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Why Exactly Does it Matter Where You Invest Your Energy?

How many things do you have on your mind daily? Is it the latest news, long to-do list, your goals, calling friends, or doing some errands? Have you ever stopped and looked at how you invest your energy?

Most of the things don’t need our attention. In fact, it’s better if we don’t invest the precious thing we have – our energy – to things that make us feel worse and powerless.

I’m sure that you’ve heard about this already, but today I want to explain to you how exactly works the link between our attention and energy.


Where the mind goes energy flows.

The link between attention and energy

It has been proven that our thoughts emit energy waves into our environment. Whenever you think, your mind also sends out frequencies which attract similar frequencies back to you.

It’s like a lighthouse sending out light in the middle of the night. The guard of the lighthouse can only see those places where the lighthouse sheds light.

It’s the same with the mind. We as the observer (the guard) can only see the situations and things where we send our energy. Whenever we give our attention or focus to something, our energy automatically follows. Always. No exception. Even if you have very subtle thought that you’re almost not aware of.


Attention –>> Thought –>> Energy –>> Result based on the quality of your energy


Being in control of your mind is not just smart, it’s necessary if you want to create a fulfilling life.

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Energy bank

Every morning we wake up with a certain amount of energy. As we direct our attention to various tasks and actions, we take a share from an imaginary energy bank, and we invest some of it.

To be in check of your energy, you can think about it as about investing money. Imagine that you have an account where you deposit excessive energy. For everything you do, you need to take some of the stored energy so you can invest it what you want.

Each thought has a price. The negative thoughts cost you more than positive ones. Let’s say that whenever you’re sad or helpless, you spend $500. On the other hand, when you feel joyful and relax, you earn $500 which you can later invest in something else.

The same principle works for your decisions and actions. Likewise, each of them represents the choice between spending or earning energy currency.

In fact, energy is your most valuable currency

This little mind trick helps to be more mindful of where you invest your energy. Realize that every thought is like donating from your energy bank account.


You spend your energy when:

  • you feel tired
  • you have negative thoughts
  • you’re upset, jealous, nervous, stressed, sad, depressed, etc.
  • you live in the past or future
  • you don’t believe in yourself or your dreams


You invest your energy whenever you:

  • feel inspired and positive
  • live in the present moment
  • uplift others (and yourself)
  • find strength in the midst of hardship
  • decide to follow your heart instead of fears


Where you invest your energy?

The quality of your energy investments returns to you. Hence you receive the kinds of results that are energetically aligned with what you send out. So, before you devote your energy to something, ask yourself whether you’re spending or earning energy currency.


An exercise to check your energy

You can take a piece of paper and write down your most important relationships and how you spend your days.

On the left, write down your relationships, work, children, sport, hobbies, errands, taking care of the house, meeting friends, and so on.

Right next to it, write down how much energy each activity costs you on the scale from 0 to 100%. Record the first number that comes to your mind – it’s usually correct.

Then you can quickly determine whether you have to alter some of the ways you spend time or invest your attention.


Taking energy loan

Thinking about the past is very expensive for you. It might cost you more than you have currently in your energy bank account.

When you spend all your energy, and you didn’t get any in return, you must receive it elsewhere.


These are a few most common ways how we replenish energy:

  1. Drinking coffee, alcohol, energy drinks.
  2. Eating quick calories in processed foods.
  3. Gossiping about others (Yes, it gives an energy boost for a while, but later we have to return it. There is no innocent gossiping, you have to pay the toll each time).
  4. You can unconsciously turn into energy vampire and take energy from others.
  5. You take energy from your body cells which leads to premature aging.


As you may see, being in control of your energy is essential. With a little practice, you can become more mindful of where you invest your energy. When you give less attention to situations that don’t generate energy, you’ll feel more active and lively.

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