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living from the heart

5 Telltale Signs That You’re Living From the Heart

There are two ways of living – one always tries to prove that it is the only right way. While the other doesn’t try to prove anything. The other way of life is always soft, kind, happy, and loving. This way is called living from the heart.

Living from the heart brings an entirely new level of existence. It’s the moment when we stop trying to prove something, and we stop hiding.

As anyone else (hello, Western society), I used to live in my rational mind most of the time. All those uncomfortable feelings that I was trying to numb for many years were loud and clear. Nowhere to run. Fortunately!

The process of transformation has opened my heart, and I started to see and experience life through a diverse set of lenses. Thank God!

I want to share with you what exactly happens when you slip into your heart instead of your mind. At first, this switch feels overwhelming and confusing, but then you don’t want to go back.


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5 Telltale Signs That You’re Living From the Hear


1. You feel energized

When you live from your heart, you experience an entirely new level of energy in your body. Rarely, you’re tired, and soon you realize that you don’t need coffee anymore. (But you can still choose to drink – just for the taste). 

Regardless, whether you’ve slept 6 or 9 hours, you have a lot of energy in your body. Most of the time, you’re healthy, and all kinds of illnesses have disappeared naturally by themselves.


2. You have a good mood

The heart loves humor and joy. Thus, you feel happy and satisfied most of the times. Although there might be problems, you focus on what is essential.

You don’t get caught up in the problems as you used to do. Other people don’t influence your mood so much as they used to. If there is something or someone challenging, you’re able to understand the lesson that they have for you.

You stay balanced with more ease than before. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take care of your energies. If you’re an empath, and I guess that you’re since you’re reading this, then you still need to take care of yourself. 


3. You know your life calling 

While living from the heart, you become more aware of what your life calling is. In the beginning, it might be just an idea that inspires you; the calling might be silent at first.

Then, it gets stronger, and your inner voice gets stronger shouting at you what your life calling is.

If you need an extra dose of inspiration, you can watch my TEDx talk on how to find your life purpose here. 


4. You stop hiding

Believe it or not but the fear of being visible was predominant in my life until recently. I didn’t tell anyone (not even my friends) that I wrote a book for about one year (at least).

It was difficult for me to tell others about my first book, Find Yourself – Go Distance To Discover Your Meaning because I poured my heart and soul into it. And I felt like being completely open and naked in front of the whole world.

In this book, I share my family patterns and challenges and my transformation journey with the intention to offer guidance to others who experience similar obstacles on their journeys.

I had to accept it first within myself. And guess, what 🙂 Now, my first book will be published by Balboa Press and I can’t wait to share my story with even a bigger audience than before 😉

So, I get you when you’re afraid to be visible. Totally. Trust me. But once we cross a threshold, there is no way back into the littleness. We know deeply that we need to share our light because it’s not about our little ego, but we surrender to the universe.

The heart is courageous and determined. It helps you to heal your insecurities and wounds so you understand that you can only be the gift to the world if you shine fully.

Running away is a sign of spiritual immaturity. The more you live in the heart, the more you know that you have a responsibility towards your life calling and towards others.


5. You become gentle

The moments when you wanted to have it your way, even when you went with your head against the wall, disappear.

You become more flexible in your thinking and in your actions too. Sometimes things aren’t meant to work out, and it’s because something way better is on the way.

While cherishing this truth, you stay open and soft with the life. When we begin living from the heart, it feels like a big wake-up call at first.

It’s like seeing the world for the first time the way it really is. All dull colors get intensity and depth. We slowly and gently start getting to know who we’re, what we want, why we’re here, and what our purpose is.

What used to be interesting, nowadays, feels like wasting time. Friends and whole lifestyle are changing.

If you’re going through this amazing transformation, then hold on.

Be aware of what’s going on in your life and continue being open to your heart. It will guide you step by step.

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