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work with your own energy

5 Simple Steps to Work With Your Own Energy

Learn to work with your own energy will change your life. To me, energy is my primary language as it has always been easier for me to understand the energy behind the words, deeds, and intentions. The energy translates into the physical reality around us. Before manifesting anything physically, it is in the energetic form first.

As we increase our awareness of the world of energies, we learn how to read the energies before it they manifest. However, every lightworker an empath can learn to read energies,  they might unconsciously choose to cut off their awareness.

Our bodies translate the energy into our gut feelings or inspiration. However, the problem is that we don’t like the messages that we receive. Excessive living in mind instead of being present is driven by the fear that we don’t have control over the things in our lives.

Nevertheless, increasing awareness is like a muscle that we need to train. Increasing the awareness of energies has a very positive and tangible impact on our lives. We always get answers for what we want to know, but sometimes it is only subtle. Sometimes it is only a sensation, so you have to be tentative and willing to listen without getting your logical mind involved.

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How to work with your own energy


1. Feed your body consciously

One of the easiest ways how to use the “energy work” in everyday life is food. Before you start to cook or order a meal in a restaurant, ask your body what it wants to eat.

Or, be creative, and ask what kind of food it needs to be slimmer, healthier, solve some physical issue – anything that you want. The quality of energy that we take into our bodies influences our moods and thoughts. 


2. Get toxic people out of your life

There are people in our lives that we feel like they ”should” be there. It might be childhood friends, relatives, co-workers, or friends of friends. We can feel like they’re stealing our energy and bringing our moods always lower yet we feel obligated to keep them in life.

Well, actually, we don’t have to. It’s part of the self-care process to clean people who are just taking from us out of our lives. Ask yourself who is draining you and needs to go? Trust the inner wisdom and let them go. Otherwise, they will continue taking you energetically down.


3. Choose the right partner

Another great way how to use energy work is to choose the right partner. You might be in a relationship for a couple of years, yet it doesn’t feel right. On the surface, everything is fine, and there is no reason to leave them. Yet, inside you don’t shine and you know you’re just lying to yourself.

Or, you might have just met someone, but they don’t meet your picture of a perfect partner, still, you feel so damn good with them. In either case, ask yourself if the person is a contribution to your life?

Ask yourself whether they are the right person for you. Yes, you might not like the answer. But you’ll notice that it’s impossible to lie to yourself – which I think is great as it saves so much wasted energy.


4. Make your business flourish

If you have own business and you, feel stuck or perhaps you feel like you could achieve more then use the energy work.

Ask yourself: What can I do, change, or be to make my business flourish? What kind of energy does my business need right now? Staying in the question rather than in the answer opens more possibilities for your business.


5. Improve your relationship

If you feel separated as there would be a gap between you two, ask yourself: What can I do, change, or be to nurture our relationship? How can I express my love today?

I can ensure you that if you ask yourself daily, your relationship will always stay beautiful as at the beginning. Take care of your part of the equation and don’t expect the other person to make you feel good. You have to always begin with yourself. Asking this question will help you to make the relationship work. 

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