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8 Essential Ways to Unlock Your Potential

Have you ever wondered how to unlock your potential? I’ve certainly had all of my life. Our potential is like a stream of consciousness that we can jump into and let it keep expanding our being. There truly isn’t a final destination, and that is good news. Just like the consciousness itself, we’re here to keep expanding, exploring, and expressing the depths of our being. When we’re out of alignment with our highest potential – the path of the least resistance – we limit and sometimes even block our creative and manifesting abilities. So, let’s have a look at 8 ways to unlock your potential.

Your Potential Is Endless

Your potential is limitless. It doesn’t have any upper ceiling. Although by buying into limiting beliefs, we believe that there is a ceiling. I’ve been working with people’s mental and energetic “prisons” for many years now. And I have learned that each of us has some upper limit of receiving. We decide how much we allow ourselves to be happy, healthy, and abundant. And we, too, have an upper ceiling of our potential. The prison we keep ourselves in doesn’t bring us fulfillment, yet it feels safe because it’s comfortable. However, your infinite being didn’t come here to be locked up in some artificial prison. The way to unlock your potential is to understand that your potential is limitless.

Your infinite being is here to express itself through your embodiment entirely. This is your life purpose.

What does it mean that your potential is endless? When you unlock your potential, you’re giving yourself permission to keep evolving through every situation. Whatever the situation may be, you let the energy flow through you without going into judgments and control. Life naturally desires to expand. Yet, we can get in the way when we believe that we can’t take in more.

We might unconsciously decide that we don’t deserve more ease, flow, and expansion. And this blocks the flow of our potential. Yet your potential is like a river. It continues on and on until one day it reaches the ocean of union with Source. But the union with Source doesn’t truly have to be our concern, although this is precisely where we’re headed. The union with Source happens as we welcome more ease, serenity, and love into our being. It’s a by-product of truly living.

That which we think is a ceiling is just a doorway to the next level.

Your potential can never dry out. It’s an endless river you can enjoy every single day of your life. In fact, the more you unlock your potential, the more you realize there is always more. Anytime you believe that you’re done. There is the next level of your potential to be explored.

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How to Unlock Your Potential

When you unlock your potential, you activate new light codes within your DNA. Every light code contains a new level of consciousness. And thus, it creates new pathways of how to play this game of life. Thus, whenever a new genetic sequence activates within our DNA, we create new solutions that might not have existed. As you might imagine, there are many codes to be activated. However, I don’t think we have to worry about hitting the ceiling of our potential on this planet. Not just yet. And therefore, we can joyfully explore what we’re truly made of.

1. Explore Who You Are

The first step to unlock your potential is to know thyself. How can you know yourself? By exploring who you are. When you look at children, you see that they’re playful and exploring. Children don’t take a ‘no’ as an answer. Yet as we become adults, we get more serious and less playful. And this makes our lives more stagnant. Suddenly, things are out of flow because we’ve stopped exploring.

When you begin exploring who you are, you are amazed at how many beautiful things you can create. As if by magic, the walls are disappearing. As you dive deeper into your being, you realize there is always more magic. If you desire to unlock your potential, you have to forget what others have taught you about yourself. Furthermore, you have to forget all limitations. Any limitation is just a lack of imagination.

So, I have a challenge for you. This has personally changed my life about a decade ago. Take a piece of paper and write down everything you want to experience in your life. Then DECIDE that you’ll do it. When I first wrote my list down, a fire lit up in my soul because I knew that I don’t want to die without experiencing those things. And guess what? They have happened within just 3 years!

If there was no one else, what would you do with your life?

2. Nothing Is Lasting

We have an interesting relationship to mortality. On the one hand, we pretend it’s not happening – at least not to us. But, on the other hand, we’re afraid of it. And what happens when you’re afraid of your mortality? You stop living. It sounds contradictory, right? But this is exactly what we do. We try to control our little world by not ever being too much. By not exploring new opportunities.

Unconsciously, we control our life by not living.

However much time we have on this planet, it’ll come to an end. That’s the part of living in time reality. There is a beginning and end. So what will you do with the time you have? What if you decided to live fully? Can you even imagine how quickly you’d unlock your potential if you stopped saving yourself for someday in the future? That day you’ve been waiting for is now. Life truly is short and precious, so it might be a good choice to take advantage of what you have now.

3. Stop Waiting For Magic

The next step to unlock your potential is to stop waiting for magic. Side note, there is actual magic, but it can only be unleashed by living, not waiting. It’s only when you begin to unlock your potential that you start tapping into real magic.

So, what magical pill are you waiting for? Where are you outsourcing the responsibility for your life to someone else? What excuses do you use to limit yourself? Do you realize that while you’re waiting, nothing happens? Waiting is the surest way to feel stuck. And it’s also the quickest way never to find out your life purpose.

4. Be Curious

To unlock your potential, you have to get curious about life. People who are out of touch with their potential don’t ask enough questions. They take things as they are. What if there is always a different perspective? What if there is always something you’re not seeing, and which would get you where you want to be? Get curious about everything. About yourself, your potential, and life. Start asking yourself more questions as they unlock your higher mind.

5. Be Courageous

You can’t unlock your potential if you live in fear of what other people might be thinking of you. So to feel safe, we don’t explore new solutions. We don’t want to see what is behind our comfort zone. But this goes against our wild and curious nature. So if you desire to unlock your potential, you’ll have to become more courageous.

Being courageous means connecting deeply with your soul and acting on what is true to you. Instead of doing the things you “should” be doing, you allow yourself to make mistakes. You allow yourself to do things you’ve never tried before if that’s what’s your soul calling you to do. Yes, you’re risking that some people might not like the new you. But it’s still better than looking back at your life one day and wondering what if.

6. Let Your Soul Lead You

To unlock your potential, you have to let your soul lead you. Here is the thing, we can’t figure out our potential with the logical mind. The mind isn’t designed this way. But we can surrender to the guidance of the soul. Letting your soul lead you means that you give up your ideas of how life should unfold. You also give up on the ideas of what’s the best for you. Especially, if you’re trying to manifest something or someone specific.

What if something much greater is waiting for you, and you don’t allow it to come because of an idea of how things should be?

When you let your soul guide you, you really feel being supported. The things in your life will start reorganizing themselves in your favor. New opportunities and people will show up to support you in your life’s calling out of the blue. And you’ll experience more love and abundance than ever before because you’re receptive to it. Letting your soul guide you is the surest way to unlock your potential and to know what your true life’s calling is. After all, it’s not supposed to come from our human perspective; we receive guidance and visions. And then we take aligned action.

7. Be Super Honest

The other key ingredient to unlocking your potential is being very honest with yourself. What is it that you truly want? I’m not asking what does your spouse, children, friends, parents, or boss want. But what do YOU want? When you connect with your deepest desire, you set in motion one of the most potent energies. This can – and will – rearrange things quickly for you. We can’t really manifest if we operate on the desires coming from the outside. Our desires have to arise from the depth of our being, and then we begin to create quantum shifts.

8. Other’s Point of Views Aren’t Your Ceiling

What other people believe to be true isn’t your ceiling. To unlock your potential, you have to align with your soul – not someone else’s opinion. I always say that the relationship between you and your soul is sacred. You’re here to express your deepest self, and no one can really tell you what that is. So don’t take the opinions of others are your upper limit.

You can’t be in touch with your magnetic power if you have a bandwidth where you’re allowed to operate.

Everyone has some upper limits, energetically speaking. We allow ourselves to experience only a certain level of ease and goodness. And therefore, it can hinder your own growth if you allow someone else’s upper limits and take them as your own. I sometimes laugh in my Priestess Healing program that women aren’t good at manifesting just a good enough life. First, they need to allow themselves to dream big, and then those things start to gravitate towards them fast.

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