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Create a Balanced Life – Static vs. Dynamic Equilibrium

To create a balanced life is a matter of art and attunement. Especially in our times of being busy and stressed this is something that we all need. Once we’re off balance, we get easier irritated, anxious, and we are blind to other solutions which make everything more difficult.

Dynamic vs. static balance

Attempting to create a balanced life can often take us off the equilibrium. Many people strive for being perfect spouses, parents, friends, children, employees, and just everything all at once.

We mostly think of a balance like something static – every day I should make time for everyone after my job and also find a chance to exercise after children go to sleep. Or if you have a business, you might think that it’s a good idea to devote some amount of time to all activities daily  – although they’re all needed, maybe not at the same time (day).


Searching for a static balance leaves us depleted and burnout.


Instead, it’s much smarter to create a dynamic balance in life. What do I mean with that?

A dynamic balance can swing its equilibrium to another position just like a pendulum is swinging from one side to another. At all times, the dynamic balance is balanced yet its equilibrium isn’t static. On the contrary, the equilibrium is changing based on what you need to focus most on life at the moment.

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How does a dynamic balance look like?

Let’s say that you have a major project at your work or in your business. It requires more of your focus and energy. Thus it’s more challenging to keep up with all your other activities. If you try to keep the static balance, you’ll very likely burn out because your energy will be unfocused. Instead, you need your focus on your project now.


Achieving a dynamic balance means shifting an equilibrium.


To shift the equilibrium, focus mostly on your project. You can tell your friends that you’ll not be much available for the next week or so because you have to focus. If you have children, you can ask your spouse to support you or find a babysitter.

Once the project is finished, you can shift your equilibrium back to your friends and family. When your partner has a birthday, it’s fine to shift your balance to preparing a birthday surprise and saying no to extra work.


Trying to keep up with everything at once will make you feel exhausted. It’s not sustainable in the long run.


The number 1 reason to create a balanced life 

Now you understand that creating a dynamic balance in life is much easier and more efficient energetically. Let’s have a look at why to create a balanced life!


Life always tends to harmony. When we put something on a pedestal, it will be taken away from us.


When we make someone or something more special, we upset the scales. Let’s say that you want to become a professional marathon runner. You prioritize your training and exercise daily. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with regular visits to the gym, the problem happens when you put your training on a pedestal.

You begin to think that you’ll be only happy if you win because only then you can prove yourself and others what you’re worth. There is nothing else in your mind than beating your previous records.

If you run the next marathon with time worse than before, you’ll not be satisfied with yourself. You’ll not even be happy that you manage to run without a stop. It doesn’t matter because when we make something special, we only think black and white.


Life doesn’t like extremes

When we begin to think that only with this person we’ll be happy and only with this money and job we’ll finally create the lifestyle we want then some problem or struggle will occur to bring us back to balance.

It’s fine to focus more on something when you need to finish it – dynamic balance creates more mental space and a healthy detachment when needed. But the problem begins when we only live for one person, or money, or some achievement in the future.


Think about the moments when you’ve put something or someone on a pedestal and ask yourself how did it end up for you?


I guess that the particular person left or you’ve been skipped in the promotion. The life forces are neutral, they don’t care whether what you want is right or wrong, but when you make it special in your mind, life will remove it from your life, so you understand that nothing is more special than something else.

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