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4 Surprising Ways of Remembering Past Lives

Knowing your past lives can help you heal old traumas that you unconsciously carry within you. However, you don’t need to remember your past lives by force. When the timing is right, the old memories come to you. And you may feel called to find a soul healer to help you retrieve them.

4 Ways of Tapping into Your Past Life Memories

Sometimes you hear about people who all believe that they were the same historical figure. Many people say they were the same famous ruler or other important people.

From my experience of doing a soul healing work, I’ve found out 4 main reasons why many people feel attracted to the same key individuals from our history. (Though this topic can run much deeper).

Just for the record, I do believe in past lives and often work with them in my sessions. But I don’t think that all our remembrance must be necessarily true, as you’ll read below.

1. Energy Blueprint

Sometimes you may have past life memories of being someone famous. Can that be true? Should you believe it?

Well, it can be true. But I’d advise you not to rush into conclusions. Because the key people from our past have created strong energy blueprints that we can still feel and tap into.

The energy that they created by their thoughts, actions, and feelings is still here. And we may feel attracted to the energy blueprint they have left behind.

If you feel attracted to someone specific from our past, allow that energy to enter your mind. It’ll help you step into your potential, regardless of whether you were that person or not.

Those people are your teachers, even though you may not have been them. From a higher perspective, it doesn’t matter whether you were that person or not. As long as there is resonance, you can learn from that person.

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2. Collective Unconsciousness

Another way how we can remember past lives is by tapping into the collective unconsciousness.

The collective unconscious energy is like an internet where you can read any information about others. No matter if they’re alive or dead.

You can even see glimpses of past life memories of somebody and think that it was you. Again, it may or may not be the case.

Sit with the information and place it into your heart chakra.

Before going into judgment that it’s actually your past life memories, give yourself time. If it’s the case, the resonance will go through all the levels of your being. And in some shape or form, that past life will be coming back to you through “coincidences” even in your current life.

3. Akashic Records

Akashic records are like a universal library where every information is stored and can be read. There are records of everything about every person and also about collective groups of beings.

It can happen that some beings can also download information from Akashic records about a specific historical period or even person. This is to help souls to adapt faster in this life and create a blueprint for their highest potential.

4. Remembrance

The fourth way how you tap into your past lives is by simply remembering them. Sometimes the old memory comes to us without seeking it. It may happen while awake or in a dream.

It can just flash in front of your eyes, or you suddenly know. This is the most natural way of remembering past lives. When it comes spontaneously, there is some parallel between the past life and your current life.

In that case, pay attention to it. You don’t need to remember the specifics as long as you feel the energy.

Note on Past Life Regressions

Before you go to a past life regression, make sure that the person can actually guide you. And also, check your why.

I’ve always remembered my key past lives, but one of them has triggered a lot of soul memory. This particular life has been coming to me from every direction from every person. Even from people who knew nothing consciously about what they were telling me.

I knew that something traumatic has happened and therefore I looked for a past life therapist to revisit that life with me. Basically, I only wanted someone to hold the space for me while doing the work on my own.

Well, let me tell you that if I wasn’t skilled in doing soul healing myself, I’d probably have big problems during that regression. Not only did I have to guide myself through it, but the other person couldn’t help me at all when something intense was triggered.

I’m sharing this with you to be mindful of who you choose. Past life memories are fragile and powerful. Before entrusting yourself into the hands of someone, make sure that the other person can guide you.

Having certificates (or often even years of experience) doesn’t have to mean anything. Choose carefully with your heart and let your higher self guide you to the right person.

Also, check your motive. If your motive is curiosity, then it’s more likely that your ego will interfere and deceive you.

From my experience, remembering your past lives happens naturally as you expand your consciousness. At that moment, you can work with the information, and it can highly benefit you.

I also believe that now is the time for some souls to remember who they are. Do you feel like being one of them?

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