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live your life to the fullest

Live Your Life to the Fullest. This Is It.

Have you ever tried to live your life to the fullest? Like you really mean it? Many of us are wishing and hoping for things to change magically. It’s widespread to spend energy and time thinking about the past and dreaming about the future. Rarely we find ourselves to be in the present moment.

Our subconscious mind loves to take our attention away from the present moment whenever it’s possible. By ignoring the present moment, we don’t fully utilize our abilities and strength to create the life we want.


How does NOT living your life like you mean it looks like?

Many of us complain about not having enough time to do what we want but is that really true?


Think about how much time do you spend every day thinking about things that aren’t in your power to change at that moment.


I believe that if we’re honest with ourselves, we have to admit that most of our lives we spend waiting for some magic pill to change our lives for the better.

Perhaps, we tell ourselves stories that we’ll able to buy a house and settle once we meet the right partner. Or once we have more money, we start enjoying life.


These thoughts are distractions that keep us from our dream life.


When we’re stuck in this mindset that we need miracles to change our lives, we simultaneously give away our inner power. Unconsciously, we begin living like victims and wait for circumstances or others to save us.

During my coaching, I’ve also encountered many people who told me that they don’t feel like this. They feel like there is still a lot of time to change things one day in the future when they decide, and it will all magically come together almost overnight.

Creating the life of your dreams – the life in which you feel energized, inspired, and fulfilled – doesn’t happen overnight. It requires making conscious decisions day by day.

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How does the decision to live your life fully change everything?

If you want to become a happy and vibrant person, then you start practicing one easy thing – start living your life as you mean it. And I mean all of it!

Regardless of what you experience, approach to it like this is exactly what you wanted, and you have the power to change it if you choose to. Learn to accept the situations from the place of inner strength and being present.


Wherever you go, give it all you have

It means that if you’re preparing for a school exam, study like you mean it. Don’t waste precious time and energy on wishing that you would instead do something else. Because this is it.


If we don’t accept what is, we can never change it.


If you’re at family dinner, don’t make “bored” faces but engage in conversations like you mean it. Get curious and ask many questions, perhaps, you’ll learn something new about your relatives.

If you’re in a career transition and starting your business on the side, don’t waste energy on thinking how it would be great to have a big business already so you could quit your day job. Be present in your career, and then in your business like this is really it. And the situation will change faster than you think.


The only thing that causes us mental pain is wishing to be somewhere else than where we’re. We cannot change where we’re by resisting it.


Let me offer you an analogy. It’s like being in Toronto and hoping to be in Vancouver. You can spend a whole day wishing to be in Vancouver, but it’ll not magically transfer you to your desired destination. Yet if you admit where you’re, you can do something about it – buy tickets and fly to Vancouver.

I know this analogy is simple, but life is indeed simple. We make it too complicated by resisting reality.

My challenge is to start approaching each situation as you mean it and thus live your life to the fullest.


To live your life to the fullest means that you’re engaged in every second of it, and you don’t drift somewhere else in your thoughts or energy.


You want to be there. You chose (consciously or not), and each situation or person has something valuable to teach you. You can only receive the lesson by being present.

Start to live your life to the fullest. And engage in every moment like you’re meant to be there!


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