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Check Your Energy before Asking the Universe for Guidance

You’ve been probably asking the universe for guidance many times. Sometimes it works, yet every now and then it doesn’t, and you wonder why. You may even think that the universe doesn’t care about you, and you feel isolated.

Before you worry that the universe doesn’t care about you, you have to learn what to do before asking the universe for guidance. It’s possible that you unconsciously ask the universe from the wrong space.

Asking the Universe for Guidance

Asking the universe for guidance may feel natural for you and yet, sometimes you don’t receive answers, or you doubt them. We tend to think about the universe like a human figure that judges our lives. But it’s not so. The universe is neutral.

It doesn’t want us not to receive what we ask for, and it doesn’t think anything about our desires. After all, it’ us who carry the consequences of our requests. The same applies to asking the universe for guidance; it loves to offer it to you.


Receiving guidance is impersonal. You don’t need to do anything to deserve it because it’s always available for you.


So when you don’t seem to receive guidance, it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you. However, you can unconsciously block the guidance from coming. Sometimes we ask the universe for guidance from wrong vibrational space. We tend to look for deeper answers when we don’t feel good, and we feel desperate.


But from this energetic space, only 2 options are possible:

  1. You don’t receive any guidance at all.
  2. You receive guidance, but it won’t bring you happiness and peace.

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Scenario 1: You don’t receive any guidance

When you’re asking the universe for guidance, and there is total silence, check your energy. As I’ve mentioned many times, energy is our most precious currency. 


With your energy, you incessantly communicate with the universe and attract or repel circumstances into your life. 


If you ask the universe for guidance from the space of fear or despair, most of the time, it won’t answer to you. I know that it’s not the best news because we mostly need guidance when we don’t feel good. But from the perspective of the universe, you’re not in an energetic space that allows you to receive the answers. The energy of fear blocks your connection.


The answer is always there, but your inner antenna can’t pick up the signal. 


So for you, it seems like you haven’t received the guidance, but for the universe, it looks like you don’t want it. A dark cloud of energy spreads around you, and you don’t inhabit the same energy space where the answer is.


Scenario 2: You receive guidance, but it leads you astray

The second option is that when you’re asking the universe for guidance, it comes, but later you realize that it didn’t serve you. Many people have told me that they followed their inner guidance, but it didn’t bring them happiness. As a result, they feel (rightfully) deceived by the universe.

Was the universe playing some games with them?

Did they misunderstand it?

The reason why it sometimes may seem that we receive wrong guidance is again the same –  we ask from wrong energetic space.


When you ask under stress or pressure, you may unconsciously connect to fear-based entities.


Within the multilayered universe, there is a multitude of dimensions and vibrational states. Some are based on love and light, while others are rooted in fear and darkness.

Those other-than-love entities love to give you guidance too. And as you may assume, this can be a problem. Because when you feel distressed while asking the universe for guidance, those lower entities may pick up your signal.

And they can even pretend that they have your best interests in heart. You’ll think that you talk with your higher self or universe. Thus you can receive your guidance, but if you act on it, it will lead to even more challenges.

I’ve written an article about how you can distinguish whether the information is aligned with your highest good or not. The basic idea is that the guidance should bring you peace, a sense of expansion, and lightness. If it doesn’t, then think twice whether you believe in it.


Check your energy before asking for guidance

The biggest preparation to receive answers comes before you even ask for it. Whenever you’re asking the universe for guidance, make sure to check your energy. If you feel peaceful and good then it’ll be easier to receive the right guidance for yourself. But if you don’t feel good, you have two options.

One is to wait until you feel better. Because even if you asked, you’ll doubt the answers and ask again later. The aim is not to keep asking the universe for guidance, especially for the same topic, every day.


Asking once is enough if it is done with mindfulness. 


When we find ourselves in painful moments, it’s alright to grieve and honor your feelings. Don’t push yourself into feeling better immediately. Honor the space where you are and ask for guidance later.

Option two is to tune within yourself and create the right energy within yourself. Sometimes it’s enough to choose to release fear and stress. Other times you may have to spend a little more time on it. One of the ways is to go into meditation or listen to music that uplifts you. Then when you feel calm, imagine the result you want.

For instance, you may be asking the universe to bring the right partner into your life. First, you can close your eyes and visualize how great it will feel when the partner is next to you.

See yourself being happy and fulfilled. Fill yourself up with so much positivity and ease that you’ll know that the guidance you receive is for your highest good.

Checking your energy before asking the universe for guidance is the key step. When you ask from the space of love and ease, you won’t doubt the answers that come through. It saves time!

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