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let joy lead you

Let Joy Lead You to Your Higher Path

In 2014, I did one experiment. I decided to organize my day purely by following my joy. Back then I was still living in China.

In the morning I woke up and asked myself what would bring me the highest joy. I started with yoga, followed by playing the piano, and then decided to go to the beach. (It was Saturday).

In the bus, I met coincidentally one guy (who became my friend later) who was in that part of the island for the first time. He invited me to go to church the next day. I hadn’t done it ever, but I welcomed the invitation. I spent a beautiful sunny day at Xiamen beach reading, dancing, playing in the sea. Then decided to walk back 12 kilometers and watch a movie. Simply a perfection.

Around 7 pm inexplicable peace rushed over me. I stopped for half an hour and was enjoying this beautiful feeling that took over my body. Then during the night, I found out that my beloved grandmother died. I couldn’t continue sleeping that night, but in the morning I welcomed the offer to join the Church.

Having a beautiful, relaxing day and meeting a friend offering me to join them at the Church made sense the following day. It helped me to deal with her death in a much easier way.

This experience taught me that by following the joy the day gets organized in a much better way that perhaps make sense only afterward.

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Let joy lead you

Following joy leads us to live our purpose.

What we catch as glimpses of joy is guidance from higher self (or soul, divine intelligence). It’s a way of communication with our soul which directs us to the best way of living in which we’re the highest contribution to ourselves and others.

Thus there is nothing selfish about following your joy. Simultaneously, we also contribute to the happiness of others in one way or another.

Imagine that there is a divine intelligence that organizes life in the entire universe. Everything should be in harmony and love.

The way to ensure harmony is to send us feelings of joy to make us follow the best life path. Following your joy also lead you to an abundant and happy life.

Of course, not always does it make sense to follow joy. Especially, when we feel like we should take a break or holiday while there is a pile of work to be done. But in these cases, I’ve noticed that the higher-self guides us to rest to prevent burnout and stress.

When we feel burnout, we’re not efficient anyway so from the higher perspective taking a break is sometimes the best (and perhaps the least logical) thing to do.

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