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how to find self-acceptance

How to Find Self-Acceptance with 5 Easy Steps

In one period of my life, I was thinking about how to find self-acceptance. I searched for the answer to both my clients and myself. We may do things that we know we could have done better.

Sometimes, being on a spiritual journey can put us extra pressure that makes it even more challenging to find self-acceptance. And yet, it’s a crucial step in our journeys.

What self-acceptance means?

We believe that we must strive for more, work harder, and try to achieve something recognized as valuable by the western standards to feel worthy.


Nature teaches us a different story. Through limitless patience and acceptance, it teaches us just to be – the way we are.


It doesn’t strive to achieve something.  The tiger doesn’t aim to be considered a fast, wild animal; it is simply the way it is. No pretending. No trying to impress other animals. The tiger is and is recognized by other animals and people for his essence.

We, humans, have a fantastic gift to make things too complicated. Instead of allowing ourselves to be the ones we’re, we try to win others’ attention and approval. Thus, we tie ourselves to other people’s standards, and we allow them to decide what is good for us. By no surprise, this leads to an unhappy life – the kind of life in which you’re empty inside, but you work hard to hide it.

Only by allowing ourselves to find peace with who we are we can begin to feel more balanced and in a natural rhythm with life.


When we stop pretending that we’re who we are not, we gracefully step into our power.

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The importance of self-acceptance

A whole other universe opens up to us when we accept ourselves completely. Having no illusions – be it the negatives or positive ones – about ourselves liberate us to do what we want to do in a much greater and inspiring way.

You don’t need to be a multimillionaire to having an opportunity to inspire others. It’s the energy you put into your own words, thoughts, and creations that matter. Make your presence in the world powerful and joyful. How the tiger runs in a Savannah can freely flow in your own life while creating what you wish to create.


Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.”

                                                                              – Marilyn Monroe


Life only gets complicated when we try to be someone who we are not. This weighs us down and makes us feel powerless because unconsciously, we realize that we’re restricted in being who we are.

What would happen if you would fully accept yourself? No more taboos, illusions, and no more pretending. Just you – the way you feel about yourself in your heart. Can you imagine that?


How to find self-acceptance using these 5 steps


1. What does hold you back?

Ask yourself who or what habit or situation holds you back from self-acceptance. It can be someone who you fear yet at the same time you want them to love, so you change your behavior in their presence. Or it might be a situation that needs a better understanding and forgiveness. Choose to set yourself free.

Are you ready to release it?


2. A letter of truth

Write to yourself the truth about you. What do you like and dislike? What are your hopes, and what would you want to change? Be as honest as you can be.

Writing your truth down is the first step into self-acceptance. You don’t need to share it with anyone else but yourself.


3. Connect with nature

Find a piece of nature that makes you feel relaxed. It can be a place where you like to return from time to time. Go there alone to deeply tune into yourself. Sit down and follow your breath.

Just be.

Feel your connection with the Earth and allow it to take care of you. Tell yourself that you wish to accept who you are, and you’re willing to be kinder to yourself.


4. Share your story with someone you trust

If you have a family member, you can count on, share with them your truth. Express your hopes and worries and what you’ve never told anyone because you’ve feared being rejected.

If you have a spouse, this is one of the best ways to bring your connection even deeper. There is nothing more powerful than being honest with someone you love and trust. This will open the two of you to a new dimension.

Read more about the power of your story here.


5. Dare to follow your dreams

Choose something from your “letter of truth” that makes you feel nervous and very excited and make it happen. Allow yourself to experience and create something that you’ve longed for a long time.

If you are compassionately open to your dreams, you’ll not beat yourself up when it takes a while to manifest. Learn to be your best friend and honor yourself for your decision to show up for your dreams.

Self-acceptance helps us be in the flow and relax into who we are. It’s a mere waste of time trying to change our essence and nature. Just lovingly fell into who you’re and allow yourself to express it fully.

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