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Balancing Feminine and Masculine Energy Within You

You have masculine and feminine energy within you regardless of your gender. Balancing feminine and masculine energy will help you to go after your goals and yet make your decision in alignment with your heart. The same way it did it for me.

I started working consciously with my energies about a decade ago, and it has allowed me to pursue my dreams while staying centered in my heart and intuition.

Sometimes, I can hear discussions about whether it’s better to do things the masculine way or the feminine way while all along, we miss the whole point.

The choice has never been this or that; it’s about how to have the best out of both worlds. Since we all have feminine and masculine energies, fighting against either of them doesn’t bring us anything positive. Instead, we need to learn how to balance the masculine and feminine energy.

I wrote an article about what is our feminine and masculine energy, and you can read it here. In this article, I’d like to focus more on balancing feminine and masculine energy.

What is your primary energy?

Although we have both the feminine and masculine energies within, it doesn’t mean that one of them isn’t the leading energy. Balancing your energies doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have 50% of masculine and 50% of feminine energy.

Balancing feminine and masculine energy means that you learn to tap into either of them whenever you need it. Moreover, you’ll learn to use them in harmony while supporting each other.

But before we start, it’s good to realize which energy is fundamental for you.

Which energy feels like your “home”?

  • Do you feel safer in your feminine energy or masculine?
  • Are you more creative, or do you prefer to follow plans?
  • Do you experience the world through your feelings or thoughts?
  • Are you empathic, or is it easier for you not to get caught up in other people’s feelings?
  • Do you prefer to spend your money on experiences or physical products? For instance, some people spend their money on holidays (experiences) while others on buying a car, a new telephone (something tangible).

The more balanced your energies are, the more challenging it may be to tell which one is your primary energy.

However, one of these energies is your modus operandi. You can best tell which one is your primary energy when you’re under stress or you don’t have time to overthink things.

How do you react in stressful situations? Do you get overwhelmed by your feelings, or do you keep doing things until your to-do list is empty?

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Imbalance of masculine and feminine energy

Imbalance of masculine energy means over-relying on the mind. Although the mind is an amazing tool helping us to organize information, it can also deceive us.

Not every thought is real. In fact, most of the thoughts have little to do with reality.

Thus, if we’re too much in our masculine energy, there is a risk that we’ll worship the mind and forget about the heart and soul. This can make us harsh, judgemental, and dismissing any other evidence than logic.

On the other hand, the imbalance of feminine energy means that we delve too much into our feelings. It can lead to the point when we feel powerless and victims of situations. We may lock our hearts up to prevent it from getting hurt, and we feel paralyzed to open up.

Balancing Feminine and Masculine Energy

Balancing feminine and masculine energy is about knowing which one feels natural for you. If you have analyzed your primary energy is feminine, then first, you connect with your feminine side, and then you tap into your masculine.

On the other hand, if masculine energy is your “home,” you’ll first assess a situation from the perspective of masculine energy and then get in touch with your feelings and intuition.

The more balanced you are, the order in which these energies come gets blurred. You’ll be able to feel both of them at once. However, for simplicity and for learning how to balance masculine and feminine energy, it’s a good start to decode your core energy and then tap into the other one.

Practical examples of balancing your energies

Let’s say that your primary energy is feminine. The feminine energy is in touch with intuition, gut instincts, creativity, feelings, and the art of simply being. It doesn’t need to do anything unless it wants to. So the feminine energy appears to be more static than the masculine.

If you resonate more with your feminine essence, then make it your base. For instance, you’re thinking about finding a new job. Ideally, you first connect with your feelings and intuition. To do so, you may meditate, go for a long walk, or journal. You give yourself enough time and space to find out what kind of job you’d like to have.

First, tap into your intuition and feelings, and then use your masculine energy to create a plan. 

Once you know what your heart wants, your masculine energy helps you to turn your desires and intuition into action. Thus you research potential jobs and think about how you need to update your cv and what kind of approach is best at the job interview.

When the feminine and masculine energy work in balance, the masculine doesn’t try to exploit the feminine. On the contrary, it spreads its protective wings over the feminine.

Your masculine essence helps you to look for the perfect jobs that reflect the needs and feelings of your feminine side. If the masculine energy would try to talk the feminine into something that “makes more sense,” then the feminine could withdraw. This could result in shutting down your intuition and not acting on gut feelings.

Now, let’s have a look at the other scenario when your primary energy is masculine. If we stay with the same example, you will look for a new job in a similar way, but you’d start from the other end.

If the masculine energy is the leading energy for you, then you first think what kind of career move makes sense. You analyze the job market and research the ideal companies until you pick a handful of job positions.

After you map out everything, you tap into your feminine energy and ask yourself how you feel about those positions. You also connect with your intuition to see which company is the best for your career growth.

If you’d use only your masculine energy, you could make the best logical move, but there could be things that you didn’t foresee. However, if you also listen to your intuition, it informs you what your decision will bring.

The key to balancing feminine and masculine energy is to give space to both. Don’t raise one above the other, but rather see how they can work in harmony and make each other stronger. When you listen to both energies, they’ll harmonize and get stronger.

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