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8 Spiritual Routines to Energize Yourself You Need to Know

Today I share with you some daily routines to energize yourself. I like to use those routines, especially when I have many projects going on at once. Thus I like to be proactive when I know that I have busier times ahead.

Energizing yourself is about finding the subtle balance in your energetic bodies. It’s about reconnecting to your inner rhythm and knowing when to be active and when to receive.

When our energetic system is out of balance, we feel irritated, exhausted, and sometimes even as anxious, and we experience long-term stress. But long before this happens, the body sends us signals that inform us that we need to rest more. However, often, we continue pushing ourselves and ignoring these signals.

In that case,  we take energy from the body tissues and our reserves. In the long-term, this leads to premature aging or even illnesses.

Therefore, these routines to energize yourself are about clearing up your energy and opening up your system to the universal energy.


8 Spiritual routines to energize yourself


1. Active Listening

My first tip on how to energize yourself may sound a bit strange at first. I like to practice active listening to make the energy move in my system.

During active listening, you find a quiet place where you can be alone, and you listen. There is always so much going on within you and around you.


We can block the energy flow in our bodies when we keep ignoring emotions or messages from our inner guidance system


Active listening is the time to catch up with what’s going on internally. You close your eyes and listen to what your system wants to communicate with you. Sometimes certain emotions and thoughts only need to move through you. Other times, you’ll discover valuable guidance when you listen.

A good question to ask yourself is: What is rising in me at this moment?

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2. Connecting with Soul 

If you read my last two articles, you noticed that I talked a lot about the connection with the soul. Being aligned with your Higher Self has numerous benefits. But one of them is that it can also energize yourself. 


 Whenever you’re connected with your soul, high-frequency energy flows into your system.


It’s like having an extra source of energy. As long as you’re connected, you can’t really run out of the energy. 

Another thing that happens as you begin to connect with your soul is that you activate your heart chakra. The heart chakra then pours Source energy into your body. This is one of the positive side-effects of having your heart chakra open.

If you’re interested in how to connect with your soul and open up your heart chakra, you may want to check out the guided meditation album


3. Meditation

What a conversation about energizing yourself it would be without talking about meditation! During meditation, you clear up the junk from your mind. 


When we’re filled with too much junk energy, new energy immediately bounces off. So we don’t receive new energy until we clear up the old one.


The more you meditate, the more energetic space you create in your system. As a result, more energy can flow into your body. 

If you’re new to meditation or you find it challenging to stick to it, I recommend starting with guided meditations. Their magic is that you just close your eyes and listen. Someone else walks you through the meditation process. 

You can also listen to my guided meditation that will help you to ground yourself and create a protective space around yourself. This is suitable for you if you feel tired or out-of-balance and want to energize yourself. 


4. Journaling

Another routine to energize yourself is journaling. Journaling is a simple way to release uncomfortable feelings out of our system. Likewise, it helps us to receive inner guidance and strengthen intuition


Journaling helps to remove stuck energy from our system and create space for new energy.  


The idea behind journaling is simple. You take a piece of paper and write down everything that is on your mind without editing the content. You write as long as you need to.

After you’re done, you can reread your answers and see whether there is some valuable information for you. You can also use journaling as part of inner healing as I spoke about it in this article


5. Sound Harmonization

A fun way to energize yourself is through music or listening to harmonizing tones. I love using Tibetan singing bowls. But you can use any tones that bring you peace and a sense of expansion.


The vibrations of the tones balance the body. 


You can even chant mantras to energize yourself. Using sound harmonizes the liquids in the body, and it makes us more relaxed, and our energetic system is more expansive. 


6. Kundalini Breathing

One of my favorite routines is to practice kundalini breathing. Kundalini is the life force energy, and part of it is coiled at the base of the spine since birth.

The coiled-up Kundalini energy can awaken and start to rise in our body. As this process unfolds, we go through a lot of cleansing, and it eventually elevates our consciousness. 

Kundalini yoga contains many breathing techniques that restructure the nerve system, and it’s one of the quickest ways to energize yourself. 


7. Go Where You Procrastinate to Go

The next tip to energize yourself is to go where you procrastinate to go. We may have low energy when someone sucks our energy. (Read more about the energy vampires here).

Other times, it’s us who unconsciously block the flow of the mental energy. As a result, we feel tired and unfocused.


When we procrastinate to deal with a particular situation, we block the energy. 


Even if we feel relief when we push aside an uncomfortable feeling or situation, the subconscious mind is still consumed by it. The more we postpone it, the more energy it costs.

When you develop a habit of facing situations in your life, you continually energize yourself. As you get things out of your mind, you free up new energy that you previously spent on ignoring the situation.


8. Information Detox

The last routine to energize yourself is to practice input detox. We all know how easy it is to get overwhelmed by the information and opinions of others. 


Just like anything else information is energy too. 


Our system needs time to sort out the information that we come across. If we keep feeding our brains with more data, it doesn’t have time to process it. This leads to an energetic imbalance, and we may feel exhausted. 

Practicing an input detox is a healthy way how you can reconnect with your own thoughts and feelings. This includes taking a hermitage from your friends. 

Not every opinion of others is always beneficial or well-timed. Sometimes we need to distance ourselves from others to retain inner balance. During such time, it’s good not even to read books, be online, or have any other distractions. 

The hermitage can last only one day or a couple of hours, but it’s the best way to energize yourself. You can make it a part of your routine and schedule in the Me Time regularly. 


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