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5 Spiritual Tips on How to Be Happy In Life

Learning how to be happy is one of the greatest spiritual principles you can incorporate into your life. Sometimes we think that we need to do the right things and forget about our own happiness. This can’t be further from the truth! The universe wants you to be happy every single day.


Why happiness matters

Happiness isn’t just an overrated word. And it doesn’t need to be complicated either. When you understand how to be happy, it changes your frequency completely!

When we’re happy, the Higher Mind that communicates with us. By sending us the feeling of happiness, the universe guides us to our best possible path.


When we’re in the happiness mode, any energetic resistance leaves our system, and we can receive the guidance for our next steps. 


The happy mind is able to connect with the Higher Mind and receive glimpses of inspiration that are aligned with the whole existence. When we learn how to be happy, we walk the path of the least resistance. And as a result, we get back in the flow.

In this state, our good (being happy) contributes to the higher good. Through the feeling of happiness, the universe sends us guidance that also plays a part in the whole system.

On an energetical level, we’re like one organism. Just like in a body when every cell cooperates with other cells, so we do. When we clear up the resistance in our lives, we receive information through our Higher Mind about the next steps we should take. So, like a cell in the body, we align also with other cells. Thus, our happiness contributes to the whole organism.

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5 Reasons why to be happy

When we learn how to be happy, we gradually repair the energetic pathways in our bodies. The frequency of happiness harmonizes our bodies, and it leads to healing on many levels.

Our happiness also restores the flow of our lives. If you feel stuck in your life, then some energy doesn’t flow properly, and finding how to be happy is one of the ways to make it move again. 

By being happy, we also bring more flow to Earth. We tune our body to a higher frequency, and we emit it then into our environment. This helps nature to find balance. And it also creates a ripple effect because our energy becomes contagious. 

If this hasn’t convinced you yet to find ways how to be happy, then this one might.


When we’re happy, we become the most powerful magnet to attract everything that is aligned with our highest path. 


Very likely, everything that is meant to be yours is already knocking on your door. But you have to let it into your life by finding happiness, joy, and ease again

And the last reason why to be happy is that it’ll guide you to your life purpose. Happy people live their life purpose because they don’t build up any resistance to receiving their inner guidance. The aim of learning how to be happy is to get yourself back into the flow. By doing that, you liberate any stuck energy in your system, and you also align yourself with the universe. 


The primary block to our happiness

Most people want to know how to be happy, but even though they know the way, there is still something that doesn’t allow them to follow their joy. 


One of the biggest reasons why we aren’t happy is that we don’t believe that we can do the things we want to be doing. 


Our energy can’t expand when we feel pressured by our commitments and expectations of others. Energetically speaking, there is no room for us to shine. And because we subconsciously feel pressured, we tell ourselves that we can’t be happy. 

Imagine that you could do anything you wanted to do, starting from the place you are. You still have the same amount of money in your bank account, but now you can devote your time to anything you want. 

How does it make you feel?

Can you feel your energy expanding into your environment?



How to be happy in 5 steps


1. Allow yourself to live

The first tip on how to be happy is to allow yourself to do what makes you feel alive. It doesn’t have to be something huge. Often, subtle things bring us happiness. 

If you aren’t happy, the chances are that you allow someone else to decide things for you. 

What is it that holds you back?

Who does make you feel restricted?

What are you afraid that would happen if you did what makes you feel alive?


2. The Happiness factor

My next tip on how to be happy is to organize your days by the Happiness factor. I invite you to take a little experiment (you can read more about it here).

Choose one evening, holiday, or weekend and organize your time purely based on what excites you. Don’t have any structure, but instead keep asking yourself:

What does excite me the most right now?

What would I like to experience next?

When you let your mind rest for a while, and you become more intuitive with your time, you’ll feel recharged. And it’s quite possible that during this time, you’ll also receive some inspiration – guidance from your soul – for your future. 


3. Creative impulse

Re-learning how to be happy is a lot about acting on your creative impulses. When we’re children, we do what we feel like to do. There aren’t many expectations on us, and so we can spend our days as we wish. 

Allowing yourself to be happy is about bringing back this flow and ease into your life. When you feel a surge of energy in your body or the heart chakra, take action. 


The feeling of excitement is a message from your Higher Self about what action you should take.


Acting based on your excitement will open up new doors in your life. You can read more about taking inspired actions


4. Small things

You can’t learn how to be happy if you don’t enjoy small things. The subconscious mind wants us to believe that we can only feel happiness when something huge happens in our lives. 

Don’t fall into this ego trap. Instead, fill up your days with moments of happiness. It’s better to have a couple of small things that make you happy every day than having one thing a year (like a vacation, for example).


5. Date yourself

An excellent trick to how to be happy is to have regular dates with yourself. During this time, you do anything you want.

You can have a nice evening home alone with candles and a good book. Or you can go to the cinema, or go swimming on Saturday. Schedule some regular time alone to do something that you’d do with a person you love. 

Even if you’re in a relationship, don’t forget also to nourish the relationship with yourself. If you aren’t happy, then your relationship can’t thrive either. 

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