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How to Listen to Your Body when to Slow Down

To create more space and lightness in life, it’s essential to learn to listen to your body when to slow down. Sometimes, we almost forget that we’re not here forever and that we’re not meant to be like machines. We forget that we’re not here to satisfy others.

No wonder that so many people are exhausted and stressed. No wonder that so many people are unhappy.

We have created a society in which we’re disconnected from nature and each other. We value hard work over finding and expressing our true calling. We push ourselves to the limit to try harder.

Yet, life tends to achieve balance when you don’t listen to yourself when to slow down. Life will slow you down.

Our bodies are amazing in keeping us in balance. When we don’t listen for a longer time, they force us to stay in bed. When we push ourselves into dreams that aren’t ours or push into things before it’s their time, we burn out.

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Listen to your body when to slow down

We all have experienced pushing ourselves into the limits, followed by fever, exhaustion, or burning out. I’ve been there myself, and it didn’t take me long to realize how important it’s to listen to your body when to slow down because it always informs you before something happens. 

It’s wise to learn how to manage your own energy. Otherwise, we might be stopped by the imbalance of energy we’ve created in our lives. 

Self-care is one of the most important things to learn in life. Without taking care of our bodies, hearts, and minds, we cannot be the light for others. Self-care supports others by having enough energy and good vibes to inspire them.

When you feel tired for a couple of days, instead of pushing yourself into finishing a to-do list or deadlines, give yourself time to restore your energies.

In my case, the solution to getting burnout was to honor my inner rhythm.


Self-care is an altruistic act

Self-care is a habit. You can learn it, such as riding a bike. Next time, when you feel like it has been too many things on your plate, be proactive, do some yoga, or take a bath. Or learn how to meditate. 

Otherwise, your body will force you to stop. Then anything else will need to wait anyway.

I know that the mind tells us that we need to try harder and finish all these urgent things.

Yet there is nothing more urgent and important than your good mood and relaxed body. By draining yourself, you cannot help anyone, and even if you finish your deadlines, you know you could have done better if you’d have rested the mind.

With a relaxed mind, you’re more agreeable to your family. You have better ideas and a better mood. When you practice self-care, you bring more light to others, and you naturally make others feel better in your company, too.

So, self-care is a win-win for everyone. You achieve your goals without burning out and also inspire others to do the same.

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