, joyful, playful, and vibrant. A modern-day priestess lives beyond the limitations of the inner maiden – the uninitiated feminine aspect. She is one-in-herself, choosing her reality while being devoted to the Universal Creatrix/Creator of all life.

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Priestess: A Bridge Between the Ancient and Present

Although every priestess is different, all priestesses were initiated into one of the ancient mystery lineages. This creates a common thread among all priestesses. And therefore, they can easily recognize each other time and time again. In fact, as a priestess, you have been working with your intimate group of 12, and it’s likely that in this life, you’ll meet at least 2 other priestesses from your group.

You can never “resign” from being a priestess. If you will, you can think of being a priestess as an occupation of your soul, which you carry throughout your lives.

At some point, you’ll be called to remember your priestess self and blend it into your nowadays life. The Divine Feminine Energy will call you. She will set your heart on fire in search of something familiar and yet long lost. She will want to be rebirth through you just as you’ve done it so many times before. There will be a great deal of deep-soul remembrance. And yet, it will feel new and exciting. And that’s why you’re now here, reading these words.

You’ve been called. Called to step up and remember. You’ve been called to embody the divine feminine teachings, and it’s only up to you how far you take it. Perhaps, you’ll bring the divine feminine energy into your body and let it overflow to bless your beloved ones. Or you might be called to become a priestess healer, priestess teacher, or priestess artist and oracle. The choice is yours. Let the remembrance in your soul guide you to embody the modern-day priestess kissed with ancient mysteries.

A Bearer of the Secret Mysteries

A priestess is a woman who has been highly educated and initiated into magic and mysteries. Therefore, she knows the basics of other sciences ranging from alchemy, astronomy, living in tune with nature (what became our biology), using herb and natural remedy (medicine and biomedicine), sacred geometry (mathematics), physics. She blends her knowledge and wisdom with the unique imprint of her soul.

Not many people know that the ancient priestess were the bearers of knowledge throughout human history. Many great men studied at the temples with priestesses, such as Pythagoras, who studied at the oracular in Delphi, Greece. And he accepted the name of his teacher, the High Priestess named Pythia.

A modern-day priestess is the bearer of Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness.

As a divine feminine Christ leader, she is the master of alchemizing the feminine and masculine energy within herself and her surroundings. A priestess learns to hold in perfect fluid harmony all elements within and without. And thus, the modern-day priestess is a bridge between ancient and present times. In truth, she has been the bridge in every lifetime, holding the secret mysteries within her very being.

Since you’ve been guided to this page, there is a recognition deep within your soul. All priestesses receive the call at some point in their lives. And this likely might be your time to remember and embrace yourself as a modern-day priestess. To be a modern-day priestess, you don’t have to shout it from the rooftops. Instead, focus on embodying and remembering your priestess’s power. The inside is what matters. Let your energy speak on your behalf. It’s time to dance between the invisible and visible and bring your soul medicine to the world. There are thousands of priestesses around the world remembering, sharing, and stepping into their power. Once again. If your soul calls you to embrace the priestess in you, trust that it’s the right time for you. You’re ready.

If you want to remember your priestess self and step into your sovereignty, I invite you to explore the PRIESTESS HEALING.

Who Are the Priestesses?

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