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6 Ways of How to Claim Spiritual Sovereignty

What does claiming spiritual sovereignty mean to you? What has led you to this article? At some point, a deep inner calling leads us to the path of self-mastery. Eventually, we will yearn to experience ourselves fully. As we tap more into our higher self energy, claiming spiritual sovereignty becomes the next step. It’s inevitable. And so, something has led you right here. From all the things you could be doing now, you wonder how to claim spiritual sovereignty. Your multidimensional self is initiating you to yet another level. Feel this deep yearning for reclaiming spiritual sovereignty within you. Give it space. Give it life. And let it guide you back to your true self.

How to Claim Your Spiritual Sovereignty

Claiming your spiritual sovereignty is a long path. There have been only a few masters in our history who have fully stepped into and demonstrated their spiritual sovereignty. By doing so, they have left for us energetic pathways and keys to do the same. Now, as the ages have shifted, consciousness supports us in reclaiming our sovereignty.

At some point, you’ll long for experiencing your spiritual sovereignty more than anything. You’ll get bored with all the games you used to indulge in. And you’ll start to remember the times when you’ve been a sovereign being. As your soul’s memories will come back to you, your inner being will be set on fire – a fire of your true self.

Claiming spiritual sovereignty is both an act of remembering and embodying. As I’ve been guiding many souls to their past lives, parallel lives, and simultaneous incarnations on other planets, I’ve seen that the keys to claiming spiritual sovereignty are right there. Since every life contains certain codes, remembrance, mastered skills, or fragmented parts, we can pull to our present selves. As we do so, we tap more and more into our sovereignty. It’s like having different pieces of a puzzle. When they’re chaotically lying on the floor, it isn’t easy to see the big picture. But as we begin to put them into the right places, they begin to fall into each other.

Thus claiming spiritual sovereignty is about weaving the seemingly separated parts of self back together. This is a process that unfolds naturally, but we can significantly shrink the time (aka step into eternity) to aid it. And so, I want to layout for you the basic steps to claiming your sovereignty. However, there are many more that go even deeper.

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1. Integrating Your Shadow

Spirituality isn’t all just light. It’s about wholeness. And frankly, we’re on this planet to integrate different parts of us that we haven’t yet mastered. In our 3D experience, we can integrate our heaviest shadows. As we do so, our infinite being will light up. There is nothing we can do to avoid facing our shadows. Because as we know, we can keep coming to this planet over again until we integrate it. So, actually, there is only one choice.

Every time we face our shadow, we reclaim a bit of our spiritual sovereignty. Before the integration, this was a no-go-to area for our wounded self. To avoid our shadow, we create the most elaborate system of distractions and self-sabotaging behavior. In a way, we play a game with ourselves. We’re both the one who is chasing us and the one who is escaping.

2. Stepping Into Your Power

To claim spiritual sovereignty, we have to go through the valley of our inner shadow. However uninviting it first may be, it helps us to step into our power. Tapping into our soul’s power and learning how to handle it is a key step to spiritual sovereignty.

There are many initiations and lessons that span over lifetimes regarding our power. We’re learning how to handle the power without it taking us out of our center, which eventually leads to misusing it. Because as we claim spiritual sovereignty, we’ll have more impact on others. Even if we’re not in the public eye, our energy field expands and affects more people. Therefore, we need to learn how to hold a balance—a balance in our energy, thoughts, action, and body. From my healing experience with clients, I can see that this is one of the main things that we’re here to master. And it’s also one of the things that will unlock the gates to our sovereignty.

3. DNA Activations

Another complementing way to claim your spiritual sovereignty is through DNA activations. Within each of us exists a blueprint of what we could call a higher human being. As in the ancient stories about demi-gods, we can activate certain codes within our DNA. As we do so, we step into our sovereignty more.

One way to speed up those DNA activations is to let yourself be guided by a healer. Yet bear in mind that if you have fear, resistance, or doubts about the activation process or the healer, it’s better to wait with it. This isn’t something that should be taken lightly. So, always trust your inner guidance.

In most cases, those activations take place naturally. As our consciousness changes, it automatically activates those codes. It’s not dependent on something external. The external – like being guided by a healer and teacher – can collaborate with your consciousness. But you’re never dependent on it. And for the most part, your higher self is activating you. And this sometimes can seem like co-creating with others.

4. Bring In Your Soul’s Energy

Another essential step in claiming spiritual sovereignty is to bring in your soul’s energy. The whole point of spiritual awakening is to create space for more of your soul’s energy to connect with your chakras. (I’ll be talking more about this in the future.)

We’re ready to claim spiritual sovereignty when we align our spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental bodies. As more soul’s energy pours through us, it’s easier to remember and exercise our sovereignty. Thus it’s good to build a strong connection to your soul and higher self. This truly is an essential part of the ascension process.

5. Full Responsibility

As we exercise our spiritual sovereignty, we stop running away from accepting full responsibility. First, taking on responsibility starts with mastering our minds and emotions. Then, we stop running away from our life purpose. Eventually, we realize that there are godzillions of situations where we can assume responsibility. If we don’t shy away from those opportunities, we eventually find joy in mastering various aspects of life.

There is no way to claim spiritual sovereignty without accepting responsibility. As you become accountable for your growth, an interesting thing happens; you stop waiting. Things begin to move fast in your life. And your playground – your reality – expands. And thus, there will be even more opportunities to practice your sovereignty.

6. Daily Embodiment

Claiming spiritual sovereignty isn’t about one thing we do or realize, and then we act as a sovereign being always without a failure. Rather it’s a journey of daily embodiment. Daily embodiment means that you bring sovereignty into your life. And you use any and every opportunity to approach it from a sovereign state of being. Of course, you’ll fail. Millions of times. But those failures will do something quite magical for you. They will train your consciousness, and then one day, without noticing it, you’ll be more sovereign than you’ve ever realized.

How could you approach a current challenging situation as a sovereign being?
If you were sovereign, what would you do with your life? What would you create?
As a sovereign being, how would you bring more balance to your relationships?

Claiming Your Spiritual Sovereignty

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