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Energetic Self-Care: 4 Ideas on How to Nurture Yourself

Energetic self-care is a must for every empath, lightworker, and people who are spiritually awakening. It’s not uncommon that you may fall behind in learning how to nurture yourself because it seems to be the one thing that you can compromise.

When you’re busy, it’s easy to forget about your energetic self-care. I’ve made that mistake so many times! But like a boomerang, the universe has always shown me that it was a mistake. And I needed to pay for it with an interest. Because the more you open up to universal energies and help others, the more nurturing yourself matters.


Why is energetic self-care a must?

The energetic self-care means that you prioritize taking care of your energies. For that, you can use energy exercises or learn how to nurture human yourself. I believe that all of you reading this post are either empath, highly sensitive people, and in some way or another, you also help others. It may be your friends or family members.

The more you spiritually awaken, the more critical the energetic self-care becomes. 


The energetic self-care matters because you’re always open to energies from your environment. Together with that during the spiritual awakening process, your energy bodies are transforming. Even if it may look like that there is no reason for your mood swings, it’s the mass of energy moving through your body.


If you could see all the energetic processes that are happening within you during the awakening, you’d be more gentle with yourself. You’re like a baby being born into a new octave of frequencies. 


I know that many of you want to be here for others and make the planet a better place. I can feel you. I’m one of you.

But I’ve also seen many lightworkers who burned out, got stuck, or took a more painful path because they didn’t learn how to take care of themselves. It’s usually the basic stuff where we fail because we don’t find it important enough.


Energetic self-care isn’t a luxury; it’s a must. It’s about taking responsibility for yourself and the impact you have on others. 


As you’re opening to energies, you also impact the energy fields of others more. Thus the universe won’t let you go further if you don’t clean up your energy before you could unconsciously do more harm than good.


The universe won’t either let you harm yourself by being irresponsible with your energies.


So if you work with others in any way, think about how you take care of yourself first. It might be part of the reason why your life doesn’t flow.

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4 Ideas on Energetic Self-Care

I’ll share with you some ideas on how to nurture yourself. But if you’re an empath, I want you to know that taking care of yourself energetically goes much deeper. 

During the coaching, I help empaths to learn how to take care of their energies. And in every case, we must do a lot of inner healing so that it’s then easier not to take in unwanted energy. The following tips aren’t a substitute for inner healing work.  

Honestly, self-care is not fluffy – it’s something we should take seriously.
Kriss Car


1. Energy Audit

First of all, become aware of the places where you lose your energy. Those are the black holes in your life. You give and give, but you don’t seem to receive much in return. 

Who is draining your energies?

Which activities and behaviors are draining to you?


Think also about the activities that light you up. While doing them, you feel more energized. What is nurturing your energies?

Having clarity in what nurtures you and what doesn’t, can serve as a roadmap to what to prioritize. The logic is simple; do more what lights you up and try to avoid those draining activities. 


2. Draining relationships

Part of energetic self-care is also recognizing which relationships are draining you. You may have some family members or close friends who always need your help and attention. 

Even if you always solve their problems over again and do anything in your power to make them feel better, it’s never enough. A day after, they need more from you. Those people may be energetic vampires, or you may have some shared karma. 

How could you be less available to those people?

I know that this is a sensitive topic. Some of the most abusive relationships may be in the family, and it may feel out of your power to change them. Sometimes, you see someone you love to struggle with, and you feel responsible for their pain. 

But also the pain is a part of someone’s journey. We always learn. 


When you try to heal someone who is not ready, you get entangled in their karma. 



3. Become less available

To restore your energies and nurture yourself, eliminate everything that is draining you. Of course, at some point in the inner healing, things will stop consuming you. But that would be beyond the scope of an article. 

Look at your life as an observer and see how you react when someone wants help, you receive a message, or someone is distracting you from your work.


Are you the person who drops everything and runs to help others?

Do you let others dictate the way you spend your time? 

What if you would embrace a self-parenting approach to yourself instead?


It’s you who decides how available to others you are. You don’t need always to help your friends. You can say no when you don’t feel right about something. Neither, you need to reply to messages or check social media immediately. Set your own rules. 

Choose what works for you. 


4. Say yes to yourself

Another pillar of energetic self-care is to say yes to yourself. This means that you relax when you’re tired. Or you teach others to be less dependent on your advice or help. 


Saying yes to yourself also means that you follow the choices that light you up. 


When you say yes to yourself, you stand in your power. From that space, your energies return to balance naturally. You’ll see that others instinctively respect your energy more. 

Remember that each time, you say yes when you don’t want, it also means no to something even better. 

We’re not on this planet forever, thus be more aware if your yes creates more space and opportunities or it brings chaos and restriction. 

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