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Let Go of the Past: 3 Areas You Should Start With

This is the year that you let go of the past. You don’t need to drag it into the future, instead, create space for the new.

This year is the year of shedding your old skin and releasing anything that no longer serves you. It’s time to liberate yourself from the old versions of your life.

Close as many old chapters as you can before the end of the year.

From my coaching practice, I know that many people have been going through their cleansing layers during the last couple of years. The universe is continually asking us to let go of the past. The call to let go happens in waves that impact most people on the planet.

We’re not meant to carry the old forever. We’re meant to learn from it and then release it.

You know that it’s time to let go of the past when you still carry the old pain in you. When you get triggered by others and when you feel heaviness in your body. It’s the body’s way to interpret the dense energies in you.

But you also know that it’s time to let go of the past when the past cyclically re-enters your life. We have to step into similar waters before we’re fully ready to let go. Therefore, people from past contact us again. We experience a similar situation that invokes old unpleasant feelings within us.

Those echoes from the past are well-designed mechanisms of reality to guide us to heal.

If we didn’t experience the reverberations of our past, we wouldn’t be motivated to turn our attention inward. The best thing that you can do before the end of the year (or any other time) is to close old energies and not carry them into your future.

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Why Let Go of the Past?

Letting go of the past isn’t always easy, but if we don’t do it, we carry the old energy with us, and we recreate similar situations.

The reason why it’s sometimes challenging to let go of the past is that we haven’t yet healed our old wounds. Our subconscious mind then directs our thoughts back to what had happened. It’s like receiving an error message over again until you pay attention to it and fix it.

Before we’re ready to let go of the past completely, we need to revisit the past and heal our wounds and rewrite our subconscious mind.

Look at your life and see what needs to go. Commit to decluttering your life and thoughts and create more space to become the next version of yourself.

Your past stands in the way to the future you desire. You can’t take old burdens and wounds with you and hope that you can create a different future. This is how life works – we create our future based on our current beliefs and prevailing emotions.

Anything that you’ve lost and you miss it, is not what you need anymore. No mistakes happen in the universe. No one and nothing ever leaves from our lives prematurely.

If you can’t let go of the past situation that didn’t turn out well, then focus on the lesson.

What has it taught you?

What kind of person can you become because of it?

Don’t hold past situations against yourself. Instead, use everything to empower you.

Ideas on Letting go of the Past


1. Close old projects

Unfinished projects bring old energy into your present. It’s like having a black hole next to you and allowing it to suck your energies slowly.

Regardless of whether you work on finishing a manuscript or reorganizing your home, finish everything. Completing things will release new energy in you because if something is half-done, then it occupies our minds.

Before you move on something new, take a look at the projects you’ve started but lost interest along the way. Write a list of all the things, and don’t forget to include the tiny tasks too.

Perhaps you’ll find out that your priorities have changed and in that case, close the project symbolically in your head.

Everything deserves proper closure.

Finalizing things will help you to stop drifting into the past because you close the energy portal between your present self and the self who started the project.

2. Relationships

Is there anyone from your past that you can’t let go of? There are 2 major reasons why we can’t let go of past relationships.

  1. There is some teaching in that relationship that we haven’t yet received.
  2. We haven’t decided to move on because of the illusions that we have about the relationship.


The good news is that whatever the reason is, you don’t need the other person. You can let go of the past in your mind. You can decide to set yourself free and accept what happened.

If we experience unrequited love, it’s our illusions keeping us stuck. When you can’t let go of the past relationship, then it’s likely that you haven’t yet processed it fully.

If you haven’t yet learned some lessons, it may come in the form of another person. Or you can access the wisdom by connecting to your Higher Self or by hiring a coach.

Still, letting go of the past relationship begins with a decision. You have to choose that you’re ready to move on. Dwelling in the past, won’t change it. It only brings old pain to the present.

3. Past Self

The last couple of years have been challenging us to let go of our past selves. On the transformation journey, we move through different layers of ourselves so that we can take what works with us and release the rest.

Write a list of behaviors that you’d like to change. Then write your willingness to let them go on a scale from 0 to 10. If your commitment to healing is less then 10, ask yourself:

What would need to happen for me to be fully ready to heal?

How would my life change if I let go of my past self?

What is still holding me back?

What do I need to close these old energies in my life?

Changing self takes time. But you can become more mindful of the moments when you start drifting to the past and ask yourself why you do that. Perhaps, a couple of small changes could create significant momentum for you.

Start the next decade with a fresh slate. Do a mini-inventory of your life and see what you can release. Letting go of the past requires our active assistance. It takes a choice, willingness, and some inner healing. But it also brings us fresh new energy.

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