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stop comparing yourself to others

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others – Here’s Why

Stop comparing yourself to others because it doesn’t make any sense. I know that we live in times when it seems to be normal. But it isn’t a healthy way of living.

We’ve created all kinds of systems and measurements so we can compare and compete with each other. Although our society is based on the following tables, to-do lists, and structures, it isn’t a sustainable way of having a fulfilled life.

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Why comparing yourself to others doesn’t make any sense?

Because we all have different lessons and experiences to go through. Each path is different and unique.

There isn’t a single person who would have the same experiences as you do, so why we should follow the masses?

None of us really knows, all the circumstances of someone else’s life journey. Yet, we try to have the same lifestyles, make same decisions, and even worse follow the same corporate demands.


Each time when you ask someone else what you should be doing, and then you go to do it, you lose the precious moments when you could have taken life into your own hands.


Majority of people go through life distracted and without knowing what they want to create.


Let me share with you a secret, the majority of people are unfortunately lost is some way another. The people you compare yourself to are just comparing themselves to someone else.

People don’t share what they really feel. Therefore, all might seem perfect on the surface, so we have a feeling that they had figured things out but that isn’t true. It’s only because of the facades they have built around themselves, so they look more serious, smarter, or better.

Yet, it’s their insecurity, not inner strength that comes through them. So, please, don’t get lost in others.

The apple also doesn’t spend time pondering why it isn’t a banana. If it would then it would live in depression for no good reason.


The sooner you stop comparing yourself to others, the sooner you’ll use the energy to create the life that works for you.


Let’s take advantage of being different and create a life that reflects who you are and that serves you.

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