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This Is the Actual Reason You Keep Thinking About the Past

In my coaching sessions, most people tell me that they keep thinking about the past. It doesn’t matter how much time has passed because it’s not the time that heals the wounds. It’s the change in perspective that brings relief.


Why we keep thinking about the past?

First things first – it’s absolutely normal to think about the past. We all have some moments that seem to be challenging to let go of. And although it may seem that your mind is stuck, there is also the knowledge that you can retrieve from your past.


The reason why we keep thinking about the past is that we want to redo what happened. 


Subconsciously, we believe that if we keep thinking about the past event long enough, we may change it. Of course, we know that we can’t travel back to the past, but the mind can do it. We can revisit one moment thousands of times and each time witness it through slightly different lenses.

Our mind tells us that something didn’t occur the way we wanted. Perhaps we made the wrong choice, or we lost someone we loved. Either case, the mind evaluates the situation as an error.

By trying to redo it, we put ourselves through suffering if we don’t bring it the spiritual perspective (more on that later).

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What happens when we keep thinking about the past?

Thinking about the past impacts our present and pollutes the future. We aren’t able to stay in the present moment, and thus we miss out on many beautiful things that may be happening.

We split the power of our focus, and as a result, we feel less energetic. A vast part of our energy nourishes the past event. Thus the past becomes energetically stronger than the present, and we gravitate toward it. 


Thinking about the past pulls us back like a black hole. 


The past sucks our energy, and its lack leads to distortions in the present. When people keep thinking about the past, they aren’t present, and they unconsciously mistreat others. It’s also more challenging for them to recognize new opportunities. 

But, even something deeper is taking place, we recreate similar situations in the present. When we’re thinking about the past, our auric field begins to vibrate with similar resonance, and this resonance magnetizes people and situations into our life. 


Since we try to redo the past, we’ll create similar settings of the past situation so we can get it right this time. 


Every single person does it. Most people are unconscious of the fact that they re-experience a couple of painful moments over again. It’s like having a glitch on our internal disc. We get stuck in one spectrum of vibration.

So we find ourselves in a relationship with people who treat us as one of our parents who had hurt us. Or we can’t get over a heartbreak, and as a result, we sabotage our new relationship. Or perhaps, someone ridiculed us so much that we keep striving to be the best to prove to them how wrong they were. 

If you keep thinking about the past, you reexperience it in some form in the present. Look around yourself and witness the similarities between your past and present. 

How does thinking about the past impact your present?

What energy do you carry that is time to let it go?

In the same manner, we pollute the future. Since our operating system is stuck in the past, we attract the same results in the future too. This is the only reason why we think that we can’t change


Creating pseudo-self

Thinking about the past strengthens our illusions. The more we think about what had happened, the more we idolize either ourselves or others. We aren’t able to see things as they are. The mind focuses on limited evidence and creates a new identity.


Based on the past, we define ourselves as either victim, saint, or perpetrator. 


If we feel a victim of our past, we may not trust people. It’s likely that we criticize others because we’re afraid of them. We also don’t allow ourselves to change your situation because we believe that it’s not in our powers. Thus we may continue feeling like a victim in most of our relationships, never experiencing our true power that we don’t allow ourselves to see. 

On the other hand, if we keep thinking about the past because we have hurt someone, we feel guilty. That guilt penetrates everything we do in the present. Perhaps we try to redo the past by being overly nice and helpful to others.

We may continue suppressing our true self because we don’t believe that we’re worthy. People cope with guilt differently – some numb themselves by addictions or behavior that leads them to the wrong path. Others suppress themselves completely. 

In both cases, thinking about the past leads us to change the way we look at ourselves. Because of the past, we believe that something is wrong with us, and therefore, we don’t allow ourselves to experience ease and love. 


A spiritual perspective on thinking about the past

So far, it may seem that thinking about the past is always negative. Most people will tell you that you shouldn’t do that, but there are also other reasons why we think about the past. 

As a coach, I connect with my Higher self and the Higher self of the person who comes to me, as well, as with many Light beings. This has allowed me to review hundreds of situations through a higher perspective.


On our level, it may seem that we make mistakes and go backward, while from a higher perspective, it’s quite the opposite. 


I’ve noticed that sometimes – it happens in cycles –  we’re invited to review our past. In those times, we keep thinking about the past events that we may have even forgotten. Our feelings intensify so that we experience it as it was happening again.

The purpose of revisiting the past is to bring higher consciousness to some situations. Those situations may be the key moments of our life, but also seemingly unimportant encounters. The Higher self guides us to bring love and compassion into our past. Once the situation becomes neutral to us, we can understand the lessons. 

Sometimes people come to me and tell me that they understand what the lesson was. But there is usually more than one lesson. Especially if it was a key moment of our life. Perhaps, we understood something, but still, there might be more to learn.

From the mental level, if you keep thinking about the past, there is something that you haven’t yet realized. I’ve seen people letting go of situations that have bothered them for years or decades once they understood the whole picture. 

Some people say that it’s no point to go back into the past. But then they anyway unconsciously live their past in the present. I believe that the universe speaks to us through every timeline and that we can gain insight into the present, the past, or even future

We stop thinking about the past once we receive all the wisdom from those moments. Then we don’t have to suppress our memories, they slowly dissipate on their own. 

I know that it’d be easier to have a quick fix, but the lasting change takes effort and commitment. So if you can’t stop thinking about the past, don’t try to suppress it, go in fully. It may not need to take a long time to revisit the past. 

You don’t need to do it alone; you can ask someone you trust to review your past with you. But I recommend not asking people who either criticize you, feel sorry for you, or don’t tell you the truth. 

If you have experienced something painful, it may be better to ask a psychologist or life coach to guide you. 

You can’t bypass anything that is for you. Numbing your feelings works only for a while and then what you tried to suppress comes back even stronger. 

Don’t be afraid of your shadow. It can teach you so much if you let it speak to you. You can find enlightenment, it the lowest of moments in your life. Before we ascend, we first need to descend.

As above, so below. 

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