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This Is How to Know You’re Not Living up to Your Potential

Nothing can shake off the inner unpleasant feeling when you’re not living up to your potential. This is simply something we can all feel. No matter how much we want to ignore this truth or how many years pass by, the deep inner knowing still there.

Truthfully, when I was little, not living up to my potential was my greatest fear. I’d say that nothing in life has motivated me more than this. I could see people around me who could (and wanted) to do so much more in their lives, and yet they didn’t tap into their highest potential. Later on, when I was an adult, I realized how many people live the lives of someone else instead of being truthful to who they are. And then another observation hit me – most people start giving up their dreams when they go out there to the “real” world, and things get challenging.

And to those people, I want to acknowledge that yes, we all have our painful moments, but the Spirit within us is always stronger.


Just like nature, we eventually find the way.


Our endurance and persistence are stronger than our fears and challenges. Life always wins. A new path always shows up. Your soul always finds the way. So we may as well collaborate with the forces flowing through our physical vessels instead of standing in the way to life.

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3 Clear Signs You’re Not Living up to Your Potential

When you’re not living up to your potential, you’re likely to experience these 3 signs.


1. You Don’t Own Your Gifts

When you’re not living up to your potential, you don’t own your gifts, talents, skills, and the very nature of who you are. You’ve learned to dismiss them to make yourself not standing out. Or you want to make other people feel more comfortable around you so they’ll accept you. Or give you something you think you can only gain from an external source.

Let’s use me as an example. I’ve always been an alien – never truly fitting in anywhere. But I was very much aware of how my classmates or friends projected their misalignment with their actual potential on me through envy and jealousy. So I tried not to hide my true nature and be more like others. Needless to say that not only it didn’t work but also it didn’t satisfy those people.


The thing with envy is that you can’t do anything to make other people feel better other than showing them the way how they can too access their own source of being.


Look within yourself and allow yourself to see the truth.

Are you neglecting your gifts?
Do you feel uneasy about being your true luminous self around others?
Are you staying in a job, friendship, or partnership because it feels safer, but you know that it doesn’t meet your true soul’s desires?
Where are you trying to fit in?


2. The Subtle Act of Self-Betrayal

When you’re not living up to your potential, it’s like betraying yourself every single day of your life. You know that there is so much waiting for you, but you don’t allow yourself to embrace it. And still, you’re secretly waiting for things to change and to act on your purpose later. This little hope, however elusive, keeps you alive. It brings fire to your heart center and propels your steps when life gets messy.

Only you can know whether you’re betraying yourself. The thing with potential is that ONLY you can know when you’re not living up to your potential. Asking your friends might as well be a recipe for disaster because no one can know what you came here to experience, achieve, feel, and express. What can see too much for one person feels like too little for another.

You, as a being, have been on this journey for a very long time. You didn’t show up here by accident. Your soul has a plan for your life and also exciting possibilities you can tap into when things go better than planned. Although at the soul level, we’re all equal, we have our own unique path. And only you can know whether you align with the path of your highest potential.

Do some of the things you do feel boring, too easy, or unfulfilling?
Are you limiting yourself because you believe that you should be more like others?
Do you unconsciously slow yourself down, so you better fit into the prevailing frequency on Earth?


3. You Gave up Your Dreams

Another clear sign that you’re not living up to your potential is that you’ve given up your dreams. At some point, reaching and living your dreams felt unattainable, and slowly you let them go.

The truth about reaching your dreams is that first, you have to make sure that your dreams come from your higher self.


The ego has its own list of goals and dreams, but after reaching them, we feel empty.


And in most cases, the ego only cares how it’s perceived from the outside, so those kinds of goals are driven by creating a false self-image.

When you know that your dreams are the future memories of where your higher self is guiding you to, then not living up to your potential is not a lasting option. During our lives, we go through situations that create deep wounds. If we don’t heal those wounds, we don’t have enough soul’s energy to go after our dreams.

Ask yourself:
If I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I can make my soul’s dream happen, what would I choose to create?
Whom would I choose to spend my time with?
How would I want to feel every day of my life?

If you know that you’re not living up to your potential, then the first step is to embrace it. You don’t have to feel bad about it, simply bring your consciousness to and give a voice to those places within you. Very few people live up to their actual potential 24/7. It’s not about perfection, but it’s rather about creating a life that honors the being you truly are.

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