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vibes speak louder than words

Your Vibes Speak Louder Than Words: 2 Ways to Use It Daily

In every situation, our vibes speak louder than words. If you take care of your vibes, you’ll transform your life. Our vibrational signature is what people read better than words, and it’s also how we attract things into our lives.

I bet that you know someone who is telling you nice things, but you just can’t believe them. It may be your partner, family member, or a friend who tells you that they support you, things will be well, or they fully understand you. But no matter how hard you try to trust these words, they sound empty to you.

Or, imagine a friend who is continuously underestimating herself. She comes to you to complain about her troubles and how she has no power to change them. Although you may understand her reasoning, you don’t believe it. You can feel that she is more capable than she dares to think.

Or it may be you. Underestimating yourself. You might have a dream that you dearly want but deep inside you’re worried that it will never happen.

The vibe that you send out is the vibe of inadequacy and worries. Others can feel it and so they can’t believe in your big dream either. The reason that there is something wrong with your dream but because you haven’t convinced yourself that you can have it. How can others believe it then?

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How do the vibes work?

Each of our thoughts and emotions is frequency.

Imagine like you’d be a radio transmitter broadcasting your frequencies (aka thoughts and emotions) out to the frequency spectrum.

Our bodies are perfect receivers of these frequencies. Whatever other people send out, your body receives immediately.

Although we’re using words to communicate what we want, we read the frequencies better than words. This is true for each of us. You don’t need to train yourself to catch the frequencies from your environment and others.

You just need to learn some ways to calm your mind to be able to realize the vibrations that you naturally read. Thus you take them from the unconscious mind to the conscious mind.


Your vibes speak louder than words?


1. What kind of vibe do you want to send out? 

Learn to tune into your body and practice being aware of your vibes. Before you go to the meeting, send email, or talk with your spouse, devote a few minutes to getting clear on your intention.

What do you want? What is the vibe behind what you want to communicate?

You can increase your awareness of your vibrations when you observe your true intentions.

Another great way, how you can train yourself to connect with your vibrations is through feelings. Our feelings always inform us of our energy. When you feel good, then it’s a sign that your vibrations are positive, too. It’s straightforward indeed but this how natural it’s for us to read vibrations. Let your feelings be your guide.


2. What does your gut feeling tell you about others?

We could save ourselves so much disappointment if we’d listen to our gut feelings. The gut feelings inform us about the frequencies that we receive from others. When something doesn’t feel good, there is some problem or a hidden lie.

I guess that many times you’ve told yourself that you should have listened to your instincts. The instincts are always correct – 100% of the time. If you still doubt this, what about giving it a try and listen to your gut feeling for the next week? You have nothing to lose and then you can decide for yourself whether you wish to continue or not.

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