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Spiritual View on Coronavirus and 22 Questions for the Mind

The topic that has been on everyone’s minds lately is the coronavirus. In this article, I’m going to talk about the spiritual view on coronavirus. Although this collective experience runs deeper, I want to offer you some guidance on how to navigate these times.

The Spiritual View on Coronavirus

At first sight, the coronavirus brings up tons of negativity. And from the 3D perspective, it is so. However, I want to teach you one principle to turn anything seemingly negative into its positive aspect.

The Manifested and Unmanifested

In duality, everything has two aspects. When we witness something negative, like coronavirus, it’s the manifested facet of the whole that is visible. But, there is also the unmanifested part, which is the complete opposite.

When we start attuning our frequency into the unmanifested – the positive aspect – it’ll become our reality. This is the alchemy.

With our awareness and frequency, we choose whether we experience the “positive” or “negative” side. Therefore, we’re never powerless. No matter how helpless the situation may seem, there is always a positive side to it. Even though it may be in the energy realm and you need to call it into your experience first.

Dimensional Split

Currently, on Earth, we can experience 3D, 4D, and 5D realities. From the standpoint of each dimension, the current situation looks different and brings contrasting results. The dimensional split is a result of the ascension process.

The Earth has already shifted into the 5D plane, and now it’s our turn to make the vibrational upgrade together with her.


From the spiritual perspective, the coronavirus helps us clear and cleanse everything that is misaligned with the 5D consciousness.


Therefore, coronavirus triggers our fears and our shadow self. Since we can’t take our shadows to the 5D reality, our suppressed parts are now coming to the surface so we can finally heal them.

This is the part of the 7 stages of transformation journey that many of you have been experiencing for already some time. Now, the whole collective undergoes the same transformational process.

In the beginning stages of the transformation, the fears are triggered, and people feel chaotic. Everything that we were trying to ignore, numb, and move away from is right in front of our eyes.

The question is, will you go back to sleep? Or will you take this situation as a chance to witness and heal your shadow self?

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How to Navigate Coronavirus

The coronavirus triggers our inner child wounds and long-suppressed fears. Most people go automatically into their basic coping mechanisms. For some, it’s blaming others, feeling like a victim, panic, anxiety, or feeling helpless and avoiding the whole situation by watching TV.


For empaths, these times are even more sensitive as they feel the pressure in the air. Many empaths feel overwhelmed and out of center because they can feel the energy of panic.

Below, I’m offering you 3 steps on how to navigate the coronavirus (and any other triggering situation).

1. Create Space

Dealing with your fear should be your #1 priority. But first, you have to create a sacred and safe space to deal with your emotions and thoughts.

There is much going on in media right now and it’s easy to be swept away. But when you’re continually plugged into the external reality, your fear will grow because you also pick up on the collective fear-based energy.

Thus for at least a couple of minutes, unplug from the outside rumor, and allow yourself to have your own experience.

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths in and just be. For a moment, allow yourself to sit with every thought, emotion, and fear that is raising.


Return to your center and ask yourself:

What is true for me in this current situation?

How do I wish to experience it?

Are there some lessons for me that I can now finally learn?

Have I been escaping from my true self?

What is good about this situation that I’m not realizing now?

How could I turn this situation into my strength?

How can I use this situation to upgrade myself and my life?

You can watch my video or read an article on how to return to your center.

2. Fear and New Way

You create the space to deal with your fears. The fears that you’re feeling right now may seem like a mere by-product of the current situation with the coronavirus, but it’s not true.

You’ve always had these fears hidden in the subconscious mind. The coronavirus is just a trigger, and it opened your Pandora Box. Later, there will be another trigger. Thus it’s better to face everything uncomfortable now.

Some of your fears are lighter and you can move through them on your own. While with other fears, it’s good to ask for help. You’re the one who feels whether you can shift a belief or fear alone or you’d benefit from someone guiding you through it. Follow your inner guidance. In each case, now is the time to do some inner healing work.

To face your fear, first, unplug and connect with yourself as suggested in step one. Then you take a piece of paper or a journal and write down everything that is happening in your mind right now. Don’t hold back your emotions, but let them all flow onto paper. You can also journal on the below questions.

Here is a couple of questions to guide you:

What is happening within me now?

Which emotions am I trying to suppress?

What are my biggest fears?

How do I feel about my fears?

What would help me to feel better?

Is there anything I can do to feel empowered and stable?

How can I transmute my fears into the light?


The second set of emotions emerging now is guiding you to the new version of you. Take time to review your life and see if it’s aligned with your highest path.

Something new wants to be born in your life now. Give it space. Let it guide you.

Don’t go back to your old reality after the coronavirus is over. Use this time to upgrade yourself and your life.

Your higher self is guiding you to make a jump and upgrade. Listen carefully to those nagging inner feelings and unspoken questions.

Questions to guide you:

Am I living the life I want?

Do I feel deeply fulfilled and grateful every day? If not, what else is possible in my life?

Does my job satisfy me?

Am I truthful in my relationships?

Do I live in alignment with my inner truth? (Here is a video on living aligned with your truth).

What is rising within me?

Is there something I know I should be acting on, but I don’t? If so, what am I waiting for? What is holding me back?

How could I bring more joy into my daily life?

3. Trust

Not everything can be our way. The mind is afraid to lose control, and it forces us to hold onto things that feel familiar, but they may not serve us.

In our times, we’re going to witness many changes. Many ups and downs as the collective energy needs healing. Things that made us feel safe in our comfort zone will be working less and less.

When our attention and energy is fully captivated by the repetitious cycles, we foolishly believe that things are in our control. But that has never been the case.

The mind wants to grasp things and not let room for something even greater. On the other hand, the soul – our higher consciousness – finds the most aligned way through any situation. The soul doesn’t assume or hope, it knows.

In the future, we’ll all need to lean into our intuitive side more than ever. Because the map of the old world starts to lead us astray.

Whatever higher power you believe, it’s time to rekindle your relationship with it. It’s time to allow yourself to be led because you don’t have to carry all the burdens on your shoulders alone.

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