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This Is Exactly How To Raise Your Vibration to Connect With Spirit

It’s important to know how to raise your vibration to connect with spirit if you wish to receive more guidance. Sometimes people keep asking spirit all kinds of questions, but they aren’t in the right state to receive the answers. So in this article, I’ll share with you 5 tips on how to raise your vibration to connect with spirit.


What is Spirit and How to Connect to It?

The word spirit is a broad term describing any non-physical being. It can relate to your spirit guides, to soul, God, universe, Ascended Masters and Teachers, angels, or archangels.


When you want to connect with spirit, you want to align your vibration with the high frequency of spirit. 


Before we move onto how to raise your vibration to connect with spirit, take a moment to consider who exactly you wish to receive guidance from.

As there are high-frequency spirits, there are also low-frequency spirits. Sometimes people connect to those lower entities, and they assume that they communicate with something higher.

I’ve seen this very often to happen. Therefore before you, even dial-up there, make sure that you’re connecting to the right place.

The thing with lower entities is that they’re in the astral plane, which is closer to Earth. And when you shoot out a signal (and you don’t care about the source) and if your vibration isn’t high enough, they may pick up your signal and pretend to be a higher entity.

Therefore it’s crucial to ask questions only when you’re in the right frequency.

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How to Know That You Communicate With a Lower Entity Instead?

When you communicate with a lower entity, you’ll feel being pushed. Their “guidance” might be something like this: “If you don’t do this, you’ll never have a chance to live your right path again.”

You can always find a sense of urgency in their messages. Also, those messages will make you feel pressure and tightness in your body. You’ll feel that something is off. Like with a friend who pushes you to do the wrong thing and deep down, you know it. 

Their messages will also make you feel special. Wanting to be special is one of the biggest pitfalls of humankind. And those entities well know it. They’ll make you feel like a savior of the whole planet or that you’re a special soul with a one-and-only gift. 

Although we’re all unique, it should never get into our heads. When you know that you’re unique, you simply know it. Your mind won’t make you feel more important than others because of it. You’re just different, just like everyone else.

In my opinion, there is nothing to solve. Yet those entities work with your ego. To make you feel special, they’ll likely choose something that you had been already thinking about, and they’ll skyrocket it into incredible heights. 


On the other hand, the guidance from Light Beings makes you always feel peaceful, grounded, and uplifted.


There is nothing that you must, but you’re presented with possibilities that you can choose based on your free-will.

(If you’re rooted in your heart chakra, then you don’t need to worry about connecting accidentally to those entities.)


How to Raise Your Vibration to Connect with Spirit

Before even connecting anywhere, make sure that you know how to raise your vibration to connect with Spirit. The aim is to be in a nice, relaxed, and receptive state without any expectations, attachments, and urgency. 

Connecting with Spirit should feel easy and light. If there is some pressure, then wait until you’re in the right state of mind. I share three tips on how to raise your vibration to connect with Spirit, but in my work, I also use other ways. 

The following tips are for the starters, but if you work with other people, make sure you’re always as a pure channel as you can be. Get your ego out of the way. Before the session, connect yourself to the Source and work with the permission of the person’s soul. 


1. Prayer

I love the simplicity and power of prayers. They quickly shift your energy and get you in the state of expansion. The prayer should come from the space of ease and love. 

If you, for instance, pray to get something, it won’t work. This is an affirmation of your fears, not a declaration of love. The right prayer opens up your heart and calms your mind.  

My first tip on how to raise your vibration to connect with spirit is to write down a clear and powerful statement that will remind you of your true essence.

This kind of prayer will dissolve the illusion of separation between you and the spirit world. You’ll open up your system and acknowledge the truth that you’re already one

Take a piece of paper and write down your own prayer that will open up new space for you. It should be something that deeply moves you and helps you to dissolve any boundaries between you and spirit. 

For instance:

May I be one with God. May my heart stay forever pure and open to the loving presence of who I truly am. 


2. Receiving

One of the most important ways of how to raise your vibration to connect with spirit is to get yourself into the state of receiving. 

When we worry, or we’re too much in our heads, we aren’t aligned with receiving. In the moment of communication, there shouldn’t be an active force coming out of you. Your thoughts can block the stream of information. 

This is so crucial that I teach Lightworkers how they can open up their system to receiving and empty their minds in an instant. You want to be like a perfectly still lake rather than a stormy sea.

If you’ve been on a Lightworker journey actively for some time, you’re in a constant state of channeling. At some point, you don’t need to connect anywhere because you had dissolved your boundaries and are able to carry the light of those higher realms. 

So make sure that you’re ready to receive instead of giving away your thoughts, pushiness, or anxiety. Communication with Spirit nurtures you on so many levels when you open up to it. You’re not the active particle here, you only make contact and then sit back. 


3. Intention

Another way of how to raise your vibration to connect with spirit is to set a clear intention. As I mentioned earlier, you may accidentally dial the wrong place. 

If your intention is crystal clear, it’s that power of clarity that will instantly raise your vibration.


Before the communication, take a while to consider those questions: 

  1. Who do you want to connect with? (Is it your soul, God, a specific Ascended master?)
  2. What exactly do you want to receive answers for? In the beginning, write it all down and play with your questions until they’re clear and powerful. They’ll always answer your questions, but sometimes people don’t ask the right questions, so they don’t receive all the guidance they hoped for. So spend some time on this step. 
  3. Why do you want to know the answer exactly for this? Why does it matter to you so much? What having the answer to this would change in your life? This step should filter out the ego. You don’t want to reach up there with ego questions. 


Because I’ve been connecting with Spirit on a daily basis ever since I can remember, I can tell you that your intention is very important. If you ask just so, or something stupid, you’ll maybe not receive any answer, or it’ll not really help you. Or with the ego questions, you can connect to the wrong place.

When you’re approaching the higher beings, it should always be done with respect. The quality of your questions will also reveal how quality answers you’re able to receive. 

Also, if you want to raise your vibration to connect with spirit quickly, you can download my guided meditation album, Connect with Your Soul.

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