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If You Follow Your Desires, You Have to Know This

Should you follow your desires, or will they lead you astray? I’ve been asked this question many times. Some people say it’s safe to follow your desires. In contrast, other people warn against falling into the trap of your desires. So who is right? Should we follow our desires or not? Well, it depends. As usual, the answer isn’t black or white. It rarely is. So, let’s unravel the topic of our desires.

The Two Types of Desires

The single most important question when following your desires is where do they come from. Is it your emotional body speaking to you? Or perhaps your mental or physical body? Or could it be your spiritual body sending you those desires? Depending on where our desires originate, we get different results when we act on them. I divide desires into 2 groups for simplicity: the lower chakra desires and the higher chakra desires (or soul’s desires). Let’s look into what they mean.

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The Lower Chakra Desires

The first group of desires is the lower chakra desires. The lower chakra desires are impulses, needs, emotions originating in your root, sacral, or solar plexus chakra. These relate to our physical, emotional, and mental bodies. And as we can imagine, those desires are the strongest ones. Often they push us into making decisions that might be a bit hurried. Or those desires are meant to meet certain needs and thus lead us to inner healing. However, the lower chakra desires might also lead us to follow our ego, and so we might end up making choices that aren’t of our highest good.

Although this doesn’t apply to every single case, the lower chakra desires are there to help us heal and make us feel safe and secure. Their main task is our safety, and they keep us happily (or not so) stay put in our comfort zone. When you do any inner healing work, you’re addressing your lower chakra desires. If you keep in mind their real purpose, you can follow your desires and act on them to heal yourself. If we approach them mindfully, they can help us feel more loved, secure, safe, confident.

The trick with lower chakra desires is to own them instead of letting them own you.

If you’re mindful of the true intention of your desires, you can follow them. Or you might realize that; actually, you don’t want to act from that energy. For instance, you might feel an urge to overeat. Normally, you’d have acted on this impulse, but after asking yourself what your real intention is, you realize you want to make your body feel denser. So that you don’t have to deal with other emotions or step to the next version of yourself.

Another example would be feeling an urge to contact your ex-partner (or an ex-friend, etc.). Before acting on the impulse, pause, and check in where is the desire to contact them coming from. What is the outcome you’re looking for? The answer might be that you’re feeling a bit empty now and would like to get an energy surge from the other person. Upon investigating your true intention, you might find out that you don’t want to contact them anymore.

With the lower chakra desires, we have to be extra careful. As you can see, if you follow your desires coming from the lower chakra, they’ll eventually bring an opportunity for healing. However, we might also heal directly without having the external experience – if we know what those desires are trying to tell us.

The Higher Chakra and Soul’s Desires

The second group is the higher chakra desires and the soul’s desires. These desires are meant to be followed. If you follow your desires coming from your soul, they’ll lead you to fulfill your purpose. The soul’s desires are like internal GPS guiding us towards the highest expression of self. You can’t go astray if you follow your desires originating from your soul. However, we have to distinguish them from our ego and lower chakra energy.

Your soul’s desires will always guide you to expand. They will ask you to become the highest possible version of yourself. That is if you act on them. Although the soul is always calling us, we have our free will. Using our free will – or more precisely subconscious programming – we can get in our own way. If you don’t follow your desires of your soul, you might feel stuck or unfulfilled. It might feel as if your life lacks a deeper meaning. And if we stay disconnected from our souls long enough, we might even give up on life (for a while).

On the other hand, when you follow your desires, your life starts to change. Your soul will lovingly yet firmly guide you to transforming yourself. You’ll begin to move through layers of healing and finding meaning. And eventually, following your desires of the soul will guide you to creating a life that brings you deep meaning. Having a healthy relationship with the desires of the soul is essential to find fulfillment in life. We don’t have to figure out everything on our own; instead, we can allow our souls to guide us.

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How to Follow Your Desires


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