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How to Manifest Your Desires with this Never-Failing Technique

How to manifest your desires and become the best version of yourself at the same time? It’s not only possible; this is the journey to a soul-deep fulfillment. Becoming your highest version is the ticket to your dreams. And it’s also the very reason you’re here. So, let’s dive deeper into the topic of manifesting your desires.

How To Manifest Your Desires

There has been much said about manifesting. I prefer using the word embodying because it more accurately describes the manifesting process. Manifesting has been cut into small steps that people practice around the globe, and yet they might not always see the results. Why? Because the majority of step-by-step methods happen mostly on an intellectual and sometimes emotional level. To manifest something purely from the mind is possible, but it takes a full alignment with our soul’s power. Rather it might be helpful to look at manifesting as a soul-map to the highest expression of yourself.

Have you ever wondered where do your desires come from? Why do you want to things you want? Why do other things seem less attractive? Our desires aren’t random. As you might have seen in my previous video, there are 2 kinds of desires. One group of desires originate in our lower chakras. And the second group of desires comes from the soul. When you tap into your soul’s desires, manifesting those desires will lead you to your soul’s purpose.

Your soul is sending you your desires to guide you back to who you are.

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Become the Next Version of You

The safest way to how to manifest your desires is by embodying the next version of you. If your desires come from your soul, they’re meant to be birthed through you. It’s not about whether you deserve the grand vision you cherish in your heart. Don’t spend your energy doubting yourself. Instead, put all of your energy into becoming the person who can handle what you’re asking for.

If you wonder how to manifest your desires, focus on becoming the person who is ready to manage your dreams. Would you be 100% ready if what you’re manifesting showed up at your doorstep now? Do you have space in your calendar, home, and heart? Do you have energy and time? Self-honesty can truly guide us to the next level of ourselves. When we look at our current life and see why we might not feel 100% ready for our dreams to show up, we can use manifestation as a tool to grow.

The manifestation journey is a tool to get to know your truest self.

If something is meant for us, it’ll happen. But if we don’t feel ready for it, it might take a bit longer. Our souls will try to form us and purify us so that we’re ready for our visions to come true. The time gap between where you’re and where you want to be is there for you to grow into the person who can handle your dreams. Then when the manifestation takes place, it feels natural because you’re ready for it. It doesn’t feel overwhelming, and it doesn’t send us into panic mode. It feels like, “Of course, it’s coming. I’m ready.”

Why Might You NOT Be Ready for Your Dream?

Sometimes we might think intellectually that we’re ready. After all, what we’re asking for is what we want, right? Well, not exactly. We’re multidimensional beings. Our essence is very complex. And therefore, we always need to check in with every part of ourselves. Intellectually we might believe that what we’ll handle the next level. But the soul might see that we still have to mature a bit. Or the heart might be afraid to open up and trust again. Or the inner child might feel scared.

Instead of repeating affirmations, ask yourself what would need to happen to be 100% ready for your big dream?

How does your inner child feel about it? And what about your heart and soul? And your energy, are you sure you have energy that would go into living and nurturing your dream? You might want to start a new business, but deep down, you feel overwhelmed by the idea. Instead of pushing yourself into action, think about how you could feel more comfortable. Do you need support from someone else who is where you’re aiming to? Do you need to take a vacation and recharge? Is the way you’re managing your time efficient?

Every person who has ever manifested something beyond their wildest dreams would tell you that it’s been a long journey. It’s been a journey of readjustments and embodying the next version of self and then the next one. A big vision doesn’t come overnight. How to manifest your desires originating from your soul is about growing spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. But it’s not about your worth or deserving. If you believe you don’t deserve something, it’ll not come easily to you. But it’s not because you wouldn’t be worthy of your dreams, but because of your belief.

An Example of How to Manifest Your Desires

Let me give you one example of how to manifest your desires. This is a common thing my Lightworker Healing clients are experiencing.

Let’s say that you want to leave your current job to start a soul-fulfilling business. This is a huge shift, and it’s better to break it down into small steps. I’ve seen people leaving their jobs hurriedly, and then the financial fears and self-doubts kick in. This isn’t a fun place to be. Instead, think about what kind of person you’d have to become to bring your business to life?

Create 2 visions—one for the next 6 months and one for the next year. Once you’re clear on your vision, think about what would it take to become that kind of person who has manifested it? Focus on mastering yourself in every situation. Your job is offering you valuable skills; master them. The transition between your job and business is growing you on so many levels. You have to be on top of your priorities, time, energy, the people you spend time with. The key step on how to manifest your desires is to embody the next version of you. This skill will be handy for the entire life of your business.

You don’t have to become perfect. Just focus on the next step and the next version of you. And then the one after. And so on. This way, you won’t feel paralyzed by doubts. Instead, you’ll be creating a powerful energy momentum and growing at the same time. Then your dream will come true, and you’ll be a better version of yourself.

The never-failing method of how to manifest your desires is to focus on your experience of the situation. The goal helps you keep the vision. But never forget that you’re on the journey. Manifestation is about you. It’s about becoming your highest self. Don’t remove yourself from the process by objectifying your desires. You’re here on a journey to self-mastery.

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