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3 Core Steps on How To Unleash Your Inner Light

Your inner light can be felt, and it can transmute any situation. But most of all, unleashing your inner light feels expansive and deeply fulfilling. Yet, most people dim their light. Because one of our greatest fears is a fear of being visible. Unconsciously, we are all hiding our truest selves to the point that we forget who we truly are. If you’ve been hiding your inner light, then this article is for you.

What Is Your Inner Light?

Our inner light is an expression of our true essence. It’s the subtle energy of your Spirit moving through our being and the light our soul has attained during her soul’s journey. Thus our inner light carries an unparalleled blueprint. This unique signature can be read like a book. It contains information about the maturity and purity of your soul. Every soul matures through her numerous journeys across time and space. As the soul masters its lessons, her inner radiance shines brighter.

Our inner light carries a unique tone, frequency, and color that can be felt and seen. As we’re cultivating our inner light, it gets brighter and stronger. Our light can increase and interact with the light of other beings. On some level, others can feel your inner light, and they react to it. Before you even speak to anyone, your inner light is already in communion with their light. In a way, it lives a life on its own. Especially when we embrace our life purpose, and as a result, our aura expands.

Similarly, others can feel when you dim your light. Depending on where they’re on their journey, your soul’s radiance might make them feel secure and safe. Or it as well might trigger them because you’re hiding, and not everyone likes it. People naturally gravitate towards the inner glow of other people because it helps them shine more. However, someone else’s inner light can also challenge the parts of you that are still afraid of living in the light. And this leads to projecting own wounds on others. If this is a case, then it’ll feel empowering and deeply healing to look at the place other people’s light is triggering you.

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How To Unleash Your Inner Light

The inner light needs our loving care. And it requires of us a safe space where it can be unleashed. When you build a relationship with your inner light, you can nurture it and become more confident in radiating it. The light of our souls needs to be cultivated, and we can learn to practice shining it with intention.

1. The Fear of Being Visible

At the heart of not shining your light is a fear of being visible. Unconsciously, we might equal being visible with standing out or becoming too much, attracting unwanted attention. Most of us have been conditioned to believe that fitting in is a safe road to walk. Although it might be true in some cases, this belief doesn’t allow your light to come out fully. In fact, when we believe that we should be someone else than who we are, we unconsciously create a false frequency that we emit. This parallel, shadow, frequency complicates our lives by unconsciously manifesting unnecessary challenges.

From my experience as a soul healer, I know there is no upper limit to your inner light. As your soul evolves, you can radiate more light increasingly. So, the question shouldn’t be how to let your light out, rather how can you form a life-long relationship with the very core of your being. Shining your light is a journey rather than a destination. As you let go of fears related to shining your light and standing in your power, you’ll realign with your true frequency. Many of the blocks to shining our light comes from different lifetimes, and thus a soul healing is immensely helpful.

2. Get In Touch With Your Inner Light

The second step to shining your inner light is to get in touch with it. Perhaps, you haven’t been much thinking about your inner light. Or you might have felt glimpses of your inner light here and there. It may feel like the inner light comes and goes. After a good meditation or when in love, your light can become intense and easily felt. Yet, other times, you might feel being disconnected from your light. Yet, learning to recognize your light’s frequency is the essential step to letting it out.

Our light usually comes out when we’re relaxed and in the present moment. When we slip into one eternal moment, our light shines brighter. On the other hand, it might be trickier to let your inner light out when you’re in a group of people unless you’re with people who are on the same frequency.

To get in touch with your inner light, you can go for a hike and find some calming spot in nature where you sit down and connect with your breath. Once you feel comfortable and tranquil, ask your inner light to come out. Allow your light to expand and memorize its unique frequency. Next time, it’ll be easier to tap into it faster by recalling it.

3. Practice, Practice, and Practice

Once you’ve healed soul wounds related to your fear of being visible and standing in your power, it’s time to practice. Just like anything in spirituality, shining your inner light isn’t about a quick fix or a 10-step program. Letting your light out is something that needs to be practiced. When we develop a mindset of seeing every situation as an opportunity for growth, we’re on a journey to embody our souls and express our light.

In some situations, our inner glow comes out effortlessly. Yet, other times, we have to become mindful of how much we let our light out. You can turn on and off or dim your light as needed. And you can practice standing in your light when you’re with people on other frequency or when having a family reunion. Likewise, you can practice holding the frequency of your inner light when you have a full to-do list and let your light guide you instead of your stress. The options to practice are endless. Radiating your inner light is a path of conscious embodiment.

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