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How to Protect yourself From Negative Energy

The Natural Way How to Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

Energy is free-flowing by nature. The energy surrounds us, goes through us, and is present in everything in the universe. Unless we set up boundaries, we can easily get entangled with negative energy from others and in outer space. (Read more about energy vampires).

Although picturing ourselves being open and vulnerable to the unwanted energies seem scary, it doesn’t happen without our permission. Hence, we have full control over our thinking. This is especially crucial for empath who naturally feel the energy of others. 


“I will not allow anyone to walk in my mind with their dirty feet.”


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How to protect yourself from negative energy?

The way how we permit negative thoughts is by aligning with them. 

By aligning with negative situations, we actually allow the energy of the target of our thoughts to come into our lives. If our focus is primarily negative, then we get negative experiences.

On the other hand, if we stay positively tuned, we’re in a flow and as if protected by higher powers. (You can read more about the resistance and manifestation).

What matters while creating our experiences is what we really believe and feel inside. Imagine a radio tuned to a particular frequency without ever adjusting it to a more preferred frequency. Then, you always catch the same frequency.

Think about yourself as about a radio. You can catch all kinds of beautiful frequencies but also all kinds of not so pleasant frequencies.


The tuning tool lies in your mind.

You have the full control and responsibility for your frequencies.

Thus, negativity and negative energies can only hurt you if you believe they can. Even if you’d be in the midst of something very unpleasant and you stay tuned to the good frequencies, the situation would quickly shift for better.

Even if the unpleasant situation includes more people, by deliberately tuning your mind to good vibes, you’ll take yourself out of the situation.

We’re open and receptive to the energy that is all around us. Be it coming from people, things, nature, or the universe. Yet we can control fully what we accept and what we align with.

You have the right to say no to negative thoughts. There is no need to keep them ruling your life. Any recurring negative thoughts are signs of fear-based patterns. 

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