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This Is How to Be Brave and Follow Your Dreams

How to be brave and follow your dreams? Especially when the outside world seems to contradict the being you know you truly are? When does the moment come when we settle for less and stop being brave? When we were little, we believed that things would eventually turn out well. Even if there was no actual reason to stay positive, we did anyway.

Wasn’t life more magical this way?

When we become adults, most of us become very serious. As if the age should change who we once were. No one tells you any more to be brave and follow your dreams. I’m all for inner growth, but I disagree that one should do only “the adult things” and be serious after a certain age. It’s good to keep the childlike spark inside.

It’s easy to get trapped by social pressure about what we should be doing, what kind of job we should have, and when we should purchase a house and have kids. Without noticing, we start living on autopilot – going from home to work and then in many cases watch TV, go to a pub, or take care of kids, and repeat the same cycle the next day.

I don’t know about you, but living a stereotype life full of unfulfilled dreams has always been my greatest fear.


What would be the reason to be on this planet if the only thing we were supposed to do is to live by conventions?


I know that sometimes we forget the beauty of life, and we get stuck in an office job that sucks our soul, or in a relationship that we keep just out of fear, or not expressing our opinions in fear of losing the agreement of others.

Yet the fear is our ally – it guides our way to find our inner power. When we face what we fear and find out that we’re much greater than that, we become free.

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Time to be brave and follow your dreams!

When you decide to be brave and follow your dream, you reconnect to your inner magician. 

Surely things don’t happen overnight, but just working on and coming closer to your dreams will give you a boost and energy to continue. Progress makes us joyful and proud of ourselves. The progress we make shows that we can continue to fulfill our dreams.

Let’s decide for yourself what kind of changes you want and create a compelling vision. The vision that is so courageous that it wakes you up each morning excited and ready to live your dreams.

Create your vision based on what you want, and then start moving in the direction of your dreams. Be daring and remind yourself when it feels difficult what the costs of not living your dreams are. It all comes down to choosing to be brave and follow your dreams. Don’t let anyone tell you what is possible for you because, at that moment, you’re buying into their reality and limit your own possibility. 

More important than what you think you should do is wasting your life doing some things that don’t belong to you.

Each of us has more purposes of accomplishing – they usually don’t fall into your lap (though they might), but usually, you have to face your fears, be courageous, and do the work to live them thru.

Now is the best time to start living the life that makes you thrill.


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