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take responsibility for your life

Take Ownership of Your Life and Don’t Let Others Stop You

If there is one thing that can change everything, it’s to take ownership of your life. Unless taking ownership of your actions is something you consciously choose, others will take control of your decisions. Moreover, if you feel stuck, then this is step number one out of that rabbit hole.

Often we feel like our life is put on hold and we wait for the right moment or person to come. However, there is no such person. It’s only you who needs to take ownership of yourself – your actions, words, thoughts, and emotions. 

Unfortunately, I know only a few people who take responsibility for their lives. And you know what? These people are much happier and successful than the rest. They work towards their dreams and make things happen on their terms.

It’s very liberating to take charge of your life with all the bad and good. You don’t need to waste time thinking about what if and how it would be nice if it were different.


My story of taking ownership of my life

When I started my business, I was stuck with the idea that someone would help me or at least tell me what I should be doing. Many people were telling me that they would help me with something specific or who knew other people in the area of my business with who they could connect me. I did believe that they’d do what they promised and I felt very grateful for that.

So I hesitated to take ownership of my actions since I felt that I had some protective layer between me and the real world. By the way, this is very common with people who start their own business.

As with any illusion, this too had no chance for success. It had to burst. I got to a point when I felt tired of waiting for empty promises. I decided that I’ll execute my visionprecisely the way I wanted it.

After taking responsibility for my business, it began to grow. New opportunities began to gravitate towards me, and I turned from an entrepreneur into a powerful woman who knows what she wants, and she makes it happen.

I was flooded with tons of energy – the energy that I previously spent on blocking myself and my business.

A funny thing happened afterward. Once I didn’t need help, people started helping me. Mainly, people, I’ve just briefly met or have known for a shorter period. I was wondering why close people (for who it’s easy to help and who kind of ‘’should’’) don’t do it. While people you don’t know so well do impossible and such a big difference for you.

Does this ever happen to you? I know more entrepreneurs who have counted on the help of others, but none of these people have helped.

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Take ownership of your life: others won’t save you

When I thought what the reason is, I realized that there are two explanations for why others don’t help when you need them the most.


1. You remind them what they could have achieved.

First, by creating the life you want, you remind your friends and family of their deeply hidden dreams. Unintentionally, you might trigger their doubts and accusations that they haven’t started doing what they want.

To my surprise, being on the way to creating a happy and prosperous life, can cause a lot of envy. On the one hand, your closest people want to be happy for you. On another side, they cannot because they aren’t satisfied with themselves and you remind them they could have achieved in their lives.


2. They test your readiness to show up for yourself.

The second reason is that if you don’t stand 100% behind your dreams and don’t believe it entirely, others also don’t think that you mean it sincerely.

When you completely commit to your dreams and take full responsibility for achieving them, then other people can feel your determination from you. Others want to be surrounded by people who know what they want in life and who are ready to make it happen.

When you take responsibility for your life, you’re able to learn from times when things don’t go the way you want and see what you need to change as opposed to wait for circumstances to change miraculously.

When you take responsibility, you’ll see new opportunities because you’ll know that your success is up to you. It’ll inspire you to make the right actions and subsequently things in your life will start to move in the right direction.


There is nothing as powerful as committing to your dreams.


When something goes wrong, instead of blaming others, you’ll be able to look at the situation with a willingness to understand and see what could have been done better. Next time you’ll make better decisions and shift the whole situation.

It doesn’t make sense to get stuck in the situation by waiting for someone to save you or blaming others. It’s your life and your decisions. Others don’t care so much as you like to think. You’re the creator of your experiences.

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