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lessons I learned in 2017

5 Inspiring Lessons I Learned About Life in 2017

Last year was in the name of experiencing new things and places. If I’d choose one word to describe it, then it would be growth. 

At the beginning of the last year, I knew that I was going to grow in my business as a life coach and also a spiritual teacher. But I had no idea how much I would grow as a person.

Looking backward, it all made sense as I stepped into another stage of my personal transformation. Yet in 2016 I thought that I was not going to experience such a rapid inner growth as I used when I was living in China between 2012 – 2014.

Little did I know what the universe had intended for me. I’d like to share with you the major lessons I learned as I believe that you may have been going through some similar ones. Or they can simply inspire you on your journey.


1. Slowing down is crucial

The year 2016 was so fast when it came to the speed of my business that I felt energetically pumped most of the time. I didn’t take much time to rest or slow down. But last year I had to slow down and prioritize myself once again.

It’s easy to forget to relax when you do what you love (or when you have too many things on your plate). I used to work 7 days a week and also often in the evenings.

But last year I understood that doing less is more. By slowing down, I allowed myself to have time for hobbies and myself, so I felt more relaxed and grounded. As a result, I achieved more than I had planned and from a relaxed mental space.

So, I understand if some of you’re workaholics, but it isn’t sustainable in the long run. When the adrenaline slows down you, and you stop you’ll feel the exhaustion of the last couple of days or even months.

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2. Finding balance

This is closely related to the previous lesson, and it has been of such importance to me. For me, balance is the place of the perfect mixture of being active, recharging myself, giving back, receiving, and having a “me time.”

It’s more about creating a dynamic balance than a static one. Sometimes, you need to rest more while other times be more active.

For some of us, having active hobbies bring you to a relaxed state of mind. The only indicator of what balance means for you is the way you feel.

When we slip out of balance, we immediately feel the consequences in the form of unpleasant feelings and thoughts. Our feelings inform us always whether what we do is the best thing for us at the moment.

So finding balance is more about tuning deeply into yourself and listen carefully what you need. It’s about finding your own rhythm and stop pushing yourself to do more because you “should.”


3. Stepping into inner power

My whole year was about stepping into inner power. I hadn’t understood the concept of inner power much before. It had been a nice idea for me but not too practical.

Well, the universe has taught me that I’d been mistaken. Inner power is the topic that I want to write about more often as now I see how much it matters and how it transforms life.

I understood that we could practice (and should practice at some point in our evolution) inner power at any moment. The inner power comes from the place of deep integrity and knowing yourself.

To give you some concrete idea – you step into your inner power each time you choose to believe in yourself instead of listening to the fears.

Or when you become very mindful of all your thoughts and words. As well as the impact they have on others and the possible consequences they can have.

You’re in your inner power when you consciously live your life and embody your soul to the best of your abilities. 

It’s also about recognizing the patterns running your life before you choose to play them out and then consciously stopping yourself from repeating the old conditioning.

We can always step deeper into our inner power and become self-masters. I believe that the evolution doesn’t have any endpoint and there is still more to learn.


4. You can heal completely

We can heal completely when we choose to. I used the same techniques on myself as I use with my coaching clients and it works miracles.

It helps me to process anything, and it brings me inner peace and lightness in my heart. I’ve always been self-healing myself, but as I was super busy in 2016, I didn’t find much time for it. But this changed last year.

I understood that the complete healing is possible and it’s a matter of choice and commitment.


5. Acceptance

Acceptance, and especially self-acceptance, doesn’t sound exciting. Yet it brings inner peace and helps us stay grounded.

Acceptance is essential when we experience difficult times. As when we stop fighting the challenges, we naturally step into our inner power and thus we can start to change the situation.

Another dimension of acceptance is self-acceptance.

Just as we find acceptance for others, we also have to accept ourselves and our past. This sets us free and stabilizes ourselves.

It’s impossible to love yourself if you don’t accept whole yourself. If you struggle with self-acceptance, this article may help you.

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