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The Unique Mission of a Starseed Lightworker

A Starseed Lightworker is a being who has spent the majority of their lives on other planets. They came to Earth with a particular mission. Although starseed lightworkers have volunteered to come to Earth, their souls undergo rapid soul growth too. Nothing is one-sided. And so if you’re a starseed lightworker and you feel like it’s some form of a “punishment” to be here, remember you’ve wanted to be here. More than that, many starseed lightworkers (not all) have championed for coming here. Before we dive in, I recommend reading an article on 12 signs of being a starseed. And then an article on starseed mission.

A Starseed Lightworker vs. Non-Starseed Lightworker

Not every lightworker is a starseed. And despite a popular idea, not every starseed is a lightworker. But when these two marry, you get a blend of a very powerful lightworker. Starseeds can come from other planets in our 3D plane. Or they can also come from higher dimensions. Non-starseed lightworkers, on the other hand, come from Earth or our solar system. They might also come from the future versions of Earth. A non-starseed lightworker is grounded and, in many cases, doesn’t feel drawn to the stars and the universe. They might even wonder why someone would like to travel to space. How strange an idea!

A starseed lightworker has always been fascinated by the stars and deep space. Many dreamed of becoming astronauts, unconsciously longing for their homes. A starseed lightworker has always felt like being sent here to Earth on a mission and can’t wait to get it done and return home. However, remember that this IS your home for now. Make the best out of it.

A Non-starseed lightworker can be very grounded, emanating an earthly mother-like essence. On the other hand, lightworkers from other planets from our solar system can fight with intense feelings of anger and rage. Their energy can be destructive and unstable before they awaken. Then we have Venusian lightworkers who are the embodiment of feminine christ consciousness. Many priestesses originate from Venus or have spent extensive training there.

A starseed lightworker has a difficult time figuring out how to relate to others. They feel good only among souls from their home planets or friend home planets. On the other hand, they might feel a strong aversion to certain starseeds such as Orions.

To remember whether or not you’re a starseed lightworker, you have first to experience starseed awakening.

Some souls might have always remembered their lives from other worlds. But a majority of starseeds need first to activate those memories within their DNA.

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How Starseed Lightworkers Conduct Their Mission?

A starseed lightworker has a powerful sense of mission. They are innovators, and they truly do bring to Earth new knowledge across all walks of society. Each starseed lightworker has come here to bring specific knowledge. When you join all starseeds together, you get a beautiful symphony of colors, light codes, and frequency awakening others. Therefore, screening is also put in place to achieve a perfect harmony of starseed energy on Earth.

A starseed lightworker works as a light conductor.

You can imagine a starseed lightworker as a channel of light between their home planet(s) and our world. The more light codes a starseed lightworker activates, the more information and light can flow through them. Some are mighty channels of light radiating stars’ frequencies to the whole Earth.

Depending on where you come from and your individual soul’s plan, you bring in distinct frequency and knowledge. Some starseed lightworkers bring new technology or new knowledge in science and medicine. Other starseed lightworkers focus more on bringing in collective harmony and teaching people cooperation. This is powerful teaching because the more galactic we go, the more we have to collaborate with others.

There are starseed lightworkers who channel new healing music to Earth. To most star beings are Earthly music is terrible because it brings about disharmony in energy bodies. There are also starseed lightworkers who came here to change some aspects of society. And then, of course, some bring here higher dimensional healing modalities. This is especially helpful as we’re all tuning into higher dimensional frequency.

A Path to Starseed Fulfillment

The common link for starseed lightworkers is that they channel information from their star systems. In this way, their mission is unique because it speeds up the ascension process. If you had the same frequency, the possibilities it can create are relatively speaking limited. However, when you sent starseed lightworkers to Earth, you can expect rapid changes. The number of starseed lightworkers has significantly increased since the second world war.

Without realizing it, they’re co-creating new geometric patterns as their energy is merging. Therefore, some of their mission transcribes regardless of where they’re on their personal journey. Starseed lightworkers still have to deal with their human self. For some, being on Earth and living in relatively dense energy is difficult. Therefore, some of them might shut down their innate knowledge and numb their inner voice through addictions.

However, they only find a sense of deep fulfillment once they begin living their mission. The longer they postpone it, the more overwhelming energy they will feel. As a starseed lightworker, you’re here on an individual mission that includes others. And beings from your worlds are in contact with you as well. Without any pressure, they count on you. And so does your soul and higher self.

When it comes to living your mission, the best approach is to begin. Start small. Devote time to exploring your inner world and healing your emotional body, which gets in the way. Allow yourself to remember. The more you resist who you are, the more complicated you create it for yourself. Yes, tapping into your mission is an interesting odyssey. But frankly, running away from it is much worst. In other words, these codes within you are screaming to be awakened! Just get to work. Don’t let your human self take you off your path. It’s not worth it. Having it the easy way doesn’t mean it’s the right way. And even less so, a fulfilling one!

If you want guidance and help with every lightworker and starseed related, I’m here for you. Explore lightworker and starseed healing. Either way, begin.

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