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Top 4 Lessons You Never Learn In Work

Some people love their jobs. They find deep satisfaction in what they’re doing. And I bless them! But the chances are if you’re reading these words that you’re NOT one of them.

In fact, it’s more likely that your 9-5 job drains your soul. And you’re not alone.

Many of us can’t find fulfillment in going to the same organization day by day doing similar things. Yes, it pays the bills. And it brings stability, which is essential and one of the main reasons why people stay in 9-5 jobs.

But as we get more awakened and have more freedom, we find other new aspects that start to matter more. We want to feel happy and know that what we do is essential.

All of a sudden, it’s not only about feeding our bodies, but it also becomes about nourishing our minds and souls.

I’ve always wanted to contribute to society positively. The specific form has been crystalizing over the years, but the essence of what I do has been still there.

Doing what I love – helping people to find and live their potential – is one of the most fulfilling things I can imagine. It hasn’t always been an easy journey.

On the contrary, there are many challenges along the way when you decide to follow your life purpose and passions consciously. But when you look back at your life, you know that you’d do it all again.

And that’s what I’ve wanted – to live my life in a way that I don’t have to regret anything. Because I used to regret many things before my transformation in China. So, I know how it feels, and I’ve decided not to feel like that anymore.

I believe that everyone has talents and specific skills that you can turn into your career or business. Sure enough, not everyone chooses to do it because it’s not an easy journey, and it does take time. Thus, you’ve to mean it and be deeply aligned with your WHY.

But I’d like to inspire you and share with you some of the lessons that you learn when you begin to follow your passions. 

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4 Essential Lessons You Never Learn In Work From 9-5


1. Seeing opportunities

When you’re an entrepreneur, there is absolutely no one to tell you how far you can take your business. It’s all about how great the vision you have and how much you believe it. After some time, you’ll learn that you can make anything happen if you dedicate yourself to it.

Unlike in the 9-5 job, your potential is unrestricted. You can either create a stable base for your business or risk a bit more and see what else is possible. As an entrepreneur, you know that it’s only your choice.


2. Facing your fears

I don’t believe in overnight success stories. More often than not, it’s about hard work. And let’s face it, I know that having own business is much harder work than any 9-5 job can be.

You’re not just learning everything from scratch, testing, and taking risks. But you also have to face your fears or otherwise, they’ll keep stopping you and sabotaging your chances for success. You need to know how to work with your negative thoughts and patterns.

Thus becoming a CEO of your mind first before you can become a potent CEO of your business. Just as relationships, businesses also do reflect your insecurities and limiting beliefs about yourself and money.

But the positive side is that this speeds up your inner growth process. If you look at each challenge as an opportunity to grow, then you’ll get through the hardships much faster, and you’ll gain valuable lessons.


3. Taking responsibility

Didn’t you think that being an adult means being responsible and almost omniscient when you were little? I certainly have. I thought that adults have some secret knowledge of how everything works. Until I became an adult myself and understood that people are equally lost as when they were teenagers.

Most of the people don’t like to have responsibility. It makes sense for the subconscious mind that avoids being judged and made wrong. But if you’re an entrepreneur you’re the only one responsible for what you do. If you want to hide from it, you’ll suffocate your business.


4. Creating your own way of living

When you don’t have to go to the 9-5 job, then you can organize your time whichever way you want. That can be a blessing or a curse. You need to be more organized, consistent, and disciplined.

But if you have those qualities or you learn them then you can create your own way of living. There are no rules. You can take Mondays offs and work Saturdays instead. Or you can build a support team around you so you can focus more on creating the vision. You can also travel whenever you want and make a longer Christmas holiday

Of course, this all depends on the kind of your business, your family commitments, and your revenue but there is more freedom of choice.

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