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difference between ego and soul

How to Know the Difference Between Ego and Soul?

How to know the difference between ego and soul? Sometimes it isn’t simple to distinguish if the thought or inspiration we receive comes from the soul (or heart) or our little self (ego). It’s like in the old cartoons when someone is making a decision, and an angel is sitting on one shoulder while a devil is sitting on the other one.

Who should you listen to? How do you know which voice belongs to an angel or a devil?

The more you relax into your soul’s guidance, the easier it becomes always to know when it’s the soul speaking to you. It’s like developing a new sense. When we know when our soul is guiding us and how to tune into her, life gets more relaxed and happier.

Tuning into Your Soul’s Guidance

Your soul knows exactly what you came here to experience. She knows all the challenges ahead of you and what lessons you can learn from them to develop yourself. The soul can also see clearly when you make your life more difficult, and it guides you back on the right track.

If we’re tuned to our souls, we receive information about where to go, what to do, and who to speak to before it happens in real-time. This can prevent us from needing the strong wake-up calls that we get when we’re too far off the track.


Listening to your soul also means stepping into your fullest potential and inner strength.

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The Difference between Ego and Soul


1. The Ego voice is always the loudest

When your ego (fears, guilt, illusions) speaks to you, it’s always the first and loudest voice.

When we’re in ego, we’re ruled by our fears, which always leads us to limit ourselves and become less of who we are.

The ego’s voice is full of anger, resentment, withdrawal, fears, guilt, and insecurities. On the other hand, to hear our soul, we have to become silent and turn our awareness inside.

We don’t hear the soul’s guidance on the surface; it takes a lot of practice to become still at will. If you practice any form of meditation, then it becomes easier for you to tune inside and develop this skill of true listening.


2. Habitual response

When ego leads us, we tend to repeat the same response as if we were on autopilot.

Let’s say that someone gets angry at you in the office, and you immediately respond in an irritated, angry way too. This is a habitual response. If you’d allow your soul to guide you, then you’d know that someone else is mad at you, is nothing personal. Other people are driven by ego, too,  and it simply loves to attack anyone for no apparent reason.

When we take things personally, then we’re surely in our ego part of the mind.


3. Staying in a comfort zone

The ego is part of your routine way of living; it loves staying in the comfort zone and playing small. On the other hand, your soul wants you to expand and grow. Always.

It means that your soul guides you to face your fears (ego) and grow beyond them. There are no comfort zones and limitations in the soul’s perspective.


4. Observe what makes you feel lighter

There is a straightforward way of how always to know which one of them is talking to you. When ego talks to you, you feel heavy.

It can be a physical sensation located anywhere in your body. I feel heaviness in my chest.

While the soul makes you feel light. When your soul speaks to you, you feel light as if some heavy burden (ego) dropped off you.


5. Aha moments

When your soul guides you, you feel as if your perspective is broadened. And it does.

Each time when you have aha moments, glimpses of inspiration, or merely any thought that breaks the old paradigm, it’s your soul breaking the heavy chains of illusions around you build by ego. As I said earlier, ego makes you think in the same old way. It’s not creative.

You can read everything about ego and fears and how to change them in my latest book. 


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Ego vs Soul

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