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Addicted to Drama? 4 Surprising Reasons You’re Doing It

Our minds are addicted to drama, and this prevents us from healing fully. We might say that this isn’t the case. That we want to have a happy and easy life, but our ego thinks differently. As a person who has been working with people for more than 5 years, I can tell you that one of the biggest reasons why people don’t heal is that they actually don’t want to heal. They still value drama, exciting external situations, and relationships that obviously don’t serve their highest potential over peace. It’s almost like magic when we DECIDE with all our being to let go of our addiction to drama how our consciousness naturally guides us to healing that actually works. When you make your addiction to drama more conscious, you create a space where you can choose differently. So, let’s dive in!


How Does Addiction to Drama look like?

It may not be easy to spot addiction to drama at first. It feels like you’re attracting unstable situations and people against your will. You just always happen to be there. Or these people always seem to find you.

But the truth is that we do attract every single situation in our lives. Even though we may do so at a very unconscious level. So, it’s time to take your power back and see whether you’re addicted to drama and then retrain your mind to be willing to learn through ease and joy instead.

As a coach, I’ve meant only a handful of people who aren’t addicted to drama. This form of addiction is far more widespread than you may think. Therefore, there is no judgment. I’ve also struggled with the addiction to drama in my early twenties before I healed my mind. The key is to acknowledge where you’re and then take better choices toward your soul’s calling instead of being stuck in the illusions of the mind.

Examples of addiction to drama

  • Fearing negative outcomes. If you’re addicted to drama, you always worry that something negative is right behind the corner. Especially when things seem to be going well, your mind looks for another setback. Subconsciously, you believe that you can’t do things the easy way. There always needs to be a new struggle.
  • Creating problems in relationships. When things seem to go well, you say or do something that leads to an issue. Having relationships without difficulties seem to be unrealistic for you. But what if you could have a loving and peaceful relationship? What if most arguments are created because you or your partner (or both) are addicted to drama?
  • Sabotaging your finances. When you have money or savings, you go and spend it on things that you don’t actually need. Or you ignore your finances altogether or say things to yourself like money doesn’t matter. (It doesn’t matter from a higher perspective, but as long as we need money, it does matter).
  • Struggling with commitment. When you’re addicted to drama, you believe that settling down with someone equals slow death. In your life, you need to have new stimuli; otherwise, your life seems empty.
  • Gossiping and talking about others. One of the clear signs you’re addicted to drama is gossiping or sharing things with others that were meant to be kept secret. Gossiping creates that extra surge of energy that makes you feel high for a while. But later, you have to pay for it with your energy. Moreover, people who gossip are afraid that others will do the same to them, so they don’t have real friends.

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Top 4 Reasons You’re Addicted to Drama


1. Stuck in Pattern

It’s not exactly true that you’re addicted to drama – it’s your mind that is addicted. Based on past conditioning, the mind gets wired to think in habitual patterns.

Those patterns run something like this:

There is always more drama, problems, and challenges coming. This is just the way it is, and I can’t do anything about it. The world (and people) are untrustworthy. I need to be careful and ready for more challenges.

Basically, the mind is in a panic mode and is unable to relax. It gets stuck in the old pattern that you carry since your childhood, which makes you addicted to drama. This doesn’t allow you to see that things could be different. Your mind is stuck in a loop of projections that aren’t real. What you see around yourself is just a reflection of the subconscious processes of your mind. 

2. A Cry for Healing

Although it may not be apparent at first, the mind is also trying to help you heal. By attracting problems, your wiser part has a chance to heal your mind and emotional body now. When you feel triggered, you have two options. One is to go to the old patterns and react in the same way as you’ve always have. The second option is to take the situation as an invitation to heal. Now, your subconscious patterns are visible, and it’s easier to work with them.

When you’re addicted to drama, you should pay attention to why it happens and heal the parts of your mind that still seek problems. Remember that creating drama is just a cry for help.

3. Outside Stimuli

The ego is addicted to drama because it supplies it with extra stimuli. Having outside “sensations” can make us feel alive. Even though some people may consider themselves to be free-spirited, their true motives might be driven by fears.


The extra stimuli bring a fresh rash of energy that reinforces the fear-based patterns of the mind. Thus, the ego always wants more.


When you begin to heal your addiction to drama, you’ll not seek inspiration and stimuli on the outside. Your energy will naturally be higher and more stable. You’ll draw the inspiration from within. You become your own source. This will change the way you manage your energy, and you’ll become energetically self-sufficient.

4. Fear of Peaceful Life

When you’re addicted to drama, you’re afraid of having an easy and peaceful life. Although things could go well, the ego constantly creates some extra unpleasantness.

To see whether this is your fear, ask yourself:

If I had a loving and peaceful relationship for the rest of my life, how would that make me feel?

If I had a peaceful and fulfilling life at all levels without conflicts, how would that make me feel?

At first, you may answer that you’d feel great. But for people addicted to drama, when things are perfect, it equals emptiness.


Become Your Own Source

To avoid feeling empty, you may unconsciously choose drama over peace. You want to fill the void within you with anything of intense nature. Everything is better than you becoming your own source, which is stable because it’s entirely in your control. In that space of being, the ego can’t exist, and therefore it does anything in its powers to distract you from reaching that peaceful space within you.

However, the irony is that when you let go of the need to have emotionally rich experiences to make you feel alive, you become more powerful. You’re able to direct your energy most efficiently, and your life takes off. Now, you don’t waste your time and energy on the outside “entertainment.” Instead, you manage the flow of your energy and keep moving to the next levels of your potential. This is the space where you create your own magic.


It’s also the state of mind that allows true healing.


Often people ask me whether it’s possible to heal. And the answer is yes. But you have to give up the desire to get the inrush of energy from the wrong places. You have to be willing to face your potential and also to remember who you are. I can tell you that you’ve been in thousands of years of long slumber, and during that time, you’ve been entertaining yourself by the projections of your mind that are based mostly on illusions. It takes true will power and commitment and a change of your preferences to change it – to start truly healing. 


Most people are nowhere near to even scratch their potential.


They’re afraid of who they might become. It feels scary to let go of those toys you distract yourself with. Because how will you manage that new form of existence? Not many people have been willing to walk to this place, and you’re afraid that you’ll be alone and misunderstood. You’ll have to meet yourself at a new level of being, and that will be just a beginning.

From there on, you won’t feel attracted to drama and games we waste our time on. Yes, living a conscious life isn’t what most people choose because we haven’t occupied that kind of space for a very long time. It feels foreign, and yet at the core of your being, you know that this IS exactly what you want. You came here to wake yourself up from the slumber of this world to step into your soul’s power and create your life from the essence of your being. 


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