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Uncover the Secret of the 13 Holy Nights

Not many people know about the 13 Holy Nights. The sacred time between the sunset on December 24th and January 6th is the time when the Heavens are nearer to us.

I love doing rituals because they directly communicate with our subconscious mind as well as with the Spirit world. As the year comes to an end, we can utilize this powerful energy to our benefit.

Regardless of your beliefs, the 13 Holy Nights are the time for self-reflection and getting still. You can choose whichever way you wish to harness this time.

Perhaps, it’s while sitting by your home altar after the sunset. Or it’s after meditation and during journaling. Whichever way, it’s wise to tune into the rhythm of the Earth and allow it to slow us down to reflect on our lives.

Although the 13 Holy Nights officially begins on December 24th, it makes more sense to me that they’d start on the winter solstice, December 21st (or 22nd). You can choose when you want to begin, I’ll describe the “official” way.

What are the 13 Holy Nights?

As nature gets still and dark, we’re guided to look within ourselves and to reflect on our past year and set intentions for the upcoming year. The time of the 13 Holy Nights dates back to pre-Christian times.

Many ancient cultures celebrated the Holy Nights because they believed that they could gain insights into their lives. Moreover, during this time we can receive answers to our questions, see the lessons of the year that is ending, and decide what we want to experience in the next year.

Depending on the tradition, each of the Holy Nights is devoted to a different quality of consciousness and a zodiac sign, Archangel, or one of the Apostles.

As the sun rays grow weaker, we turn our attention to our inner sun. As we slow down by the end of the year, we have the opportunity to once again look at what we’ve learned. Every year deserves a symbolic closure because then we don’t need to carry unwanted energies into our future.

During this sacred time, pay attention to everything that is happening.

What conversations do you have with others? Are there any common themes?

Which dreams do you have at night?

Who does come to your life? And do they carry some messages for you?

The 13 Holy Nights are the moment to become an observer. When you listen, a lot can be revealed to you.

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The 13 Holy Nights

I recommend having a journal where you write everything down. And I also suggest symbolically opening the Holy Nights. You can perform a ritual, prayer; you can use meditation for that purpose, or simply set an intention.

With every sunset, turn your attention within yourself. You can also lit a candle every day and have one golden candle in the center to symbolize your inner sun – your inner world.

On the first Holy Night, look back at the year that is coming to an end. And then think about what you’d like to experience in the upcoming year.

From the second Holy Night onward, you always retrospect to one of the past months and then set intentions for the upcoming month. On the second Holy Night, you contemplate on past January and then look forward to the upcoming January.

On the third Holy Night, you reflect on February and then set intentions for the upcoming February. And this way you do it every day until you’ve reflected on every month of the old and new year.

The first 8 Holy Nights of the old year

On December 24th, contemplate the year that is coming to an end. And then think about what you’d like to experience next year. What is your overall theme and vision?

On the second Holy Night, remind yourself of your infinite essence. Connect with your Higher Self and receive insights about the next phase of your life.

With the sunset on December 26th, ponder on the ways how you can experience more harmony. Feel the interconnectedness of your body, mind, and soul. And see the ways you can embody your soul in your daily life.

The fourth Holy Night is the perfect time to reflect on the bigger vision of your life. What is your life calling? How can you contribute to the world? What were you born to do? Knowing your calling brings focus and clarity to your days.

On the fifth night, December 28th, take time to make an inventory of your beliefs. Observe your thoughts throughout the day, and after the sunset, write down which beliefs don’t serve you anymore.

The sixth Holy Night guides us to learn to discern information. Can you tell the truth from the illusion? Which illusions run your life? Are you willing to see the truth?

After the sunset on December 30th, look the truth in the eye. Write down a list of situations that repeat in your life and ask yourself:

What truth am I not recognizing here? Are you willing to change those situations? What does scare you about change? Is the fear worth continuing the same life?

The eight Holy Night is powerful because are thoughts are easier to manifest. Make sure you’re in a good company and mindful of the way you spend this night. Reread your intentions for the upcoming year again.

What are you willing to offer to the Divine? What are you letting go to create space for the new?

The 6 Holy Nights of the new year

On January 1st, it’s time to connect with the higher consciousness of the heart.

What do you truly want? How can you be more joyful? Can you trust your intuition? What else is possible in your life that you haven’t yet considered?

On the tenth Holy Night, ask yourself if you can tell the difference between the voice of your ego and love?

Which voice is guiding your life? In which life areas do you mostly listen to your fears? How could you be more courageous?

On January 3rd, look at the depths of your soul. What are the things that you don’t want to admit to yourself?

What is your true self? How can you be authentic in every area of your life? Are you ready to liberate yourself from expectations?

The twelfth Holy Night guides us to set goals and lay out the practical steps to achieve them. How can your human and spiritual self collaborate together? How will you support yourself?

The last Holy Night begins on January 5th and ends on the sunset on January 6th. It’s the day of Revelation, and if we’ve spent the 13 Holy Nights in self-reflection, we’re able to see ourselves in a new light.

Even if we haven’t received all the answers, we opened many doors through which they can flow to us. Perhaps we’ve understood that there is no separation between the higher and lower. As above so below.

If you have participated in the 13 Holy Nights, you have my respect for showing up for yourself.

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