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Why Overthinking Your Decisions Is Sabotaging You

Are you often overthinking your decisions? Then the energy in your life doesn’t flow properly, and you likely feel stuck. Sometimes it’s difficult to trust our decisions and keep moving forward. Especially when we find ourselves at the crossroad. But overthinking your decisions has a much more significant impact on your life than you might think.

Overthinking as Self-Sabotage

If you’re afraid of making the right choice, then you’re not alone. The more responsibility we have, the more challenging it is to choose the correct path. And sometimes we’re facing huge choices that could completely alter the direction of our lives.

And yet, overthinking your decisions is unlikely to help you recognize the best option for you. Because you give only more space to your fears. With more time, the subconscious begins to flood our minds with memories of something that didn’t turn out well after we made a choice. When something is true for you, you know it deep inside. Every single time, there is the inner knowing of which step to take. But how often do you act on it?

So why do we overthinking everything? Because we’ve been trained to distrust our choices. The external standards of what is appropriate choice go against our inner knowing. As if we should all want the same things. But life doesn’t work that way.

Your soul’s journey is unique to you, and what is the right decision for you might not work for others.

When you’re overthinking your decisions, you’re sabotaging yourself. Unconsciously, you’re removing yourself from the flow of life, and you place obstacles in your way by preventing the energy to finish its cycle. Behind the fear of making the right choice is a lack of trust in yourself. If you look even deeper, you find out that you’re afraid of your true potential and of taking 100% responsibility for the direction of your life.

Somewhere deep within, you’re afraid to embrace who you truly are and express it in your life.

How would your life change if you embraced the whole of you? What if overthinking your decisions was just the fear of who you are and of your true potential?

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Splitting Your Energy

When you’re overthinking your decisions, your energy is splitting. By considering a couple of different options, you’re giving a little bit of your energy to possibility A, B, C, and so on. Your energy becomes shattered. The longer you contemplate clashing alternatives, the more you weaken your subtle bodies. Which consequently reflects on your moods, thoughts, and even on the physical level.

Overthinking costs you a lot of energy because it keeps all those possibilities existing in your consciousness. Instead of using your consciousness the way it was designed – a powerful laser beam like energy – you’re splitting it in more directions, so it becomes challenging to make a breakthrough in any of them. This is also one of the common blocks in manifesting.

When you’re consciously creating your reality, you do it by a decision that is 100% aligned with your higher self.

Overthinking Creates Bridges to Parallel Worlds

Let’s take it a step deeper to see what overthinking your decisions is doing with the quantum fabric of your reality. In my previous articles, I’ve mentioned that there are infinite versions of you. In one reality you’re a doctor; in another, you’re an entrepreneur or farmer.

When you’re overthinking your decisions, the split energy and consciousness create a bridge to the reality where you’ve followed the option B (or C, D, and so on) of your choice. The bridge works both ways; you’re impacting the other reality, and it’s affecting you too.

This leads to another swing in energy, and it gets even more burdensome to make up your choice. Then you’re having many bridges open to different versions of what your choice can create, and suddenly you’re not able to focus on the present moment and stay centered in your being. Having those bridges open for the long run not only drains you, but you feel more disconnected from this reality.

When you finally make a choice, your energy unites, and it stabilizes your moods and focuses too. You feel more potent because suddenly, you don’t have to keep all the options existing in your head, and you can use the freed energy on something else.

If you’re interested in learning more, watch the video below.

Watch the Video: How Overthinking Your Decisions Affects You

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