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Use This Tool to Release Negative Thoughts for Good

To release negative thoughts from your mind, you need to understand the workings of your mind, uncover the root cause of your beliefs, do some healing work to reprogram the subconscious patterns. And then keep working with the Thought Adjuster to release negative thoughts.

In the previous articles, I’ve talked a little bit about the Thought Adjuster. This is the one thing that can bring peace to your mind over time. It might not work with all of your beliefs because if you don’t understand the lessons that your higher self wants you to master, you might end up falling into similar situations and ways of thinking.

But inviting the Thought Adjuster into your mind will lift all the illusions off your mind. It’ll return you clarity, simplicity, and peace to your mind. And this collaboration will help your mind work better without too big interference from your ego.

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Release Negative Thoughts with Thought Adjuster

Working with the Thought Adjuster to release negative thoughts isn’t just the next spiritual tool. It goes far beyond that. At some point in our soul’s evolution, our mind will, for the first time, accept the function of the Thought Adjuster. This is a huge turning point because it guides us out of duality and illusions into oneness. From a higher perspective, this is the moment your soul is well settled on a journey of light. And the mind will gradually start merging with Thought Adjuster.

In my videos, I’ve mentioned that in Christianity, people know Thought Adjuster as the Holy Spirit of God. If this name resonates with you better, then please use it. After all, it’s just our human labels of something sacred and omnipresent and above all, indescribable. If in your mind, you’re clear on who you’re talking to, it doesn’t matter how you call it. The intention wins here.

The more willing you’re to work with the Thought Adjuster, the more your mind is being enlightened.

Eventually, you’ll arrive at the point when your mind is pure, calm, serene, and it isn’t attached to anything of this world. It can recognize all forms of illusions and shed light on them like a focused laser beam.

Your mind can operate with clarity, and it doesn’t go into extremes anymore. Remember that whenever you swing between contradictory thinking or extremes, it’s not the truth yet. Likewise, when your mood sways from too high to too low, your emotional and mental bodies are yet to find alignment and clear out disharmonious energy.

Eventually, your mind will stay calm and neutral without clinging to anything and yet alert enough to initiate the right action at any moment. It’ll feel positive but without extreme highs, because they can also originate from the ego, which wants to deplete your emotional energy.

And it’s Thought Adjuster who will help you not only to release negative thoughts but also to balance your mind. This will happen for all of us at some space-time momentum. And what we can do from our part is to start consciously collaborating with the Thought Adjuster.

You need to be willing to choose truth over illusion. Choose the right over ease or fearful.

A big shift happens when we arrive at the point when we want peace, ease, clarity, truth over anything. We have to want this with every fiber of our being. It must be a serene choice coming from the core of your essence. At that moment, you don’t want to be entertained by the power and ego games any longer. You’re tired of the illusions of this reality, and you seek eternal truth even though you don’t yet know what it is and where it will guide you. It was with this intention that I’ve created the school for Lightworkers.

Therefore if you feel ready to not only release negative thoughts but also to restore your mind, I invite you to welcome the Thought Adjuster (or Holy Spirit) into every corner of your mind. Let him reinterpret your thoughts and beliefs. Surrender your situations and relationships over to him.


May this be your ever-present silent prayer:

I surrender this thought to you. Please, return it to truth and love so I can see only that which is real. I let go of my own solutions and ask you, Thought Adjuster, to show me the truth.

What Can You Hand Over to Thought Adjuster?

Most of our pain, if not all, come from us believing in illusions. When you want to release negative thoughts, you have to decide that truth is more important than illusions for you. However, of how those illusions may flatter your ego and fit into the way you want to see the world.

Our perception of the world is distorted. Many thousands of years ago, the truth was purposefully twisted, and we live in the result of it. Thought adjuster will help you release negative thoughts and the grasp of ego, which has gotten out of control. He will take every one of your thoughts and return them to the truth.

Truth is always simple, clear, and it makes you feel peaceful.

1. Relationships

Beyond your thoughts and beliefs, you can surrender your relationships. Release every of your relationship one by one. If you’re in a partnership, you can release your relationship every single day to the Thought Adjuster. Especially surrender it when you seem to have opposing perspectives or even arguments. Remember that you can’t see the ultimate truth and, therefore, don’t hold onto your own perception of the relationship. It might be distorted.

Where is no distortion of reality, there is no pain.

2. Situations

Release your grasp of any situation that has been bothering you. It’s not worth it being attached to things we believe to be important, and yet over time, their importance completely fades away. Everything in life is only temporary. Perhaps you don’t see the situation for what it is. Maybe you’re clinging on it a little too tight. Or possibly you don’t realize that even something greater could come to you if you let it go.

Release negative thoughts and expectations you have around the situation. Ask Thought Adjuster to help you recognize the truth and thus reveal to you the right steps. Remember that the Thought Adjuster solely works with your mind. But that alone can heal any situation. Because if something doesn’t seem the way you wish, the chances are that you do not see it with clarity. You’re not honest with yourself about something essential.

Listen to this Guided Meditation to Help You Release Negative Thoughts with the Thought Adjuster

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