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How to Reset Your Energy Using White Fire Technique

You can reset your energy in every moment. The things that have been bothering you don’t have to hold power over you. When you reset your energy and shift your state of being, your past no longer controls you. It was not only 2020 that has been a challenging year for most. During the last couple of years, the ascension and awakening process has created many ripple effects in our lives. This divinely guided process will continue, and therefore it’s essential to regularly purify your energy to keep up to date with the dimensional shift.


Do You Carry Stagnant Energy?

Close your eyes and ask yourself: How much stagnant energy do I carry in my system? Intuitively, you know when the energy in your life isn’t moving. Your body has intelligence that reads the internal and external energy 24/7. What answer did you receive?

When I work with my clients’ higher selves and multidimensional selves, they often show me my client’s probable timelines. They also show me the timelines, attached non-high vibrational energies, and situations that create black holes in their systems through which their energy is disappearing. When you do simple math, you realize that you need more energy to create powerful momentum for you to shift to your highest probable timeline (your highest potential).

My client’s higher self can tell me that my client is just a stretch away from tapping into an abundance flow and forever changing their lives. But to make the frequency shift, they’d have to let go of the quantum windows open to other potential timelines. What seems like an unreachable destination is just a matter of frequency.

To reset your energy, so it doesn’t get clogged up should be a part of our self-care. When you carry stagnant energy in your system, your manifestation, health, or relationships suffer. As the frequency on Earth is oscillating at a higher than light speed, our bodies’ density creates chaos and messes up manifestations in our lives.

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Density Captured in Body

Ninety-nine percent of people hold density in their bodies and their chakras. This density results from pain, traumas, limiting beliefs, unhealed soul wounds, toxic relationships, or injuries. The lower-vibrational energy makes it difficult to create the life your desire. First, we have to clear it out to hold higher vibrations in our bodies without falling back.


Your body is ascending together with you. Its inherent intelligence and technology are being updated.


When you reset your energy, your body becomes lighter. Your energy is no longer falling into old energy templates. You’re able to expand your being and create so-called miracles with ease. This alchemical process rewires your neurons, DNA and activates your light bodies.


It’s Time to Reset Your Energy

Upgrading and updating your soul technology and plugging yourself into the crystalline grid of consciousness takes time and devotion. We’re all undergoing this process right now. Therefore, be gentle with yourself. Take enough time to rest and be alone whenever you feel like it. If you’re interested in upgrading your chakra system and light bodies, and DNA structure, I invite you to join Lightworker and Soul Healing.



A necessary step to reset your energy begins with letting go and self-forgiveness. Everyone has sometimes wondered whether they should have done something different. Forgiving yourself is an act of mastery because this is often the last place we go to.

Not forgiving yourself for what you’ve done or haven’t done. For missed opportunities. For not trying harder. Or for not changing your life sooner isn’t creating anything positive in your life. You can think about it as dead energy that you carry with you every day again and again. And you know what? Life doesn’t come to places of death until they’re transmuted, purified, forgiven.

Two weeks ago, I received a powerful transmission that our mistakes, guilt, shame, and collective unconscious energy are being released. For good. Yes, you read right. This means that you no longer have to harbor those energies and emotions in your body. Yes, there will be waves of release, but the “collective storage” has been wiped clean. Now, we’re acting it out and releasing it, but it doesn’t have the same grip on us as it had to have in the past. We’re “just” dusting the unconscious stuff out.


You’re Not a Prisoner

Because of the collective release, now is the time to reset your energy and release yourself from a prison you’ve been holding yourself captive. Let go of the prison of broken dreams, unrequited love, old friends, missed opportunities, and choices.


No matter how long you’ve been on a particular journey, you can always choose again.


Isn’t it interesting that every single person I’ve talked with in my healing sessions have felt like they’re locked in a prison, and therefore they can’t change? Everyone believes that others can do wonders and shift their lives, but not you. You’re broken, and it can never be repaired. This is the ego. The ego tells the exact same story to every person on this planet. It has NEVER been true. This is how the entity called the ego feels about itself – broken and wrong. It’s not you – the infinite Spirit. Can you feel the difference? (If you want to better understand the ego, I recommend my book Become the CEO of your Mind).

You hold the key in your hands. The prison you feel are the mental constructs of the ego. It’s not real – it’s just mental energy. You can let it all go in a second. With one choice that reverberates through your whole body. When you forgive yourself, you set yourself free. Your past impacts you only if you bring it to life.

I’ve created a free guided meditation for you to help you find forgiveness, let go, and reset your energy. Listen to it as frequently as you need until you feel that all the stuck energy is gone.


White Fire Guided Meditation

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