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How to Be More Creative and Overcome the Creativity Block

Everyone is creative by nature. One way how to be more creative is to express your creative self! And liberate your hidden genius! Yes, all of us are artists and creative people. There are absolutely no exceptions to it! Being creative is a natural part of our lives.

I’m so excited to live in these times when people express their creativity more and more. It has never been easier to be an artist than today. Yet, maybe because it’s so easy, there is so much stress around it.

During my coaching, I’ve talked with many people who told me that they’d love to start painting or write a book, yet they haven’t. The reason is that they think that it’s difficult to be an artist and they should follow specific standards and rules. They get swept away by their fears. Being an artist is natural. It is a way of expressing ourselves individually.


Creativity is an extension of who you’re.


Yet, many people get stuck and cannot finish writing a book or get inspiration for painting. The reason is that we believe that we cannot express ourselves in the way we want. We make standards in the arts or judgments of our writing.


But I believe that there should be no judgment in creativity.


There is no wrong or good way. Your only task is to bring your essence into reality. If you fulfill this task, then you have succeeded.

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How to overcome the creativity block

Creativity is about flow. Quiet your inner critic and opinions of others on how you should create your art. Remember that there is no right or wrong way. How you create something is unique to you, and it is only about you.

Your creation is for people who it is meant to be for. These are the people whom your art speaks to.


Your art holds a particular message and vibrations.


It’s not for anyone and not supposed to be for anyone.


So, don’t let the opinions of people for whom it’s not meant to be to shut your genius.


The more you create, the more inspiration and energy for creation you get.


You can read more about the fear of losing validation from others. More creativity comes in once you become creative. Inspiration and good ideas are available for everyone, but you only receive more inspiration if you act on it. It makes sense that the inspiration wants to get expressed, and it goes to people who allow it to flow.


How to be more creative

The simple key is to act on your inspiration and bring the idea into reality.

When you imagine a picture in your mind, go and paint it or make a note and return to it later.

Inspiration wants to get expressed. The secret is to do it. Inspiration always comes when you act on it. Thus you unite with the energy flow that is washing through you.

If you sit down every morning to write something, the inspiration will come to you. You don’t have to be desperate that you don’t know what to write about; start, and you will get the ideas.


You need to show up and stay open to more guidance – it always comes.

When you express your inspiration out to the world, the more you’re in the flow. Just act on the glimpses of inspiration. Try not to block it with your judgments.

Treat creativity as an individual expression without judging it. Judgment stops it. There shouldn’t be any comparison nor stress.

Creativity is all about the way how you feel while doing it. Since you express your feelings and inner state and people can feel it from your art.

If you need a more creative boost, I recommend a book by Julia Cameron – The Artist’s Way.

So let’s get creative!

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