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Inner Growth Changes Our Reality

Inner Growth Changes Our Reality – 3 Ways to Shift Your World

When we do inner work, which means, looking inward and developing ourselves in terms of mind and spirit, we begin to see how our reality changes, too.

The reason is that as we grow internally, our perception of the world changes, and thus we begin to attract different situations into our life.


Nothing in the outside world can make us feel whole. 


Think about the money for instance. I dare to say that it must have crossed the minds of many folks that once they have money their life will change for the better.

People try to break free from all sorts of chains and find financial freedom. Yet living in a financial abundance doesn’t solve our problems. Once people have money, they notice that they’re still witnessing the same issues, moodiness, and negative thoughts.

Having financial freedom also doesn’t imply that we change our habits. If someone worries about life then having more money will only amplify their worries. Or if a person spends all of the income on things that they don’t need, then this habit amplifies by having more money.

There are many studies about lotto winners who have spent their wins within the first year and got back to where they used to be before.

The reason for this is that in reality, we want to escape from our minds. We want to ignore what needs to be changed inside because it feels more difficult than changing something on the outside.

The answer to each of our problems lies in our mindset.

When people feel empty inside, they numb the feeling. There are various ways how to do it through shopping, overeating, distracting yourself, spending time on Facebook and others.

The reason behind these habits and for not being happy lies in our mind. Once we learn to train our minds, we gain the only freedom that is worth the pursuit.

The same is true with abundance. The financial freedom follows your mental freedom. The same is valid for anything else that we strive for.

The happier you feel, the greater things come to you. By being happy, you become a magnet for other happy people. It all begins within.

We can try to achieve all kinds of things but at the end of the day, if we don’t feel good within ourselves, none of them matter.

We desperately try to run away from ourselves. From the deepest feelings, wants, and thoughts.


All the ways lead back to our core.


Are you ready to build a strong and happy core that carries you throughout your life?

So, you do have control over your life situations. You can change them by changing your perception and committing to your inner growth. We often look away from where the solution is. Our fears blur our vision, so we only see the reflections of what we are afraid of.

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Inner growth changes our reality


1.  Create what you desire already now.

The fastest way to change your reality is by doing what you want already now. If we stick to our example with finances, you can ask yourself this:

What do you dream of changing once you have the money that you desire?

Investigate within yourself about what kinds of habits you want to have once you don’t need to worry about finances. Write them all down on a paper. Then reread them and think if there is anything that you can already create in your life now.

Often it can be something so simple as a desire to have more free time for your hobbies. Your mind thinks that you need to do XYZ to have more time, when in fact, maybe you can create 20 minutes for yourself here and there now.


When you have time for the things, you enjoy then your perception of reality shifts as well.


You will feel more relaxed and internally abundant. Thus your outer reality will hurry to catch up your new inner state of mind.


2. Face your fears.

The most valuable thing you can learn is to embrace your fears. Because everything that you’re afraid is active in your subconscious mind and thus you create your reality from the space of fear.


One of the reasons why we let fears rule our lives is because we suppress our emotions.


When we don’t want to face what we feel, our subconscious mind starts to create stories around it.

These stories aren’t based on the universal truth because they’re distorted by the way you perceive yourself and your life.

If you stop running away from them and look at them, then you can slowly begin to release them.

If you want to learn more about how to release what holds you unconsciously back from the life you want, you can read about it in my book, Become the CEO of Your Mind.


3. Put things into perspective. 

Whether it is money what you want the most or something else, remind yourself that it’s just one part of your life.


Money (or anything else) doesn’t equal you.


You’re worthy and perfect being just because you exist. Don’t start to spin and turn your whole world around one area of your life. Or you will get lost yourself in it.

Remind yourself that even though you might have ABC problems, it doesn’t mean that YOU and your whole life are worth nothing.

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