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giving without expectations

How Giving without Expectations Will Set Yourself Free

Imagine giving without expecting anything in return. How would it be if you could give your love freely without expectations or give away a picture that you just painted without expecting any form of reward?

Doesn’t it feel liberating?


How to be Giving without Expectations

Giving freely without making ourselves dependent on the results brings joy and freedom. For it isn’t up to us to control how other people react or receive what we give. If we give freely with pure intentions, then at the same time, we also receive ease and happiness.


By giving without expectations, we receive at the same moment. 

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We have no power over what others will do, how they’ll react, or what they’ll say. By figuring things out, we only cause ourselves a headache, and we carry the burden that doesn’t belong to us.

My most favorite book, the Course in Miracles, says: “If the Teacher of God worries about how someone should be healed, then it is his mind that needs healing.”

Giving without expectations means giving freely whenever you feel inspired to share. It’s not up to us when and how the receiver will accept the result.

The same applies to give love freely. We’re only disappointed about unrequited love because we built so many expectations about one person. If the other person doesn’t behave the way we want, then we become sad. Actually, we’re sad because our expectation wasn’t fulfilled.

On the other hand, if we’d give love without expectations, then the act of loving someone would bring us happiness. We don’t own other people, and we cannot control their behaviors. Yet, we can change our intentions behind giving, and thus we’ll not feel sad if someone doesn’t love us back.

Imagine your life without ever worrying again if someone will accept you. If we give with pure intentions, it doesn’t matter anyway. You’re in the energy of receiving when you give.

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