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3 Key Ways How to Embody Your Soul

Have you ever wondered how to embody your soul? And why should you even consciously embody your soul? Embodying the soul is one thing that will elevate your whole life because you’ll align with the core of your true self. This is one of the most courageous and exciting journeys you can take, leading you to self-mastery. However, upon the initial stages of awakening, inner healing needs to take place before we even have the capacity to think of embodying the soul. But once we move through the necessary emotional and inner child healing, a new chapter opens.

What Does It Mean to Embody Your Soul?

Before we dive into how to embody your soul, we need to be clear on what it means. Embodying your soul means that you’re your highest self in everything you do. Not the highest self based on the subconscious programming, but the highest self based on who you truly are beneath all the conditioning. The pure essence is not conditioned by anything in this world. And thus, when you embody your soul, you are in this world, but not of this world.

When you embody your soul, you let your soul and your higher self guide your steps. Instead of standing in your way and pushing things through the ego, you align with your highest path. The beauty is that you don’t need to know all the details of your highest path; you just open up to it and allow it to unfold through you.

To embody your soul means that you consciously follow what is true for you instead of following other people’s opinions. It’s a commitment to deeply and intimately know yourself and courageously act on what is true to you.

Your soul’s energy becomes tangible and visible in what you do, how you speak, and how you move.

The presence of your soul in your human vessel can’t be denied. It speaks through you. Your soul reorganizes all the details of your life so that they’re aligned with your highest potential. For your soul knows that you came here to live your highest life, not to stand on the sidelines of your potential. This is not a life to play it small; we’ve done that. Now, it’s time for something different, something that feels true.

Welcome to the Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.

3 Ways How to Embody Your Soul

The essential step how to embody your soul is your willingness. So before you continue reading any further, put your hand on your heart chakra and ask yourself if embodying the soul is what you deeply desire. Be honest with yourself. And if some doubts come up, embrace them lovingly. Witness them. Talk to any worries and concerns that might arise. And then ask yourself again, what is your deepest truth? Are you ready to embody your soul?

If you receive a yes, then welcome here. If you still need more time, it’s okay too. But I want to let you know one thing, the moment of your spiritual awakening, you’ve already started the journey of embodying your soul. The process can’t be reversed. However, it can become a lot longer and complicated than it needs to be. My life’s philosophy is that there is no reason to run away from the truth. The truth will always show. The truth will always win. So why not accept it now? Why not accept the truth of who you are? Because buying yourself more time is an illusion.

The second thing I want you to know before we move on how to embody your soul is that it is a journey. Sometimes people worry that if they say yes, something will happen instantly. There will be an instant sense of relief and joy. But the actual technology of embodying the soul needs space and time to unfold. This journey is unique to everyone depending on how much you’re open to it and how much you collaborate with your soul in healing and integrating different parts of you. The journey can be fast and take a couple of years or a lifelong journey. Once you consciously commit to it, it will take you where you need to go.

1. Meet Your Soul

The first step in how to embody your soul is to meet your soul. Your soul is a part of your infinite being that travels across time, space, and dimensions to gather knowledge and reach a state of self-mastery in many different skills. Some of those skills are the same for everyone, and others are unique to you. Your soul has its unique soul’s journey and different topics and themes to master. Your soul’s curriculum creates the details of your life. And when you work with your soul consciously, you’re like a student studying for the classes and doing the homework to pass your exams with ease.

I love the moment when my Lightworker Healing clients establish their own conscious connection with their soul. And when they learn to distinguish the energy of the soul and higher self and know when to work with them. I love this moment because when you experience it for yourself, you simply know. There is a deep sense of remembrance and recognition. And the words cease to matter.

When we learn to communicate with the soul, our psychic senses sharpen, and we know what to do. In fact, we know so much that we can’t go to the old way of living anymore. True change can only come from within when we understand that the limiting beliefs, addictions, toxic situations are not appealing anymore. The change happens from the inside. And when you meet your soul, a set of positive changes takes place. You start becoming a better version of yourself naturally, without forcing it.

Therefore, start creating a conscious relationship with your soul. Talk to your soul. Include your soul in your choices and your days. Take that time to really get to know your soul and what your soul can teach you. If you want to create a deep bond with your soul and your higher self, I invite you to check out my guided visualization album, 7 Pillars of Connecting with Your Soul.

2. Align

The second step in how to embody your soul is alignment. When you embody your soul, your soul will lovingly yet firmly guide you to realign your life. It’s normal after we wake up that we find ourselves in situations that don’t reflect our deepest truth. Because in all those years, we had been in denial of who we are. And so, a period of realignment is necessary. In fact, the constant realignment will continue for the rest of your life. But in the future, it’ll be more subtle in most cases because you’ll be wide woken to what is aligned with your soul.

The most integrational way how to embody your soul is through looking at every part of your life and see what needs to be realigned. You can go one area of your life after another and ask yourself whether it is aligned with who you truly are. Does every area of your life reflect your true self? As you start realigning your life, you’ll also go deeper into understanding who you are and what you truly want.

3. Lead By Example

The last piece of advice on how to embody your soul is to lead by example. We all need to become the leaders of our lives. No matter whether you lead thousand of people or your beloved ones, you’re a leader. There is no way that a change will occur – globally and in your life – if you don’t become a leader of your life. When you awaken, your eyes can see, and with that also comes the unattractive word – responsibility. In the first stages of awakening, we all have to focus on ourselves, and this phase is necessary because to help others, you need first to help yourself. But later, you’ll be called to lead.

Leading is about being present in all the details of daily life. It’s about not checking out from reality but be fully in it. Leading is about being your highest self in everything. And this is the ultimate path to self-mastery. It doesn’t happen on a meditation pillow. It happens through an embodied action that is aligned with your soul and your higher self. And when you embark on that journey that never ends, your energy becomes contagious. You don’t need to change the masses if you can inspire your family, friends, and co-workers. Now, imagine that millions upon millions would do that!

I know that this might set the bar a little high, but I’m here to tell you the truth, and this is where we are all going. We’re all moving into spiritual maturity, and we’re all needed. And the beautiful thing is that when you do your best (no one asks you to be perfect) to be your highest self in everything you do, it’ll bring you clarity, serenity, and the deepest sense of fulfillment you can experience. And so, your journey becomes an invitation for others. It’ll offer them the strength and guidance on how to do it. As with everything, the big and small works in harmony.

How To Embody Your Soul

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