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Expand Your Energy: Master the Secret Frequency Shift

Do you expand your energy, or do you unconsciously keep it restricted? During our history, we’ve been trained to contract and limit our energy and self-expression. We’ve been taught that we need to protect ourselves from unwanted energy. But this is not true anymore. The collective frequency has shifted, and what used to work in the past had brought us as far as it could. Now it’s time to learn to expand your energy as a way of ultimate energy protection that you’ll ever need. We used to have our energy expanded during the ancient times of Atlantis and Lemuria, and now we slowly remember and relearn it.


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What Does It mean to Expand Your Energy?

During the lightworker healing, we focus on expanding energy and living in a space where you can let your essence flow naturally without restrictions. When you expand your energy, you stop trying to fit into someone else’s reality. Instead, you express who you are through your words, actions, and choices. You let your energy flow wherever it wants to flow without a fear that you’re too much. Too visible. Or too open.

When you expand your energy, you stand right in the center of your soul power. You can see the illusions of this reality, and from the place of total awareness, you can choose the way you respond to them or not. No one can pull your energy in their agendas and fears. You feel aligned, peaceful, and fulfilled without needing anything on the outside and yet joyfully creating your life. It’s not about living like a mon locked in his cave. It’s about embracing your life fully and being the conscious driving force of your creations.


When you expand your energy, you start to unlock the infinite places within your being. Consequently, your life expands too.


When you expand your energy, your emotional and mental bodies become more balanced. Over time, you’ll experience less and less emotional ups and downs. This is because your energy will clear out and find its optimal resonance. At this point, your consciousness expands rapidly, and your subconscious conditioning does not control you. Expanding your energy will give you the ability to live in alignment with your true essence rather than the matrix here on Earth. It doesn’t make your challenges go away as these are helping you to grow. But it offers you ways of facing them and uses them as catalysts for your next expansion.

When you expand your energy, you’ll notice that you can access ancient soul memories and spiritual gifts. You’ll start to unlock your soul’s journey and experience the fullness of you that you haven’t felt for thousands of years. And this will bring you a sense of liberation and freedom. At this point, you’ll enjoy your life and feel joyful daily – not because something amazing has happened, but because you finally enjoy being a human.

When you expand your energy, you say yes to life, and you become more of who you are. You dive deeper into the infinite being you’ve always been, but you’ve forgotten how it feels to fit into this world for more than 12 thousand years.


Is It Dangerous to Expand Your Energy?

When I guide my brilliant and inspiring lightworker clients into an expansive state of being to experience their inner power and essence, the logical mind might sometimes kick in. Some might ask whether having their energy expanded is dangerous. This is a natural question to ask. After all, as I’ve mentioned, this is an entirely new and yet familiar way of being.

When you expand your energy, you’re ultimately protected. If I make it really simple, the main reason why we might get psychically attacked or taking in energy from others is that our energy is shrunk.


When you’re not energetically “at home.” Anyone can put their energy into your system.


When you learn to expand your energy, you won’t need any other protection mechanism. BUT. It really takes time to get to space where you can keep and maintain your energy expanded. For that, you have first to retrain your energy body and preferably heal deep soul wounds, which could make your energy shrink again. Also, as your energy expands, it’ll flow to places where it hasn’t been for a very long time, and this might trigger some old wounds.

Therefore, I’d recommend taking your time and, if possible, have someone to help you during this process. It’s more about knowing that there IS a different way of being and slowly growing into it at your own pace. This is essential for empaths who are sensitive to other people’s energy. And it’s fundamental for lightworkers who consciously or unconsciously help other people (or planet and animals) to heal.


Is Your Life Expansive?

It’s a matter of practice to expand your energy. We’ve all forgotten how life can be light and easy when we’re in touch with our true essence, and we let our energy flow. Essentially, expanding your energy is a different way of being. You’re the same, and yet everything has changed.

Expanding your energy isn’t only about your energy and consciousness. It goes way beyond it. It’s about your relationship with your life. Your relationship to the universe and creator. And also your relationship to magic and light.

You can take the simple practice of expanding your energy into every walk of your life. When you do it, you might notice that your life may not feel expansive. Perhaps, the energy flows here and there. But deep down, you can sense that your life is like a well-defined energy cage where you keep yourself limited.


Ask yourself:
Is your life expansive? Which areas of your life feels restrictive? What change could you be to create something else?


When you begin to expand your energy, you might notice that you don’t have enough space in your life to do so. Perhaps you’ve built your life around the judgments and expectations of others. Or you’re losing yourself in a relationship. Quite likely, you’re telling yourself lies that you’re not worthy of something your heart desires. Or you’ve convinced yourself that you have to suffer to deserve success or financial abundance. All these and way more are restrictions. It’s you putting your infinite energy into a box. To expand your energy, you have to bring more space and lightness back into your life.

Expand Your Energy

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